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Multiple rival gangs are battling for control of the station, tagging and claiming territory, stockpiling drugs, guns, and cash, busting up opposing gang members, and parading around in silly outfits trying to be menacing.

The Gang Leader

Who can become a gang leader?

If you have "Gang Leader" checked in your preferences, you're eligible to spawn as a gang leader when the game mode is gang. Security Officers, Security Assistants, the Detective, and the Heads of Staff (including the Head of Security) normally cannot spawn as gang leaders.

If you, as gang leader, die within 20 minutes of roundstart for whatever reason (e.g. gang violence, mishap with the crusher in Waste Disposal, suicide by donut), the game will randomly pick one of your gang members to be the new gang leader. If you haven't placed your gang locker yet (more on that below), this happens instantly after you die. If you have placed your locker, the game will wait 5 minutes before promoting someone, giving your henchmen some time to revive you (or not)

How do I know if I'm a gang leader?

It's pretty damn obvious. On round start, you are clearly informed that you're a gang leader by both a big chat message and a pop-up informing you of the basics of the game mode. Also, you have a capital G over your head. You get to choose a gang name from a randomly-generated set. You also gain access to the Set Gang Base ability which can, well, set your base, as well as pick your gang uniform. Gang tag is picked at random.

Set Gang Base

Use the Set Gang Base ability in your top left to set where your gang's gang locker will be; the gang locker is where you get gear and stash stuff for gang points. Using the ability will also let you set the gang uniform. You can't change your gang uniform once it's set, so pick wisely!

A good location is important and should reflect on how you want to run your gang, while simultaneously keeping the gang locker safe and secure. The more public your locker, the easier it'll be for all gang members to stuff it with drugs, and cash. However, rival gang members can beat cash out of your locker and steal your loot, so your chosen location must strike a balance between accessibility and security. Furthermore, gang members wearing their full uniform while in an area they own get passive healing and stun-reduction effects that drop off the farther they are from their gang locker, so there's a survivability aspect too.

If you find the area that you set your gang locker in is no longer viable, then you can use the Migrate Gang Base ability (exclusive to gang leaders) to move your gang's locker to your current location, so long as the new location is somewhere in your territory. You can do this once every 15 minutes.

Placing your locker will claim an area around it and allow you to start claiming territory with spray cans.

Your Job as a Gang Leader

Your goal is to lead your gang to victory by gaining the most points in the round. As a gang leader you also have access to street cred, a unique currency earned alongside regular points that can be used to purchase JankTank II revive syringes and to recruit replacement gang members. Additionally, you have the ability to set your gang base's location and - if needed - move it.

Leading your gang to victory

  • Gang members can be replaced, but you are the only one able to buy revival syringes and hire new members!
    • Give your members revival syringes, so they can revive you if you die horribly.
  • Loot drops & crates often spawn behind access-locked doors. Quickhacks only take 3 seconds to work, and don't leave a trace. Just make sure you have enough charges to break out again.
  • Placing your locker near populated areas is more risky, but populated areas are better tagging targets.
  • Co-operating with crew can net you all sorts. Trade excess equipment with them for credits or more drugs!
  • Know when and where you might need to move your locker if your base comes under attack. Moving your locker can mean you have the time and resources for a successful reprisal against your rivals!

The Gang Member


When you spawn as a gang, your headset automatically gains access to the gang radio channel, which uses the prefix :g, like so.

say :g Got loads of meth and guns ready. Let's bust some bustas!

Now, go over to your gang's gang locker; you can check its location with the Notes command. Don't be afraid to ask for directions over the gang channel. Once there, click on the gang locker to claim your spray cans and gang uniform set. The former are essential for claiming turfs for the gang. The latter is technically optional, but it offers some excellent buffs.

Gang Uniforms

Gang uniforms can include a variety of silly hats/masks and jumpsuits, from horse masks to purple butts, from rainbow jumpsuits to Fallout Vault uniforms. You can claim yours at your gang locker!

Wearing the whole gang uniform is usually a good idea because the full set offers many benefits. For one, it greatly reduces the time required to claim a turf. Secondly, wearing the full set in your territory also grants +5 stamina regeneration, +40 max stamina, and +30 max health. Wearing any exosuit besides the gang-specific light vest will forfeit this bonus, so no trying to hide it!

Furthermore, if you're in your territory, you also sometimes heal BURN and BRUTE. If you're close to your locker, this also heals TOX. In practical terms, this means you can tank a few more taser shots than normal, greatly boosting your endurance in combat.

