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You've probably seen the broken paint dispenser a couple times, either somewhere in maintenance or elsewhere in all its roundstart broken glory. And you'd like to get some paint for whatever reason. Either way, you wanna know how since you've came to this guide.

Getting the tools for the job

Of course, you're gonna need some tools and you should know where to get them.

You're gonna need...

Actually repairing the thing.

  1. Make sure you have all the tools.
  2. Haul them all to the paint machine.
  3. Use the screwdriver on the machine to unscrew the maintenance panel.
  4. Use the crowbar on the machine to pry the said panel away. You will get a floor tile called "maintenance panel". DON'T LOSE IT. YOU WILL NEED IT LATER.
  5. Use the wrench on the machine to loosen the service module.
  6. Use the cable coils on the machine to replace the wires.
  7. Use all of the paint on the machine to refill the paint cartridges.
  8. Use the wrench on the machine to secure the module.
  9. Use the maintenance panel on the machine.
  10. Use the screwdriver to secure the machine. Depending on your luck, you may successfully repair the machine or, far more likely, destroy it, causing it to disappear in a harmless explosion and rendering your progress moot.
    • Luckily, you can scan the paint machine with mechanics. The deployed machine will be as same as it was before you tried to fix the thing, so you'll have to repeat all these steps again, but at least you have a second chance.

Paintin' things

If all went well, then the paint machine is now unbroken! Hooray! The paint machine has (hopefully) unlimited uses and can give you about any color of paint you desire.

  • You can remove colours from painted things by dispensing "blank" paint. (RGB: 0)
  • You can also use the paint machine to refill an empty can of paint.
  • You can dispense black paint from the dispenser. Be warned, for black paint tends to screw up the lighting and can sometimes mess up the UI, since, currently, a few interface elements and icons are affected by paint.
    • If you find something that you think really shouldn't be paintable, especially if it could be used for Grief, please report it to the Bug Reports forum.

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