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Kendo is a Japanese sword-fighting martial art based heavily in intimidating and reading your opponent's movements and actions.

Two suits of kendo armor, a box of hakama, and a bag of shinai can be found on-station in most gyms.
The quartermaster can also order crates of kendo equipment for large-scale sparring tournaments.


Item Image Description Kanji
Offers a decent amount of melee and cold resist to the head.
Dou and Tare
The bulk of the kendo armor set. High damage resistance, but slows your movement speed while wearing it.
Big poofy gloves that stop you from punching the ever living [REDACTED] out of people.
Shinai Bag
- Holds two shinai.
- Can be worn on the back like a backpack.
- If clicked on the ground with grab intent, a player can draw a shinai without picking up the bag.
A bunch of bamboo slats bound together for the weight of a katana, but the damage of a pool noodle.


In sword-based martial arts. A guard refers to a stance a wielder assumes to protect a certain area of the body and make certain forms of attack easier to perfom.
This system is simulated by assigning a guard to each intent, which the shinai will actively respond to while in hand. Changing guard additionally costs a small amount of stamina.

Players using the same guard will parry each other on attack, causing an audible clashing of bamboo and staggering the attacker. This will mitigate 100% of damage. Additionally, while a player is staggered, they cannot parry, allowing the defender a window to quickly counterattack even while on the same guard.

Shinai can also block other shinai while their wielder is actively blocking. Doing so will nullify brute damage, but instead, the defender will suffer 3x stamina damage from the attack. This will also play a sound. Players can block other weapons with the shinai, but far less effectively.

Intent Guard Special
Light Attack
- Low stamina cost.
- Deals very little damage.
- Does not slow the user on attack.
- Medium stamina cost.
- Deals little damage.
- Has a chance to disarm your opponent.
- Medium stamina cost.
- Deals little damage.
- Performs a ranged attack.
Heavy Attack
- High stamina cost.
- Deals high brute and stamina damage.
- Slows user heavily on attack.

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