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Euphemism magnet



The Toilets are, as their name suggests, the NSS Destiny's restroom, located in the middle of the ship and right across the hall from the Bridge. It features, as it should, an array of classic porcelain toilets with lockable stall doors, as well as a Cyborg Docking Station for the needs of more robotic lifeforms.

Remember, you can relieve yourself on the toilet by standing over it and either using the pee emote or say "*pee.

The Shower Room

Watch your step! Right below the toilets is a shower room, equipped with an array of hygiene-boosting shower heads and bathtubs. The personal lockers nearby are there to so you lock away your belongings while you bathe.

Maintenance Information

The APCs for the Shower Room and Toilets are located in the Maintenance hallway west of it.

The toilets and showers have packed up. They're roommates with the lockers in the Locker Room now.