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The shadowy Syndicate needs you to get its dirty work done. Are you up to the task?




You are given a name or list of names of crewmembers to murder. SS13 is a leaky deathtrap with no shortage of harmful things, in addition to the dazzling array of gear at your fingertips. Get creative. If you really need help, check out the guide to murder. If a round is chaotic, as most are, you often have a chance at lucking out and having your target die from a completely unrelated matter. Just remember to ensure the corpse of your victims won't be revived.

Note that borging the target or turning them into an AI still counts as assassinating them; after all, if whatever killed them hadn't done the job, extracting the brain would have. Depending on how the AI has been subverted, this can either result in some rudimentary, if limited, mindhacked minions or hilariously and spectacularly backfire.

Likewise, if your target is in the Afterlife Bar at round-end, they should count as dead for this objective.

Antagonist Supremacy


You must kill off other antagonists. Traitors, changelings, blobs, wraiths, you name it, you must eliminate it.

Kill Monsieur Stirstir


You must kill the monkey named Monsieur Stirstir, easily recognizable by his orange beret. He is almost always locked up in the Brig and for good reason. Normal monkeys are already quite vicious, but Monsieur Stirstir is especially so, truly putting the "bust" in "robust".

Luckily, being an NPC, Stirstir isn't too smart. For example, he doesn't try to escape if you detonate a bomb next to him or put in him in an airless room. Nor does he try to run away if you set him on fire with a flamethrower. More entertainingly, if you hand him a (loaded) Russian revolver, attack him, and run away, he'll try to shoot you with it and inevitably shoot himself.

Stealing Multiple Items



Steal [2 to 4] hearts and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Your a real Romeo, aren't you? To fulfill your dream of being a hopeless romantic, you must steal the hearts of a certain amount of crewmates, so get your scrubs on and polish those surgical tools!



Steal [3 to 5] butts and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Something smells about this objective. To fulfill your mission you must collect enough butts to fill your trophy wall, so get your tools ready and be prepared to be chased by an assless crowd of angry crewmates. A katana can debutt someone instantly by targeting the chest when attacking as a humiliation.


HumanArms.png HumanLegs.png

Steal [4 to 7] human limbs and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Your a maniac you know? Get to chopping and complete this objective by having a certain size collection of body parts on you. A katana can delimb someone faster than they can call for security, so if that is available you are in good fortune.

ID Cards


Steal [5 to 7] ID cards and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Time to commit identity theft. To check this objective off you must have a certain amount of ID Cards on you, access levels not mattering, just collect those little plastic cards to your hearts content. Consider looting bodies or mugging the HoP for Cards and maybe get an All Access card in the process.



Steal [1 to 2] tasers and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

A taser is a basically a stun gun that's offered by the Standard loadout from the Security Weapons Vendor, which offers items for requisition tokens. The game doesn't care about whether they're fully charged or not, so don't be afraid to use them yourself. The other taser-like weapons, the taser shotgun and taser SMG, don't count for this.

"Steal" does imply you ought to take them from Security Officers who took that Standard loadout. You might, for example, trick an officer into pulling out their weapon and then slip them; if you're extra mean, you might also have a stealth storage take on the appearance of the stolen taser and pretend to give it back to them. It is also possible to complete this without committing any theft (or at least a minimal amount of it) by making copies of the taser through the ruckinengur system. If you're going that route, you might as well sow some additional chaos by also handing extra tasers out to crew.

Besides going after the tasers themselves, you can also try obtaining requisition tokens to exchange them at the Security Weapons Vendor for the loadout that comes with a taser. Requisition tokens spawn in Special Equipment crates from the Armory. If you can obtain an EMAG, you just need to swipe it on the containers to bypass the lock, but if you don't, you need to nab an ID from someone with the right access.



Steal [2 to 3] phasers of any size and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Pew pew pew, laser blasts. To get your fill of phasers, you need to order them from Cargo, and then unlock their crates with a card that contains security access, an EMAG, or just carefully blowing the crate up to get its contents. Charge doesn't matter so feel free to use them as well on unprepared assistants.

