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At the end of every round, the game takes the averages of a few stats and comes up with a ratting and an amusing note. For a few months, there used to be a Spacebux penalty based on Station Grade, but now it's simply a purely cosmetic stat the game can use to mock the round, presented as a report NanoTrasen uses to mock/praise the crew.


The Total Score is an average of the scores of three departments: Security, Engineering, and Civilian (technically Research is also scored, but it doesn't actually get a score). Each of these department scores are themselves averages of particular criteria:

  • Security Department:
  • Engineering Department:
    • Station Structural Integrity: Percentage of the station's original walls, windows, floors, and doors that were still intact in the end.
    • Station Areas Powered: Percentage of rooms that were still receiving external power, regardless of their APC settings. If the APC is on its internal battery, and that battery is on less than 2300 charge it does not count.
  • Civilian Department:
    • Overall Station Cleanliness: Percentage of the station's flooring that was clean and free of blood, piss, vomit, and gibs. If for whatever reason some flooring no longer exists, they count as "clean" (after all, you can't have messy floors if there's no floor to be messy in the first place.)
    • Profit Made from Initial Budget: Amount of money in the stations's whole budget, Research, Shipping, Payroll, and all, at the end of the round compared to the amount at the beginning (which is about 100k credits). So, how much the Quartermasters made from the shipping budget, how much the PTL brought in, how money people playing the slot machines won, etc.


The game also assigns a qualitive grade, based on the Final Rating. There's quite a few of them, all of which are surprisingly frank about the station's failure to live up to NanoTrasen's standards. From best to worse:

  • NanoTrasen's Finest (100%+)
  • The Pride of Science Itself (90‒99%)
  • Ambassadors of Discovery (91‒95%)
  • Missionaries of Science (86‒90%)
  • Promotions for Everyone (81‒85%)
  • An Excellent Pursuit of Progress (76‒80%)
  • Lean Mean Machine Thirteen (71‒75%)
  • Best of a Good Bunch (66‒70%)
  • Worthy Citizens (61‒65%)
  • Ambiguously Ambivalent (56‒60%)
  • Not Bad, but Not Good (51‒55%)
  • Ambivalently Average (46‒50%)
  • Not Worthy of Praise (41‒45%)
  • Extremely Unsatisfactory (36‒40%)
  • A Bad Bunch (31‒35%)
  • The Undesireables (26‒30%)
  • Outclassed by Lab Monkeys (21‒25%)
  • A Wretched Heap of Scum and Incompetence (16‒20%)
  • A Waste of Perfectly Good Oxygen (11‒15%)
  • You're All Fired (6‒10%)
  • Engine Fodder (1‒5%)
  • Even the Engine Deserves Better (0% and less)

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