The main drawback is that the uniform clearly marks you as a gang member, so anybody, especially rival gang members, could attack and kill you at any time, hence all the combat bonuses. But let's be honest, why wouldn't you wear it? Just look at the man in the page image. How could you not want to emulate a man of such high fashion?

Other benefits

  • Alongside the uniform benefits, gang members also gain a unique ability to pull members of their own gang who are on the ground without being slowed down, allowing a hasty retreat if things are going south. Though, this does not apply to grabs.

Rollin' in the dou- erm, points

Whether you're a gang leader or a regular member, your main goal is to earn points for your gang by claiming turf, stockpiling your gang locker with drugs, guns, and cash, and, on occasion, claiming gang crates and duffle bags. You can find out your total score so far simply by Examining your gang locker. You can use these points to buy special items that'll help you take on rival gang members and other foes.

Taggin' up turf

Spray Can for Gangs.png

Use your spray cans from your gang locker on any wall or floor bordering your territory to expand your influence, but be aware that rival gangs may spray over your tagging job to claim the area for themselves. The whole process will also take about 15 seconds, but it's reduced by 3 seconds for each piece of the gang uniform you wear.

Tags provide a regular income of points based upon how busy the area they 'see' is - if your tag sits in an empty maintenance hall, it won't provide many points! You want your influence over areas with high footfall like the main hallways, or a lot of people sat still, like Genetics.

If you want to tag an area, but don't have access to it, either try using a QuickHack from your locker, or try tagging it from the maintenance area around it. Remember, you want as many people to see your tag as possible!

Sight (left) and Claimable Tiles (right).

Money and guns and drugs oh my!

The other main way of earning points is by stashing money, drugs and/or guns in your gang locker. You can load items individually by clicking on the locker with the item in your hand and stuff multiple items at a time by click-dragging the sprite of one of them onto the locker sprite, as if stuffing a crate or satchel.

Drugs make a lot of points initially, but too much of one drug saturates your gang's market! The first 300 units for each drug are worth 3 times their base amount, but the going rates start dropping afterwards. Once you've sold more than 600 units of a drug, the price zeros out, and that drug becomes worthless. This means there's a hard 600 unit cap on each drug, so variety matters more than depth. You can view the current going prices for drugs in the locker.

Score Table

Name Base Score How to obtain Notes
Tank Transfer valves 600 for the first, 300/valve after. Steal them from Toxins A surprisingly simple early target, if you're looking to get ahead.
Guns 300/Piece Steal them the Armory or people who are packing heat, e.g. the Bartender, rival gangsters Specifically excludes slam guns, zip guns, and foam dart weapons such as the foam dart revolver. You may want to use some of these yourself.
Bath Salts 3/unit Chemistry Can be made with some Discount Dan's and a sufficiently large container.
Krokodil 3/unit Chemistry Also occasionally found in particularly shady areas.
LSBee 2/unit Psychedelic Bees Hard to source. But if you find any...
Methamphetamine 1.5/unit Chemistry, Hydroponics Much safer to make than crank and also quite robust.
Cat Drugs 1/unit Hydroponics Refined from catnip via still or chemistry
Morphine 1/unit Hydroponics, Steal from Medbay Medbay starts with enough with enough to saturate out a gang's market.
Crank 1/unit Chemistry Creates an explosion on mixing.
LSD 0.5/unit Chemistry Needs space fungus that can be scraped from maintenance walls or grown in hydroponics.
Psilocybin 0.5/unit Hydroponics Needed for making cat drugs without a still, though if you have it you probably also have a still.
THC 0.25/unit Use a reagent extractor or still with cannabis. Cannabis is trivial to mass grow, though there might be issues extracting and storing all the THC from so much weed.
Space Drugs 0.1/unit Chemistry Incredibly easy to mass produce.
Cannabis 10/leaf Botany You only get points for the first 200 leaves you turn in. After that, they are worth nothing.

Crate Wars

Occasionally, a crate with a huge of cache of gang gear is dropped in to a random room on the station/ship, revealed to you via Gang Radio. It takes 5 minutes for it land and 10 seconds to unanchor itself for transport. If you and your gang can defend the drop site and drag the crate to your locker without being turned into swiss cheese, you can interact with it to unlock it and gain a fat 5000 point bonus!

Why all the security? This particular crate is huge, and by being so large, it grants a much higher chance to roll bigger guns. Even the REALLY big ones, like the American-180 and the M16 rifle. Even if you get unlucky, the remaining space will still be crammed with ammo, equipment, cash and drugs!

