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When Spacemas/Christmas Cheer is high, a Santa Claus shall visit the station, bringing gifts and blessings for all! This Christmas Spirit brings good tidings for all the good spacemen in the December months, and is perhaps the station's sole benevolent ally against all the horrors out to destroy Spacemas/Christmas.

Getting Santa Claus to Come to Town

Santa Claus, unfortunately, doesn't spawn on the station at roundstart. In order for him to spawn, Spacemas/Christmas Cheer must be above 80% or so. It starts at 60%, and there are multiple, easily repeatable ways of raising it.

Unfortunately, there are also multiple ways of dropping Spacemas/Christmas Cheer.

  • Burning down the Spacemas Tree. (-33)
  • Killing a space seal pup. (-20)
  • Killing a space bee (-5)
  • Successfully releasing a headspider as a Changeling. (-7)
  • Using the Vandalize ability as a Grinch. (-1)
  • Interacting with a booby-trapped stocking. (-1)
  • Eating/being force-fed food poisoned by the Grinch (-2 for poisoned cookies and candy bars, -3 for everything else)
  • Dying (-12)

Once levels of Spacemas/Christmas Cheer are reached, all ghosts will receive a special prompt, heralded by a loud klaxon, asking if they want to Respawn as Santa Claus. Within two or three minutes, the game will randomly select anyone who answered yes to the prompt and spawn them in the Wizard's Den.

Now, despite his magical powers, Santa Claus is otherwise an ordinary human. They can be stunned, beaten, burned, poisoned, asphyxiated, fed floorpills, etc., like any other Spacemas/Christmas celebrant! Only, if they die, Spacemas/Christmas Cheer takes a huge hit (-60%!). Don't let some grinch or buzzkill kill them!


All these abilities are accessible through the Festive Fun tab on your right, on the info box above the chat window. For some reason, you can't use any of thesm while stunned or otherwise incapacitated. So, uh, don't mess with the Security Officers or anything. Not that a jolly non-antagonist like you would do that!

Name Cooldown Description
Holiday Healing 60 seconds Heal yourself and everyone in view within 5 tiles of you (i.e. most of your screen) of 30 BURN and BRUTE damage!
Christmas Presents 120 seconds Spawn 3-12 Spacemas/Christmas presents all around you!
Christmas Goodies 80 seconds Spawn 6-18 various holiday snacks all around you! These holiday snacks can include snack cakes, cookies, ice cream cones, yoghurt, granola bars, apple pie, chocolate bars, and, of course, eggnog!
Winter Hearth 80 seconds Give yourself and everyone in your view who's within 5 tiles of you (i.e. most of your screen) cold resistance for a few minutes. Handy for making it through a hull breach!
Christmas Warp 30 seconds Teleport to somewhere else in the station, appearing on wherever there is a clear, open space to poof into.
Banish Krampus None! Gib Krampus if it is within 7 tiles (i.e. anywhere within your screen) of you. They can still come back if Spacemas/Christmas Cheer drops below 10%, but that shouldn't happen with you around, right?

In addition to all of these abilities, you also have a Captain-level access card, with a custom name and a job assignment of Christmas Spirit. Handy when your teleport ability is on cooldown or you need to get medical supplies from a NanoVend/call the Escape Shuttle/reset the AI's laws/reconfigure APCs/just do nice things in general.

You also, as you'd expect, spawn in a santa suit and hat. In addition to being quite stylish and protective, the whole hat and suit set provides enough cold resistance to be space-worthy, with absolutely no slowdown! No need to exchange that jolly, iconic suit of yours for EVA gear if you're around a hull breach; you're already wearing one! Just look out for naughty Syndicate boys sporting the same suit.

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