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The six guys who pretend to run the station and their respective departments. Unlike other stations, nobody pays much attention to any form of chain of command, so mostly the heads just get a lot more access to the station. When shit hits the fan, they also have more authority over the AI than other crew members. All six are targets during a revolution round, and killing off the Heads is one of many possible Traitor Objectives.


The boss of the entire station. With no one to answer to, he's free to grab a bottle of booze and do whatever. Someone is always forced into this job even if no one signs up for it, so there's no guarantee of competence. The crew seems to generally like the captain and tend to be nice to him even though he doesn't really do anything. It must be because of the dorky, green suit.

Head of Personnel

Has even less responsibility for the crew than the other heads. Don't go complaining about the janitor to this guy. Or do, he'll be astounded. His real job is changing people's access levels as needed. He will try to get out of doing this and vanish mysteriously. If you need his services, run to him at the start of the round and try to catch him before he upgrades his ID and leaves.

Head of Security

HoS for short. He's the head of everyone wearing red or a fedora. Somewhat guaranteed to be a decent person or at least know which end is which on a stun baton since HoS is an application-only position.

Like all security officers, the HoS is guaranteed not to spawn as an antagonist. This is not true for the other heads, including the captain.

Chief Engineer

Ruler supreme of everyone wearing yellow, meaning the engineers, mechanics and miners. The other engineers will expect him to know at least the basic engineering tasks, mainly how to set up and maintain the engine. There is no guarantee that this is true.

Research Director

Head of all the white-suited madmen in the research sector. He's generally expected to be a crazy scientist who either disappears in a telescience accident or starts a meth lab.

Medical Director

President of the short-stick club. The Medical Director has full responsibility of the medbay and the quacks within, including the geneticists and roboticists. This job used to belong to the Research Director. There's also been a Head Surgeon who briefly took charge of the medbay, but he was fired for not having a real job. There's a little more to Doctoring now than back then.

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