Crate deliveries are rather rare. On Classic, the first crate arrives at around the 17 minute mark; after that, there's a crate every 25 minutes afterwards (i.e. the second comes at 42 minutes, third at 67, etc.). On Roleplay, the first one comes at the 30 minute mark, and afterwards, crates arrive every 40 minutes. Classic rounds generally last around 50-70 minutes, and Roleplay rounds 90-100, so on average, you get crate deliveries twice a shift.

Contraband Smuggling

At around the 7 minute mark (10 minute mark on Roleplay) and every 15 minutes or so afterwards (i.e. 2nd round of bags appears at 22 minute mark on Classic, 35 minute mark on RP), each gang's mysterious gang announcer hides 2 "suspicious looking duffle bags" loaded with tons of loot. Not wanting to snitch your identities via your PDA, they've kindly forwarded the information to the PDA of an innocent civilian on board. The civilians' identities and jobs will be forwarded to you via the Gang Radio. It's often better to co-operate with them for mutually beneficial terms - they know where your loot is, and while civilian crewmates are sane enough not to open it themselves, they can just as easily destroy it.

Duffle bags come with several measures to impede civilians (including the informant) trying to hand over unclaimed duffle bags to Sec. If a civilian tries to pull it, they'll be significantly slowed. If they manage to drag it away anyway, you'll be notified of the new location via Gang Radio. If they pick it up, the anti-theft barbs will trigger, slowing them down significantly and causing them to bleed, leaving behind a trail for you to follow, if the Gang Radio also broadcasting their location wasn't enough. In addition, they cannot drop or throw it, and other people cannot remove it unless they're a gang member. The victim can try to unhook themselves, but this takes 20 seconds of standing still.

Once you've finally located a duffle bag, you can crack it open by picking it up (Hotkey: P) and clicking on it while it in your active hand (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/style WASD). Since opening a bag spills everything inside onto the floor, it's best to do this near your locker. Fortunately, if you've opened a duffle bag but need to move it elsewhere, you can simply pick up the bag again to quickly stuff all the loot back inside and reseal the bag. Each bag gives 1500 points and always contains either a firearm or rare melee weapon, alongside ammunition, grenades, drugs, and cash.

Money Laundering

By hitting your locker with a wad of credits, you can have the cash used to fund off-station crime. The credits will be slowly laundered over time to turn the cash into score + points. However, while laundering this cash, your locker will be open to being attacked and raided! Do your best to make sure someone's guarding your illegal laundering operation.

Gang Items

Locker Purchases

By clicking on your gang locker, you spend your Gang Points on variety of weapons and other items for fighting rival gangers and other opponents with. Gang Points are separate for gang member, so spend away!

Item Image Cost Description
1200 A basic medkit, comes with epinephrine and BRUTE/BURN patches.
Emergency auto-injector (omnizine)
1800 A single-use auto-injector filled with 5u of Omnizine.
Light Armor Vest
7500 A thin armor vest, offering less protection than security's version but still letting your cool gang uniform show through. It reduces damage from bullets and energy weapon projectiles by 33% (e.g. a Lo-Point bullet does only about 20 BRUTE, instead of 30) and lowers damage from melee attacks to the chest region by 3 (e.g. a switchblade does only 7 BRUTE, rather than 10).
Tip off
8000 Schedules an early duffle bag drop full of goodies. A random civilian will be informed of the drop location.
1000 An illegal, home-made tool able to fake up to 5 AI 'open' signals to unbolted doors.
Rat Stick
1400 A basic melee weapon that inflicts 10 BRUTE, while also causing a fair bit of bleeding. It also causes 35 stamina damage, with a 35% chance to land a critical hit that causes an extra 40 stamina damage. Damage-wise, it's basically a fire extinguisher, but better.
2000 A stylish, concealable knife. When the blade is unfolded (Hotkey: C for Goon WASD, Z for /tg/-style WASD), it causes 10 BRUTE and has a 33% chance to crit, knocking out a good chunk of stamina. Its special attack is also exceptional at causing heavy bleeding. Notably, you can hide it in your clothes, simply by clicking on a clothing item while the switchblade is in your active hand. Use *snap emote (Hotkey: CTRL + Z) to remove it.
Throwing Knife
2000 A cheap throwing knife specifically. When thrown, does almost fire extinguisher levels of brute damage, drains a fair bit of stamina, and causes a bit of bleeding on whoever's unfortunate enough to get hit.
AmmoPouchGreen.png Shuriken.png
1200 A pouch (i.e. its fits in pockets) of four deadly shuriken, or throwing stars. When a shuriken is thrown, it does 18 BRUTE, disorients them for 2 seconds, knocks out 30 Stamina (reduced by armor), and causes some bleeding. It also embeds in the victim, causing it to sometimes inflict a little BRUTE and briefly stun them; embedded shuriken are removed through the same procedure as shrapnel and bullets.
Faux C-Saber
9000 A d-saber, a melee weapon that creates a sharp blade when activated in-hand. The blade disorients them very briefly (1 second), causes 25 Stamina damage and some bleeding, and inflicts 22 BRUTE, which, assuming no armor, translates into 5-6 hits to send people below 0 health. Inactive, it causes 8 BRUTE and 10 Stamina damage.

