Derelict Quarters

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Derelict Quarters


Home of garbage and the stuff they leave behind.



Similar to Crew Quarters A, this Derelict Crew Quarters room, also known as Crew Quarters B, was intended as a place where the crew can relax, sleep, have a shower, and maybe enjoy some virtual sports. Unlike Crew Quarters A, this place is a dump inhabited solely by thieves and scoundrels, and you are more likely to get a fungal infection than to get a good nights rest. Still, that might have its perks...

Supposedly, the top right room is the Jazz Lounge, but instead of listening to some chill-out grooves, your only means of stress relief is is the pot crumbs stuck in the couch and the hope that it will all soon be over.

Maintenance information

This room has no vents.

The APC for this room is located at the southwest of the area.

The power is supplied via a cable in port maintenance.

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