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Information Office


Snooper center



This Information Office is the headquarters for all those who need to be in the know and is, in a way, a public, more well-lit version of the Detective's Office. It contains all the manner of items suitable for a investigative reporter, an inquisitive lawyer, and or an amateur or professional sleuth, such as:

  • A Television, tuned to various helmet cams and mobile cameras, among others.
  • A Security Cameras computer, connected to Security's camera network.
  • A camera, for hard, undeniable photographic evidence.
  • A tape recorder with a compact tape, for recording a conversation, everything being said in a room, or just your own voice, depending on where you put it.
  • Pens and paper, for manual records and notes.
  • A lovely wooden desk, with a laptop and a desk lamp, a beacon of light and truth in the middle of a station losing power to power sink a sea of darkness and ignorance. Switch it out the bulb for a different colored one to suit your version of the truth.
  • A desktop computer and printer, suitable for sending your reports all across the station.
  • A crate with a fedora, an overcoat and scarf combo, and a few fanny packs. Conduct the search for the truth, in style.
  • A monkey named Tanhony. You're not alone in this search, chief.

There's also a locker full of lawyer suits and briefcases in the room above, for the legal-orientated types.