Energy Guns


Steal 1 energy guns and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Now we are getting to a real objective. To get your hands on an energy gun you will have to mug either the Captain or the Head of Security, assuming that they haven't turned them into their respective rewards.

Riot Shotguns


Steal [1 to 3] riot shotguns and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Riot shotguns are pump-action guns with powerful knockback. Four of them appear in a shotgun crate in the Armory. Like other weapons-related objectives, the game doesn't care if they're fully loaded or completely empty, so use them if you'd like.

Unlike the other objectives to steal weapons, you can't use the ruckingenur kit for this one. A riot shotgun cannot be replicated that way; it has no electronics to scan and copy, so even a syndie analyzer can't help you. Luckily, that Armory shotgun crate has enough shotguns to complete this objective. There are two main obstacles, however.

First, by default, only the Head of Security can open the shotgun crate. To get around that, you could steal the Head of Security's ID card (good luck), hack it open via packets, or simply swipe it open with a handy-dandy emag.

Second, you need to somehow get into the Armory in the first place. The doors work same as every other door on the station, so getting in via emag, mechanical hacking, packet-hacking, or door smashing is same as always, but if you try entering the place through other approaches the game throws some curveballs at you:

Once you finally get in, there is usually a riot turret guarding the area, and the sounds of it firing will typically attract nearby Security personnel, so beware of that if the map's version of the Armory has them. The AI and anybody watching security cams often check on the Armory periodically, so you will probably be spotted at some point too.

In short, this is likely going to be a tough one. Why not make it a heist? Mindhack people for minions, or, if you're lucky, find a fellow Traitor or other antagonist. You could go guns blazing and smash your way through Sec and into the Armory or try to sneak your way in and quietly hack open the doors. You could also pretend to be inspectors and confiscate them under pretense of them being defective or take hostages and demand the guns and other valuables in return for their safety. You could even concoct a elaborate crisis to force Sec to open the armory and then snag the shotguns when they least expect it. There are lots of ways to pull off your heist!

Stun Batons


Steal [1 to 2] stun batons and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

To stuff your backpack full of glorified cattle prods, you are going to have to steal from Security Officers, or, if they haven't purchased one yet, take their loadout token. If that is not possible, two tokens can be found in the Armory inside the Special Equipment crate(s), and more batons can be scanned and replicated via the Ruckingenur Kit.



Steal [2 to 3] security barriers and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

A surprising effective defensive weapon. If you want to complete your futuristic knight cosplay, you will have to rob either Security Assistants or Security Officers, though they are plentifully found in the equipment lockers of Security as well.



Steal [3 to 5] flashes and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

And now you are blind. Flashes are all the rave, and you need them. You can get them from Security Officers or Security Assistants, as well as from most Heads of staff who will spawn with one. The robotics fabricator can be hacked to print them out as well.

Security Helmets


Steal [2 to 3] security helmets and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Protect your noggin! To get your hands on this piece of equipment, you are going to have to either take it off of the body of a Security Officer, or grab one from one of the many Equipment lockers in Security.

Insulated Gloves


Steal [2 to 4] pairs of insulated gloves and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

For the aspiring hacker. To hoard all of the gloves on station, you will need to look around Engineering, as Engineers spawn with Insulated Gloves on and there are often storage areas that have them, as well as some usually found in EVA.



Steal [3 to 4] defibrillators and have them all anywhere on you at the end of the shift.

Defibrillators, aka "defibs", spawn in Medbay, often in the vicinity of the Operating Theater, and every Medical Doctor spawns with one. The Medical Director also gets one in their office. The mounted defibrillators also count, even though you normally can't hold or store enough them in your inventory for this objective. The game doesn't care if they're fully charging or if they've been emagged.

A lot of jobs get Medbay access, and the Head of Personnel or Captain usually won't bat an eye if you ask for Medbay access on your ID, so getting into Medbay usually won't be an issue. Defibs can be replicated through reverse-engineering too, and unlike with batons or tasers, Security and Medical probably won't raise much fuss about extra defibrillators--you might even be encouraged! The one big obstacle is that any Medical personnel who see you take a defib might raise some eyebrows. Spare defibs are a little rare, so Medbay is gonna miss them, especially if you decide against making extra defibs, so prepare a good excuse.