Generally inferior to the c-version; the d-saber cannot fit into pockets, has less stunning/killing power, and does not provide special abilities when blocking. You can still wielding a d-saber to "parry" hits from other d-sabers and c-sabers, reducing the attack to just a fair chunk stamina damage; this goes both ways! You can also open the dsaber with a screwdriver and pop in a glowstick.
Discount Katana
7000 Specifically a reverse blade katana. Actually does more BRUTE damage than the Syndicate version (20 vs 15), but it can't cause bleeding, and it only has a very rare (1%) chance to delimb when targeting a specific body part. Its special attack inflicts 40 Stamina damage and makes you charge a few tiles...reverse of the direction you clicked in; good for getting into melee range, or nope-ing out after you've bitten more than you can chew. Also, if you're wielding a reverse katana in your hand and get attacked by someone with a regular katana or another reverse katana, you'll "parry" their attacks, deflecting them at the cost of a fair chunk of stamina. This goes both ways.
Stolen Cop Car
20000 A security patrol car for on- and off-station travel, complete with a control scheme you might not be used to. Equipped with a pod taser system that never runs out of charge. Could work as a getaway car--if you've a good driver.

Street Cred Purchases

Gang leaders have additional purchases to keep their gang fighting.

Item Image Cost Description
JankTank II
750, increasing by 1.5x for each syringe purchased. A nasty looking cocktail of drugs and spices, able to bring a dead, non-rotten (i.e. not bloated or further) gang member back to life. Will not work on non-gangsters or gangsters who have set themselves to DNR, but it still works on gangsters who are in Virtual Reality as Virtual Spectres, playing Ghost Critters, or in the Afterlife Bar. Revival is not instant; using it takes 5 seconds (i.e. time for someone to interrupt you), and it takes 5 seconds for revival to start.

The revival process heals all OXY, organ damage, and brain damage and restores any lost blood, but it heals only enough BRUTE, BURN, and TOX to bring them to 15% HP. They also receive chems for treating critical condition: 2.5 units of atropine, 5 units of ephedrine, 10 units of salbutamol, and 5 units of synaptizine. In addition, this clears any "Knocked-down" or "Stunned" debuffs but leaves them very jittery and disoriented (and tripping because they also get 5 units of space drugs).

Gang members can use this on you, too! Given only you, the leader, can buy them, it's prudent to ensure they have one, or know where to get one.
500, increasing by 2.5x for each new member recruited. Recruits a new gang member from the pool of eligible ghosts. Will fail and refund your points if your gang is full or no ghosts are available.


Available from duffel bags and crate drops, each gun will come with a limited supply of ammo.

Item Image Ammo Description
Webley Revolver
.455 speedloaders. A cut down Webley break-action revolver with armor-piercing ammunition. Has to be manually broken open in order to be reloaded and can "fan the hammer" if drawn from a pocket with both hands free, gaining a massive temporary fire-rate boost.
9mm Lo-Point
Standard 9mm ammunition. A very cheap and disposable 9mm handgun. So disposable in fact that throwing an empty Lo-Point at someone will smash it to pieces and stun them for a short duration.
Hafgan Mod. 93R Repeating Laser
Single use Mod. 93R Repeating Laser Cells A powerful burst laser pistol prone to overheating, requiring single-use disposable coolant cells.
MOR-30 Submachine Gun
9mm SMG magazines, which includes MOR-30 and Grease Gun mags. A high fire-rate, no-frills, all damage 9mm automatic. This fires a different 9mm than your Lo-Point or Clock 180, so you can't use ammo from those, but it can accept magazines for the Grease Gun.
Grease Gun
9mm SMG magazines, including both Grease Gun and MOR-30 mags. A cheap and old-fashioned SMG, known for having extremely inconsistent fire rate unless kept lubricated with some kind of grease. Space Lube, Oil, and Space-soybean oil all work well but whatever you do don't pour Glue into this thing.
Draco Machine Pistol
7.62x39mm Draco magazines. A bizarre, incredibly high recoil 7.62 'Pistol'.
All shotgun ammo, comes loaded with birdshot. A 7-shot drum fed shotgun, that can only be reloaded 1 shell at a time due to its awkward drum mechanism.
American 180.png
Cannot be reloaded, comes with 177 rounds of .22 ammunition. Obscene fire rate, abysmal accuracy and damage, this thing is a bullet hose in every way.

