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You can increase your reputation with NanoTrasen by impressing an NT Representative in return for cosmetic items.

The NT Commander

The NT Commander

The NT Representative is on the bridge of ocean maps. He desires aquatic Syndicate boards, and any NT black boxes you can find. Boards can be "collected" from the innards of fish drones and shark drones. Somewhat disappointingly, actual sharks don't contain any goodies.

Talking to the representative allows you to: check your current standing with NT, check what rewards you may redeem, and make small talk.

Boards and boxes can be exchanged with the representative by using the item on him. A new dialogue option should become available for handing the item over.

The NT Reputation System

Your reputation is persistent between rounds, and can only increase. Boards and black boxes increase it by 50 points each. Your reputation starts at 0 points.

NT Reputation Ranks

Rank Threshold Rank Adjective Rewards
0 Neutral Nothing
1000 Friendly Blank Nanotrasen ID, Seaman's uniform, Seaman's cap
2000 Respected Cadet's uniform
3000 Trusted Lieutenant's uniform
4000 Initiated Officer's uniform, Officer's cap
5000 Honored Nanotrasen Bodyguard Armor
6000 Exalted Chief Officer's uniform

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