One particularly evil take on this objective to pass out extra defibrillators, but emag them, so they cause cardiac arrest instead of curing it.

Stealing a Unique Item

Head Valuable

WarMedal-32x32.png ResearchDirectorDiploma.png MedicalDirectorDiploma.png HopBill.png

You have to steal some sort of valuable or personal item belonging to a Head of Staff. It's always located in their respective office and serves no other purpose other than to look nice and be stolen. You may be tasked with Head of Security's war medal, the Research Director's diploma, the Medical Director's medical license, and/or the Head of Personnel's first bill.

Either way, once you actually access their office, extracting it is usually very easy. Most of the time, it's housed inside a simple picture frame; just click on it to remove the glass cover, then click on it again to remove the item. However, on Kondaru, the medical license is inside the Medical Director's locker, while on Atlas, the diploma and medical license are inside the Research Director's and Medical Director's locker, respectively. You'll have to get them open somehow, such as by snatching the owner's ID card, hitting them with a heavy object several times, or packet-hacking them open.

HoS beret/hat

HoSBeret.png HoSHat.png

Yes, your organization has tasked you with stealing that fashionable hat that is usually found adorned on the Head of Security's head. It won't get off the HOS' head so easily, so you may want to incapacitate the HOS in order to get it which is by no means an easy feat. Alternatively, you could attempt to trade them a hat that is equal in value to that of that shiny red beret but this endeavor may prove fruitless. Note that this objective will not be given if there is no HOS on duty.

Prisoner's beret


Syndicate reports indicate that one of their top agents Monsieur Stirstir has been captured by Nanotransen and is currently being held in containment at your facility's brig. You have been tasked with verifying this claim by obtaining the bright orange beret that sits atop of Stirstir's head. It would be wise to lead Stirstir into a private place such as the brig's washroom or outside of the brig in order to commit this deed, as eyewitnesses may catch on and put two and two together.

DetGadget Hat


There are rumors of a special hat owned by the Detective that allows the user to fetch multiple items stored in their hat via usage of voice commands. Obtain this hat for further research into its technology by your organization. This hat can either be found adorned on the Detective themselves or within their locker in their office. If the detective's already using it they may catch onto what's happening if you ask for it directly, so you may have to get creative with your approach.

Authentication disk


Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to obtain the great green Nuclear Authentication Disk usually found within the captain's pocket. It can sometimes also be found in other places too such as the captain's safe, some random maintenance locker or out in space. It's usually guaranteed that it's on the captain, but it might be worth it to pick up the pinpointer from their office just in case. Note that this objective will also not be given if there is no captain on duty.

Freeform AI module


The freeform AI module, located within the AI Upload area. Usually this area is guarded by a few of the AI's personal turrets which will stun you but there are a few approaches in order to deal with them. The Artificial Intelligence may also be alerted to theft within their upload so consider cutting a few cameras as well to hide your tracks.

Gene power module


What kind of sick person would inject mutations into a clone, apparently the genetics department, and now you want it as well. Genetics has access to a special module capable of giving a clone whatever mutation was in the injector attached to it. This is located in genetics, although a geneticist might have installed in into the cloner, so you just have to use a screwdriver on it to remove it.

Mainframe memory board


The heart and soul of the stations Mainframe computer, it would be a shame if someone were to steal it. Extra memory boards can be found in the locker of the Research Director, although in the case that they aren't able to be obtained, one is always found in the Mainframe computer itself, although you will need to turn off, drain, or otherwise disable the power of the room containing the computer, which is often in the Bridge, AI chamber, or some other high security area. Once power is gone you can click on the Mainframe computer and eject the memory board.



No, you aren't stealing processed uranium ore or anything. You need to obtain yellow cake (notice the space separating the two words), a slice of cake with yellow frosting that appears to be glowing with uranium. This spawns on a table in the office of the Research Director, so if you want to steal it, you just have to get in there somehow. That's probably the hardest part, since by default, only the Research Director and Captain have access.

