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Oh no! You're dead!

"I feel great!"

Cheer up, there is an afterlife after all! As a ghost, you can fly around the station at will, looking at the pitiful humans who still have life. You can't actually do anything as a ghost, apart from clicking on chairs rotate them, spooking people or clicking on an Ouija board, also spooking people.

You can also speak to your fellow ghosts in a special channel called deadchat. If you're standing near a human when you say something, they'll get the message "you hear someone talking, but no one is there". Very, very occasionally, they'll actually hear what you said. The Chaplain is more likely to hear you. But don't fly around near people spamming deadchat, it's annoying and nobody likes it.

You can use the fart and flip commands, should you want to be spiteful on your murderer, or just goof off. Also drag clicking yourself to either a tile or player will teleport you there or observe respectively.

The Spooky Ghost tab

When becoming a ghost, you have options of selecting the ghost tab. This handy tab allows you to spectate more freely among other things.

AI Laws Curious to know why that AI killed you? Clicking this will allow you to view the AI's laws, provided you set yourself as DNR.
Afterlife Bar Respawns you in a special bar with a boxing ring, a small kitchen with infinite-stock FoodTech & BoozeVend, and dispensers with every drink in the game. Grants a free all-access ID and halo!
Observe Clicking on this will open up a list of living people to observe. Moving will eject you from the body that you are observing.
Observe Objects Opens a list of Robots to observe. If a nuke round is going on, this lets you observe the nuclear bomb.
Re-Enter Corpse Re-enters your corpse, if you're feeling reclusive.
Respawn as Animal Respawns you as a Ghost Critter, if this command is not on cooldown.
Teleport Jumps to a listed location.
Toggle Health Toggles health, not unlike the prodocs.
Toggle lighting Completely removes shadows, allowing you to see all the action.

This ether is salty, what are my options?

Suck it up.

The afterlife is naturally full of pissed off individuals who air their grievance at any other unfortunate ghosts who are stuck listening to them, while other ghosts may be congregating around certain robust individuals.

The game for you isn't necessarily over and out either. You can be cloned, borged or otherwise, giving you another chance. There is also a chance of becoming a late join antagonist, if you luck out. Or you might be absorbed into a hivemind. Or your corpse may be picked apart by crows. It's the circle of life!

Otherwise, if you feel like you can contribute to the station itself, there's always the ghostdrone option, which is entirely at your discretion.

If busting up Critters or racing carts is more of your thing, you can also try VR. Just float over to the Arcade and click on one of those VR pods to enter VR-space, where you can bash critters' heads' in at the Gauntlet and bash your friends' heads in the Thunderdome/ZBall Court. (Don't think you use it to be a sneaky bastard and use VR to yell where your corpse is though. You'll show up as 'Virtual Spectre ####', all your chat will still go to Deadchat, and custom emotes are blocked.)

If you'd rather be a Critter rather than bust one up, there's also Respawn as Animal. This option will essentially set you to DNR, as you can't be cloned or made into a cyborg if you choose this, and you may have to wait a few minutes to manifest. Once you use it, you'll respawn a sick, spooky 1 part ghost to 3 parts animal hybrid with a myriad of restrictions and limitations, detailed here.

In addition, you can always visit the Afterlife Bar via the Afterlife Bar command for some drinks. Better to visit it now than later. With infinite booze and food from the dispensers, this heavenly bar becomes hell pretty quickly and is often littered with equal parts blood, vomit, and broken glass.

Once in a blue moon, some weird blacksmith may craft some soulsteel objects, and you can possess them simply by observing the object. Right-clicking on the object and choosing Observe works every time, as does click-dragging yourself onto it, and if you've been observing a-plenty during your ghostly ghost afterlife, you can usually just click on it. As a soulsteel object, you can't attack anything or speak or emotes (all would invite Metagaming), but you can flutter about spookily and, depending on the object, do spooky things by clicking on yourself. Like opening and closing on your own accord as a soulsteel locker. Or literally playing yourself as soulsteel fiddle!

Occasionally, interesting conversations may occur on the Deadchat due to boredom. If you are a sad bastard, and wish to no longer play and instead talk, you can by using the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) setting on the commands tab, taking you out of the game permanently. It also allows you to view the AI's laws, as stated in the ghost tab above.

WooOOoo, I can't explore the station!

Sometimes the camera likes to focus on your corpse - or the place where it was gibbed - while letting you control your ghost, which means you can't actually see where you're going. Cancel Camera View (under the "Commands" tab) will snap you back to the ghost.

Or if you're trapped in something such as a locker or disposal chute and can't use the "ghost" verb simply closing off the client and opening it back up will give you the "ghost" verb again.

WooOOoo, Deadchat doesn't work!

This is tangential to being a ghost but: Ailments you had while alive aren't cleared when you die, and may affect Deadchat. Becoming a ghost will help, since you are now in a healthy "body". Game logic, deal with it. Most notably, dying while deaf will make you not hear deadchat until the deafness expires or you become a ghost.

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