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WizardSpellbookV2-32x32.gif This page contains a transcript of ingame content.
The following information supplements the rest of the wiki. It is kept for documentation purposes.

Once you're done reading these instructions, you may activate the provided self-destruct function by using them in your hand.


Congratulations on your purchase of our proprietary synaptic marionette implant! With these simple instructions, you'll be having the competition dancing to your tune in no time.

Control Remote

You should have received a control remote for easy convenience of using this implant. Using it will bring up a convenient interface capable of sending and receiving data from any linked implants. You must use the implanter on the remote (or vice-versa) to link the two together.

Once implanted into a target, simply use the remote to your heart's content! There is a short cooldown period between activations.

The remote is programmed to interpret response signals sent by activated implants. If the activation triggered an effect successfully, the remote will bloop; if it failed -- whether due to the implantee being dead or the conditions for the effect not being met -- then the remote will rumble. Only the person holding the remote (hopefully you) and anyone sharing a space with them can hear these bloops and grumbles, although the button presses that come from actually using it are audible to anyone within a few tiles!

When using a remote, the implant's passkey is not required. You don't need this value unless you plan to use packet control, detailed below.


Be wary that each activation of an implant will cause heat buildup that may destroy it. The components are delicate and are not built for repeated short-term stress. Heat will dissipate slowly over time. Heat will build up upon activation even if the conditions for the provided action are not met.


The provided remote should allow for easy and convenient use of any number of marionette implants. For power users, however, the implants are fully compatible with wireless packets. The implanter should list the frequency and network address of the contained implant, as well as a unique passkey that must be provided in the signal under the passkey parameter to authorize most signals.

Packet functions are as follows. Commands marked with an asterisk function in dead bodies, so long as they're still fresh.

  • ping - Prompts the implant to send a signal containing information about its status. Passkey not required.
  • say or speak - The implantee will say a provided phrase out loud, as provided in the data field. Max 45 characters.
  • emote - As say, but with an emote instead. Many emotes can't be replicated with this function, including but not limited to deathgasps, fainting, and tripping.
  • move, step, or bump* - The implantee will move one tile, with direction provided in the data field. These must be cardinals. You can use the full word, or just an abbreviation: EAST and E both work, for instance. Notably, this command will function even if the implantee is dead, as long as they haven't decomposed.
  • shock or zap - Shocks the implantee, disorienting them and draining stamina. This generates high heat.
  • drop or release - The implantee will release a held item from their hands.
  • use or activate - The implantee will activate any item held in their hands.

To reiterate: when using packets to control an implant, you must provide the implant's unique passkey with the passkey parameter. An implant's passkey can be found by examining the implanter it comes in; make sure you write it down before using it, because there's no way to retrieve it once the implant is applied.

Each time the implant is triggered, it will send a signal with the activate command to the device that activated it. If the activation was a success, the stack parameter will be empty; on a failure, it will provide an error code, detailed below.

Error Codes

  • TARG_DEAD means that the implantee is deceased.
  • TARG_NULL means that the implant isn't inside a creature.
  • INVALID means that the command is invalid, or that the conditions for triggering the provided command were not met.
  • BADPASS means that the provided passkey is incorrect.

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