How to properly operate Singularity Buster rocket launcher

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How to properly operate Singularity Buster rocket launcher

Quick word from the manufacturer

Please note that this highly experimental weapon is designed to reliably collapse a singularity in order to prevent catastrophic damage to the station. The singularity buster rockets are theoretically harmless to humans. Please do not try shooting a rocket at a human.

Operating Singularity Buster rocket launcher

  1. Carefully pick up a singularity buster rocket and load it into the loading chamber of the rocket launcher. Please make sure not to hit the rocket on any hard surfaces while doing so as this may lead to matter destabilization.
  2. Pick up the rocket launcher on your shoulders, yet again making sure not to hit the rocket launcher on any hard surfaces as this might accidentally disintegrate the weapon.
  3. Point the rocket launcher carefully towards the center of a rogue singularity.
  4. Press the trigger and prepare for the rocket to fly out of the barrel. This might be a good moment to pray for your safety if you are into that kind of thing as there is a slight chance for the rocket to destabilize and cause a new singularity to appear in it's location.
  5. Singularities gravitional pull may move the rocket off course, requiring several attempts at collapsing the singularity.

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