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Multiple rival gangs are battling for control of the station, tagging and claiming territories, stockpiling drugs, guns, and cash, busting up opposing gang members, and parading around in silly outfits trying to be menacing. Of course, they just end up looking stupid anyways, which is why Central Command automatically sends the escape shuttle during this mode at the 55 minute mark.



  • Gang members may freely kill anyone dressed in another gang's clothing (or part of their clothing).
  • Can harm and kill civilians unprovoked, though it's usually better to recruit them if possible. Any civilians interfering in gang business should be severely beaten.
  • They may stun or harm security, but if they do security is allowed to fight back systematically kill every member of the offending gang. Violence against security is a very bad idea!
  • May use bombs if there is a very good reason to do so and a general consensus is reached in the gang that it's a good idea.
  • It's not acceptable to block off a gang's locker by building walls or other obstacles around it. If this happens, adminhelp it and/or remove the obstacles if applicable.


  • Security should treat gang members like normal antagonists.
  • If a particular gang is responsible for stunning or murdering an officer, security may freely arrest or kill members of that gang.
  • Security's main role in gang mode is to keep the peace, not 'win' against the gangs!


  • All civilians are free to join a gang if they want to get involved.
  • Are allowed to clean away gang tags, with the understanding that doing so risks retaliation from the gang members
  • Can attack and kill gang members if provoked - their gang has attacked civilians in the past, they are stealing from the civilian in question, etc.
  • Can use bombs in dire situations. For example, if a gang has defeated security and is roaming the station heavily armed, murdering people, it may be OK to bomb them as long as collateral damage is kept to a minimum.

The Gang Leader

How do I know if I'm a gang leader?

It's pretty damn obvious. On round start, you are clearly informed that "You are the leader of the WORLD'S GREATEST BUDDIES gang!" Also, you have a blue G over your head. Gang names are randomly generated and uniforms and tags are picked at random from a list. You gain access to the Set Gang Base command which can, well, set your base.

Set Gang Base

You may have to type set-gang-base to get wonderful Byond to work, but when used correctly a locker will be spawned.

A good location is important and should reflect on how you want to run your gang, while simultaneously keeping the gang locker safe and secure. The more public your locker, the easier it'll be for you to get flyers to recruit people, for new recruits to get gang gear, and for all gang members to stuff it with drugs, guns, and cash. However, rival gang members can bust open a public gang locker with bombs and brute force, so your chosen location must strike a balance between accessibility and security.

Huge gangs require an easily accessible and public locker. If you want to control a job specific area of the station, you might set it up in a place like the Research Wing and convince the workers there to join. If you want to do selective recruiting from the civilians, you hide it and bring applicants there.

Note that the room your locker is in will permanently belong to your gang.

Your Job as a Gang Leader

You are told, very clearly upon round start, that you must capture territory for your gang and eliminate other gang leaders. The winning gang is the one with the most turf, drugs, cash, and/or guns owned. A surviving leader also provides bonus points.

Joining a Gang

Spray Can for Gangs.png

You are unable to join a gang if you are a Security Officer, Captain or Head of Security. These roles should be aiming to get the station under control and imprison, or if necessary, execute the gang leaders. In addition, there can only be a maximum of five members per gang, not including the gang leader.

You join a gang by using a flyer (GangPoster.png). No doubt you've seen some around. All the smart gangs leave them all over the dang place, especially in high-traffic areas like the Bar and Medbay. If you somehow haven't seen one, it probably means Security is ripping them up and shoving them down Disposals. Check there. You can also simply ask gang members to give you a poster. In fact, gang members can hit you with a poster to formally request you join their gang, giving a prompt similar to the *give command.

Once you've joined the gang, your headset automatically gains access to the gang radio channel, which uses the prefix :g, like so.

say :g Got loads of meth and guns ready. Let's bust some bustas!

Now, go over to your gang's gang locker (don't be afraid to ask for directions over the gang channel) and click on the gang locker to claim your spray can and gang uniform set. The former is essential for claiming turfs for the gang. The latter is technically optional, but it greatly reduces the time required to claim a turf. Not to mention, why wouldn't you wear it? Just look at the man in the page image. How could you not want to emulate a man of such high fashion?

You can join as many other gangs as you like, so don't stress too much about it being a permanent commitment. However, this will erase your previous allegiance.

As a gang member, your main goal is to earn points for your gang by claiming turfing and stockpiling your gang locker with drugs, guns, and cash. You simply find out your total score so far by Examining your gang locker.

Taggin' up turf

Use your spray can on any wall or floor in just about any area to take control, but be aware that rival gangs may spray over your tagging job to claim the area for themselves. The whole process will also take about 15 seconds, but it's reduced by 5 seconds for each piece of the gang uniform you wear.

You should, obviously, tag as many areas as you can, especially the high-priority areas that get announced on the gang radio channel every ten minutes by [vague but ominous organization name]. If your gang controls these turfs 5 minutes after the announcement, you'll get buttloads of gang points. The bonus is permanent, to boot; no need to worry about other gangs stealing your metaphysical loot.

Gives 25 points per owned area at the end of the round. High-priority areas, tallied under "Event Score", give a whopping 200.

Money and guns and drugs oh my!

The other main way of earning points is by stashing money, drugs and/or guns in your gang locker. You can load items individually by clicking on the locker with the item in your hand and stuff multiple items at a time by click-dragging the sprite of one of them onto the locker sprite, as if stuffing a crate or satchel. But, beware of saboteurs, who may bust open your locker with blunt weapons or blow it up with bombs to loot the spoils inside!

Score Table

Name Score How to obtain Notes
Bath Salts 1/unit Chemistry Can be made with some Discount Dan's and a sufficiently large container.
Cannabis 2/leaf Hydroponics Can be extracted for THC, but only worth the weed if you get at least 16 units.
Cash 1/$100 ATMs, Bank terminal, Other crew You spawn with some in your pocket, put in the locker for a quick point boost.
Cat Drugs 1/unit Hydroponics Needs help from chemistry or a still.
Crank 1.5/unit Chemistry Creates an explosion on mixing.
Guns 40/Piece Easiest way is through Construction You may want to use some of these yourself.
Jenkem 0.5/unit (1/2) Chemistry Can be made by just about anyone assuming they can get compost.
Krokodil 1/unit Chemistry Also occasionally found in particularly shady areas.
LSD 0.5/unit (1/2) Chemistry Needs space fungus that can be scraped from maintenance walls or grown in hydroponics.
Methamphetamine 1.5/unit Chemistry Much safer to make than crank and also quite robust.
Psilocybin 0.5/unit (1/2) Hydroponics Needed for making cat drugs without a still, though if you have it you probably also have a still.
Space Drugs 0.25/unit (1/4) Chemistry Easy to mass produce, though storing it might be hard.
THC 0.125/unit (1/8) Use a reagent extractor or still with cannabis Only worth extracting if you get at least 16 units of THC, as otherwise you're losing points.


You may want to read up on Murder and check out Guide to Being Robust to better know what to do when dealing with rival gangs.

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