It's gang WAR for a reason

When you're ready to bust up some bustas, you need to be ready to take on those unrobust rival gangs. Cause sooner or later, war will inevitably break out between gangs, and it's your job to come out on top.


You may want to read up on Murder and check out Guide to Being Robust to better know what to do on fighting other people.

Violence is your best option for dealing with those who stand in your way, as flowers rarely work against someone with a mean looking bat.

Shit Security

Early on, security is going to be your biggest threat to your gang, as at round start they have access to stun weapons and other gear, while you only have toolboxes. Though, security probably won't hurt you or your gang unless they have a good reason to. You should try to avoid attacking security until you have weapons or manpower to take them on. Security are usually seen trying to keep the peace in the hallways, attacking a civilian or rival gang member would probably get you thrown in the brig in accordance with space law. Remember that you are an antagonist however, so security could arrest and kill you unprovoked if a member of your own gang has been involved with the murder of a security officer, so it is best to stay out of hot water early on.

If you wish to take down security, your one strategy you could use is outnumbering them. By rushing them with either gang weaponry or improvised weaponry, they may become overwhelmed and succumb due to the amount of hits they are taking, though this strategy only works if the weaponry used does considerable stamina damage, such as the toolbox. Another strategy you can use is if you have already taken an officer, you can easily use their own weapons against their fellow officers, and loot their gear until you have taken down every officer.

If you successfully manage to take down security, you get access to almost all their gear, as well as armory gear if you can break inside. This gives you a significant edge over other gangs, and by knocking down a third party, you can focus more on the protection of your own gang as well as the war against the rival gangs.

Civil Civilians

Normally, you shouldn't be going after the crew, lest you may provoke security's wraith if you have not taken them out early. You should only kill civilians if necessary, such if they are getting in the way of your gang flow. Most crew members would turn a blind eye if you're bustin' up a rival gang member, so you shouldn't worry about them too much. Going on a full genocide on the crew is generally frowned upon by the community and is one of the reasons why gang does not have the best reputation in the community, so don't be a part of that problem!

However, the crew does still have beneficial items or access that could help your gang.

Civilians are usually easy kills, provided they do not have any stolen, improvised, or just straight up weaponry. It's a good idea to try to kill them when there is the minimal amount of people around the person you are trying to kill, lest you risk a random staff assistant interfering with your gangsta style. As stated before, they are best to be left alone unless they need some gangsta beat into them for messin' up a fellow gangster's style.

Rival Gangsters

Rival gang members are going to be what you are inevitably going to be fighting, whether it would be over territory disputes, revenge murder, or locker defense. It is good to be prepared for the fight, as you will not be given nor obtain anything too overpowered. Instead, you will be seeing gangster gear. Gangster gear is gear that is moderately powerful, nothing syndicate gear powerful, but better than the average improvised weapon. It's important to know how to deal with bringing a melee to a gun fight or even a basic fist fight, rival gangsters will not hesitate to kill you.

You can loot valuable gang loot if you do manage to kill a gangster, as well as have one less person rivaling your gang, make sure they don't get cloned however. You can also access a rival's gang's communications by using their headset, which is automatically tuned to their respective gang channel. Hilariously, you can probably trick them by calling for help on the other side of the station, while you bash a lone gang member's head in.

Killing a rival gangster can get tricky, they can call for help over the radio, forcing an unfair fight. They also have access to the weapons you do, thus making you have less of an advantage over other gangsters. Though, if you are making the most points out of any gang, you probably will have the better weapons. You should try to kill the rival gangster as quickly as possible, utilizing stun weapons or weapons that have high stamina damage to quickly knock out the rival gangster. When knocked out, you can switch to a gang weapon that has mean amounts of BRUTE or BURN to quickly get the gangster into critical, usually debilitating them in the process. Once the gangster is finished off, you can loot and dispose of the corpse.

