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Mentorhelp is a way for new players to ask experienced players questions about game mechanics, round spoiling, or antagonist related questions. Mentors were either approved for Head of Security, back when HoS application required applying for Mentor (i.e., before February 20, 2018), or proved themselves reliable enough not to act on information gained from mentorhelps.

What can I ask about?

Pretty much anything. Questions that would spoil the round if asked in OOC ("I saw a guy with a blue robe is he a wizard?") can be asked freely through mentorhelp. If you're a traitor or any other antagonist you can ask questions that reveal you as one without having to fear mentors using the information to hunt you down. Information you get through mentorhelp is also certain to be reasonably accurate, because while someone you talk to in game might lie to you because it's funny, mentors aren't allowed to. Feel free to ask any questions that aren't covered in the next section, no matter how basic.

Asking how to do something and getting an explanation doesn't mean that it's OK to do it. Mentors won't know if you are a traitor or not unless you tell them, so a mentor explaining how to kill people isn't saying that it's okay for you to do that. For example, don't release plasma everywhere if you're not a traitor!

What can't I ask about?

  • "Please make me a Alien/Monkey/Traitor/Wizard/AI/Borg" Etc.

We are not admins. We do not get any special abilities for doing this. It's basically slavery! Also, asking admins for things like this will probably get you gibbed.

  • "Who/where is the traitor/changeling/bad guy?"

We aren't going to tell you! If you're an antagonist, feel free to ask for help with being one, but if you're trying to hunt the antagonist down we aren't going to tell you who or what they are, even if we know. We might give you tips on effective ways to track one down, but any specific info is for you to find out yourself.

  • "A traitor/changeling/asshole is killing me, can you guys come to the kitchen and kill him?"

Nope! Now, if you want to know an effective way to fight back, we might help you out, but Mentors aren't going to physically show up and help you brain a guy with a blunt object. Nor are we capable of banning them or anything like that. Mentorhelp is for information only. The only time you're going to have a Mentor physically help you with something is if you ask a question like "How do I set up the Engine?" and a Mentor happens to be an Engineer who is standing right next to you, when they might just show you how to do it right there. Mentors will tell you how to do something, they won't actually do it for you.

  • "How do I make bombs/poison?"

Questions about things like bombmaking and chemistry recipes may or may not be answered. Figuring out these things yourself is a lot more fun than asking a person over the internet about it, plus it can get a little complicated to guide people through the process of making a bomb. Feel free to try, though. You may be lucky and get a Mentor with nothing better to do to walk you through the process. If no Mentors feel like explaining something complicated, try asking your fellow scientists instead! They might even help you.

  • "Should I apply for mentor?"

To paraphase an addendum to the mentorhelp application, mentorhelp simply isn't the place to ask for recommendations. Again, it's for information only. Instead, if you really need recommendations, ask over OOC, Discord, IRC, etc.

What do these Mentor people see?

What mentors see is dependent on whether or not the mentor is dead or alive.

If the mentor is alive, it will only show your BYOND key, like this:

MENTORHELP: NitrousPG: What is epinephrine good for?

If the mentor is dead, or they're in the mentorhelp IRC room, it will show both your name and BYOND key like this:

MENTORHELP: NitrousPG/(Sham Poo): How do I find the escape arm?

Mentors can also see the resulting conversations from mentorhelps, like this:

MENTOR PM: Conor12->NitrousPG: Go down the main hall, go right at medbay, and then go down when you see the yellow doors of Engineering.
MENTOR PM: NitrousPG->Conor12: Thanks.

What do mentors get in return for helping people?

Horrible Wonderful purple text when they talk in the OOC channel. Also, the ability to play Head of Security on Fridays. And the sadly underused privilege to propose, plan, and run special events, with admin approval.