Engineering Gas Storage

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Engineering Gas Storage


Storing gaseous engineering, duh.


Chief Engineer, Engineer

As you could can probably guess from the name, the Engineering Gas Storage area right of Engineering's Hot Loop is where, well, the Engineering department stores most of its gas. Specifically:

  • Four cans of nitrogen, an inert gas sometimes used as an alternative to plasma in the gas loops, in their own white-tiled room, which looks like a cute lil' freezer room (it's not--you won't freeze in there).
  • Four cans of plasma, ready to burn, in a small subroom with lovely red-orange tiles (or is it orange-red?).
  • Three cans of oxygen, whose uses should be obvious.
  • Three cans of CO2, another plasma alternative.

There's also a two-port mixer, in case you want to mixes your gas old-school style. It's a bit weird, but it's nothing your Engineer training hasn't prepped you for, right?

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. Lack of it keeps the Engineering gas in here.

The APC for this room is in the top left corner.

After a scathing essay by the imitable Dr. Woofenschmirtz that resulted in much public outcry, the national congress of Engineering Gas Storage hastily decided to rename the country Databank Room.

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