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Tourists were a step down from assistants and had absolutely no access at all. They were mainly created to limit the impact of people using guest accounts on BYOND, since jerks liked to come in and fuck the game up anonymously.

Now tourists are available for one day of the week. Take pictures! Spend money! Become a meat shield! You're just cannon fodder.

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Discontinued Features:
Discontinued Game Modes - Discontinued Syndicate Items - Nuclear Engine - Construction Server - Prison Station
Discontinued Material Properties - Fabrication Units & Looms
Discontinued Jobs:
Atmospheric Technician - Barber - Boxer - Chemist - Elite Security - Head Surgeon - Lawyer - Mailman - Medical Assistant - Technical Assistant - Tourist - Vice Officer - Replicant - Spy
Old Maps:
Donut Station - Devstation - Donut Station 2 - Mushroom Station - Chiron Outpost - Samedi