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Information Office


Snooper center



This Information Office is the headquarters for all those who need to be in the know and is, in a way, a public, more well-lit version of the Detective's Office. It contains all the manner of items suitable for a investigative reporter, an inquisitive lawyer, and or an amateur or professional sleuth, such as:

  • A Television, tuned to various helmet cams and mobile cameras, among others.
  • A Security Cameras computer, connected to Security's camera network.
  • A camera, for hard, undeniable photographic evidence.
  • A tape recorder with a compact tape, for recording a conversation, everything being said in a room, or just your own voice, depending on where you put it.
  • Pens and paper, for manual records and notes.
  • A lovely wooden desk, with a laptop and a desk lamp, a beacon of light and truth in the middle of a station losing power to power sink a sea of darkness and ignorance. Switch it out the bulb for a different colored one to suit your version of the truth.
  • A desktop computer and printer, suitable for sending your reports all across the station.
  • A crate with a fedora, an overcoat and scarf combo, and a few fanny packs. Conduct the search for the truth, in style.
  • A monkey named Tanhony. You're not alone in this search, chief.

There's also a locker full of lawyer suits and briefcases in the room above, for the legal-orientated types.

Information Office


Right site to write



This Information Office is a study room across from the Public Market, ostensibly as a welcome center of sorts for all the new crew members coming in from Arrivals. Nevertheless, it's the perfect place for authors, journalists, and investigators of all types, professional or amateur, benevolent or malevolent, and contains several writing-facilitating amenities:

  • Loads of cameras, because, as the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Pens, crayons, and paper, for cases where a thousand words is a bit too much.
  • A lovely wooden desk with desktop computer, with a printer on table the outside, easily capable of sending your pieces all across the station.
  • A crate with a fedora, an overcoat and scarf combo, and a few fanny packs, the essential gear of underwater authors everywhere.
  • A handheld camera viewer. Because, sometimes, the best fiction is nonfiction!
  • Copies of The Trial of Heisenbee and Albert and the Deep Blue Sea, the seminal children's classics of the current generation.
  • A locker stuffed with office supplies, like staplers, scissors, and, of course, more paper.
  • An ID Computer. Eh?

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. It would only be distracting.

The APC for this room is on the left wall, near the computer.

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