Usin' the gangsta' style with the gangsta' weapons

The Rat Stick


  • The basic bread and butter of every gang. Early on, you'll often find that almost every rival gang member carries this weapon. Occasionally, you might even see civilians wielding this, whether because they stole it off a gang member or a gang has bought so many there're rat sticks just lying around. You can save points by stealing another rat stick instead of buying a new one, provided you can fend off whoever you stole the weapon from.
  • The toolbox actually does superior stamina damage compared to this weapon, so if you want to knock someone out, it is better to use a toolbox instead, which also saves points.
  • If you hit someone with a rat stick, they bleed. If they bleed out a bunch, they move slower and may randomly keel over, making it easier to hit them, causing them to bleed even more, they move even slower and have a higher chance to pass on and so forth.

The Throwing Knife


  • This throwing knife does not instantly knock down on hit if the target is at full stamina, make sure you know your target has used a bit of their stamina before throwing to knife to get that sweet knockdown!

The Shuriken


  • Since the shuriken embeds itself into the victim, they are good for debilitating those who are attempting to run away.
  • Yes, the pouch that holds the shurikens can fit in your pocket.
  • One shuriken does slightly lower BRUTE than two scrap shot projectiles from a slam gun, so it may be better to use a slam gun instead if you have the time to make one and don't mind the slower fire rate and worse range.

The Armor Vest


  • Provides moderate protection from bullets and melee weapons.
  • This should be an early go-to if you want to survive all the lead flying everywhere.
  • Notably, it's small enough to not count as covering up your gang outfit, allowing you some resistance alongside your gang representation bonus.

The Webley


  • An incredible backup weapon, this can fit in your pocket.
  • However, it doesn't come with a lot of ammunition, so it's best to think ahead on how you're going to use it.
  • Fanning the hammer is an excellent panic button, but it carries a hefty damage and accuracy penalty.

The Lo-Point


  • While it's not terribly interesting, it comes with 10 rounds of full-power 9mm.
  • It's a throwaway gun! Once you're completely out of bullets you may as well throw it at someone's head.

The Hafgan Burst laser


  • Great for spraying down a hallway - it has 8 bursts (24 shots) per magazine. They can also be dual-wielded.
  • Just keep in mind - It can't accept other energy weapon cells.

The MOR-30


  • While significantly less cooler, burst mode has better accuracy than full auto.
  • Thirty rounds per magazine can disappear faster than you'd expect - Watch for friendly fire, too!

The Grease Gun


  • A rare find, compared to the similar MOR-30
  • Keeping the stock unfolded will help keep this gun pointed in the right direction.
  • It's awful grimy. Either accept the jank, or if you must, regularly lube it for improved results! Lube and oil aren't the only things that can grease this gun.

The Striker-7


  • The birdshot loaded in this stacks up a lot of bleed, even around enemy armor!
  • Take care with your shot placement. The striker is notably slow & awkward to reload.
  • It also accepts regular shotgun loads, which is a rare blessing.

The Faux C-Saber


  • This is the most powerful weapon you can get out of a gang locker, featuring great BRUTE that could send someone into critical condition.
  • Like with any melee, mind your stamina. People will try to shove this weapon out of your hands. Be ready to quickly pick your weapon back up in case there is a successful shove. Alternatively, carry a backup weapon in case things go south.
  • You can use C to quickly activate and deactivate the saber.

The Discount Katana


  • On the off chance you face against someone who is also using this weapon, you'll parry their attacks, costing a bit of stamina. It's best to bring a weapon of equal power if you do not wish to risk having your weapon parried off your hands.
  • This weapon is one of the few weapons that has a chance to delimb on hit. Make sure you're aiming for a limb.

The Stolen Cop Car


  • This car comes equipped with a taser, which is actually more powerful than the handheld version, with more range and bullet speed. Use this to your advantage!
    • You can use the car to chase and fire upon those running away.
    • You can also ram into people with the car, dealing a minor amount of BRUTE.
  • The car only has 110 health, slightly over a basic minisub health and slightly less than a pod with light miniputt armor.
  • Remember you can repair the engine with a welder, and the car is not a total loss if the engine does blow up, rather it requiring a new engine.
  • Of course, it is vital you sound the sirens whenever possible for style points.

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