Research Outpost

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Research Outpost


Test Chamber's big brother


Scientist, Research Director

Sometimes, the Test Chamber just isn't big enough. Maybe it's not big enough to test the range on your new hellfoam mix. Maybe you've a canbomb you're itching to try out. Or maybe research is just out of monkeys. This is where the Research Outpost comes in. Located in the southwest corner of the station z-level, not too far from the Research Wing, the Research Outpost is essentially a bigger version of the Test Chamber with various amenities and sciencey-looking things attached to it, built into a massive asteroid.

Here, you'll find some of the same things the Test Chamber has, as well a whole lot more things, in a far more massive space, including:

  • Disposal chutes into the chamber
  • A surgical table and health analyzer, with a knife for improvised procedures
  • A wall mounted recorder
  • A chemi-compiler, fully ready for automatic chemistry
  • Toxins and burn treatment kits inside the chamber
  • A IV drip bag and stand
  • A mobile camera connected to the station's televisions.
  • An air injector hooked up to a canister hookup pad in the southeast maintenance room.
  • A MonkeyVend, loaded with monkeys just waiting to be horribly, horribly maimed.

There are also various vending machines, so you don't go violating the Space Geneva Protocols on an empty stomach, as well as several biohazard and emergency oxygen closets. This place also has its own Podbay and wormhole beacon, creatively named research outpost beacon.

Note if you're trying out a canbomb here and it's at the maximum explosion size it can destroy parts of gas storage, the research dock and the artifact lab, be careful!