Electrical Substation

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Electrical Substation



Engineer, Chief Engineer

Electricity generated by the solar panels and engine doesn't just go straight to the ship. Rather, it goes through one of two Electrical Substations on the very aft of the ship, one on portside aft, below Medbay, and the other starboardside aft, below Research. Here, the electricity is stored in SMES Units, which then transfer and distribute power to the ship once properly configured.

These rooms also function as the spiritual counterparts of Emergency Storage rooms on space stations. There are various firefighting supplies such as foamtanks and firesuits, as well as various atmospherics supplies, such as space HVAC units, air scrubbers, air siphons, and air canisters.

Maintenance Information

Neither the Port nor Starboard Electrical Substations have vents.

The APC for the Port Electrical Substation is on the northern wall, just above the air scrubber. The APC for the Starboard Electrical Substation is in an identical position.

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