Aurora MKII utility belt


Rumors aboard NT-controlled space hint at the possibility of the Chief Engineer owning a high-tech utility belt that is able to somehow protect the user with a prototype shield. Your organization wishes to look into this technology further and asks that you capture it. This belt can be found on the CE themselves. Note that there is nothing stopping the CE from using this during your confrontation with them, so be cautious with your approach. Taking them by surprise may be a wise choice.

Goon Code


The most sought after hard drive out there, this little thing contains the source code for Goonstation, and for some reason you want it. The drive has no set location, but is usually found in computer related rooms like tech storages, hacker hidey holes, or just sitting somewhere in maintenance, it's up to you to find it.

Horse Mask


One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask, what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? The horse mask is usually found on a peculiar monkey who has the mask stuck to his head, eternally screaming in indecipherable moans. The mask can be tough to get off, but eventually you will be the proud owner of this horrible mask.

Golden crayon


This is a unique crayon that spawns in the Head of Personnel's Office. This usually appears out in the open on a table, rather than in some place secure like a locker, so if you get into that room somehow, you can usually take it, and then you're good. If you're not into theft, perhaps you could offer a trade to the Head of Personnel. Give them something equally ostentatious.

Destroy the Captain's prized bonsai tree


What it says on the tin. Break into the Captain's Quarters and ruin his beloved potted plant by attacking it with a blunt object or wirecutters. Simple, huh? Just don't get caught!

When the tree's destruction, the captain will get a message about "feeling empty". Should they then scan the tree's remains with a forensic scanner, the energy signatures will reveal that the DNA of the plant has strings of "fuck [name of person who destroyed the tree]" in it.

Rescue Monsieur Stirstir


Rescue Monsieur Stirstir from the brig and ensure his safety all the way to Centcom.

See that monkey in the Brig with the orange beret and jumpsuit? You have to make sure he lives to board the shuttle and make it to Central Command.

Getting into the Brig is easy enough. Usually, you can just ask Security to hand him over to you, no questions asked. Failing that, you can always hack or Emag your way in. Of course, why not go beyond that? This is the perfect opportunity to re-enact your favorite Hollywood-heist film. For example, you could "recruit" some accomplices, blast your way into the Brig guns blazing, and steal Stirstir before anyone can even realize what's going on, Maintenance Doggs-style.

Once you find Stirstir, actually getting him to the shuttle is a bit tricky. Luckily, you have a plethora of options. You can always just pull him to Escape, if you're fine with him occasionally breaking your pull and escaping your grasp. Smart players often shove Stirstir into a locker, lock/weld him in so he can't escape, and slowly, but surely pull/push it to the shuttle. Smarter ones put him in a Port-A-Brig or weld him into a Port-A-Sci, so they can just teleport him. If you have a hand tele, you can also just throw him into a portal to a beacon in the Escape Arm.


Some times, you will receive a "gimmick" objective, such as "Start a weapons trade", or "Steal back any Syndicate Items confiscated by Security". These objectives will (Or should, thanks to A+ coding) always succeed, no matter if you actuality even tried to do them or not, so you can just view these objectives as "freebies".


Escape on the Shuttle Alive

Simply be on the escape shuttle, alive, at the moment it arrives at Centcom. Playing it safe by grabbing a space suit and lingering outside the shuttle during its departure countdown and jumping on board at the last moment can avoid some unnecessary frustration, but it's not going to protect you during the 2 min the shuttle spends in transit. Try not to get thrown from the shuttle or pushed out the airlock. Given the crew's violent tendencies, you'd be well-advised to pack a gun or similar self-defense gear to increase your chances of survival.

Stay Alive

Simply be alive, anywhere, when the round ends. Given the general chaos of the Escape Shuttle and the propensity for the Escape Arm to be bombed, you may be safer trying to stay on the station.

Die a Glorious Death

Be dead when the round ends. Go nuts!



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