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Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Access Level: None
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Captain, Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Tour the station.
Guides: This is the guide.

If you thought being a crew member working on SS13 was insane, imagine being a Tourist visiting it for god knows what reason. True to the stereotype, you spawn in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, a lanyard with your ID (but you don't get a PDA), a fanny pack, a camera with an extra film cartridge, a photo album to put all your photos in, and a big wad of money to waste. Sometimes, you also spawn as a random "alien" race, chosen from skeleton, squid, lizard, cow, Martian, frog, and blob (distinct from the evil kinds). Take pictures! Spend money! Become a meat shield! You're just cannon fodder.

You can spawn as a Tourist if you join the server after a round started. Unfortunately, you can only do so on Fridays, but, fortunately, there's a whopping 100 slots on Fridays, so it's unlikely they'll all be filled.

This job has a quite a history. They were created as a step down from assistants, spawning with absolutely no access at all. They were mainly created to limit the impact of people using guest accounts on BYOND, since jerks liked to come in and fuck the game up anonymously. Now that Goonstation automatically cuts any and all connections from guest accounts, it's more of a novelty role with even less responsibility than the other gimmick jobs.

Supplemental Video

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