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A place to put annoying people.



Space will kill you if you fuck with it.

If you go into space without EVA gear and internals equipped (or some insane spacewalking chemicals mix), expect to die extremely quickly from suffocation, depressurization, and severe burns. And if you go in without a jetpack (or propulsion upgrade as a cyborg, which is essentially a jetpack upgrade) or at least a fire extinguisher (preferably with the safety off), expect to get lost in space since you can hardly move without one. Anything that isn't a floor or a wall is probably space and you shouldn't stand on it unless you enjoy dying horribly. Ever see the airlock scene in Event Horizon? Yeah, like that.

You can move in space without a jetpack or similar as long as you are within one tile of something solid, like a wall or asteroid. If you do not, you will continue to float on forever by your own inertia until you hit something.

You can still change your direction by spraying a extinguisher or throwing an object opposite the direction you want to move. Stacks of cash are ideal for the latter; since size of object doesn't matter, pulling 1 credit from a stack and throwing it is just as effective as throwing the whole wad, with the added bonus of having some leftover credits to throw.

Also, because Goonstation wouldn't be Goonstation without it, if you eat a bean pod or a dish with beans in it, you'll gain a Farty Thrusts buff that allows you to propel yourself in space by farting. No, really. The trick is to use the IJKL keys (instead of WASD and similar) to turn your character's sprite in the direction you want to move in and then *fart.

Vampires should avoid any exposure to space as the light will inflict burn damage. Changelings are not harmed by space in any way and should take advantage of this fact. Blobs are not harmed by space either, but they can't expand on it without space bridge blobs, and without suitable protective blob membranes, are exceptionally vulnerable to Space Pods.

Stationmap.png Locations on Oshan Laboratory
General Civilian & Recreation Security Command Medical Research Cargo & Mining Engineering Off-Station
Stationmap.png Locations on Manta
General Civilian & Recreation Security Command Medical Research Cargo & Mining Engineering Off-Station