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NanoTrasen Cryogenics Chambers
Instruction Manual

All NanoTrasen spaceships are equipped with multiple cryogenics tubes, meant to store and heal critically wounded patients using cryoxadone. Use this guide for proper setup and handling instructions.

Setting Up the Cryogenics Chambers

  1. Secure a filled canister of O2 or another suitable air mixture to the attached connector using a wrench.
  2. Add a 50-unit supply of cryoxadone to each of the two cryogenics chambers. There should be two nearby beakers for this purpose; if they are missing or empty, it is recommended that a request be sent to the research department to synthesize an additional supply.
  3. Set the freezer to the lowest possible temperature setting (73.15 K, the default) if necessary.
  4. Turn on the power on the freezer and leave it on.
  5. One can add a defibrillator to attempt to revive subjects as well.

Note that the supply of cryoxadone will not deplete unless there is a patient present in the cryogenics chamber. However, the oxygen slowly depletes if the cryogenics chambers themselves are turned on, so it is recommended to leave them switched off unless a patient is present.

Treating a Patient Using the Cryogenics Chambers

  1. Stabilize the patient's health using CPR or cardiac stimulants.
  2. Remove any exosuit, headgear, and any other insulative materials being worn by the patient. Failure to remove these will deter the effects of the cryoxadone and halt the healing process.
  3. Check to ensure that the gas temperature is at optimal levels and there is no contamination in the system.
  4. Put the patient in the cryogenics chamber and turn it on.

The cryogenics chamber will automatically eject patients once their health is back to normal, but post-cryo evaluation is recommended nevertheless.

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