Command Locker Room

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Command Locker Room


Stepping on the departmental colors.


Heads of Staff

Though the APC for this alcove below the Command Meeting Room is called the "Head of Personnel's Office", it's more accurately called the Command Meeting Room, because it's for United Command members (giving "Command"), is full of lockers (giving "Locker"), and is fully enclosed on all four sides (giving "Room"). In any case, it has a bench to hypothetically sit on while changing, some potentially privacy-violating windows, and the equipment lockers of the Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Medical Director, and Research Director, all on flooring conveniently color-coded to each Head's country. If you have trouble with the colors, remember this story:

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. If there were, we'd probably called this the "Command Locker and Vent Room". (Or not.)

The APC is on the left wall. Again, for some reason, it's named "Head of Personnel's Office".

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