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A table of various access levels, which the game uses to determine if you can enter certain areas or open certain lockers and crates, among many other things. Generally, rooms, vending machines/dispensers, and containers are access locked, while the items and machines are not. To use something access-locked, you need to be wearing an ID card or implanted with an access implant with the relevant level. ID cards and access implants are modified at an ID computer, and it is possible to change the access levels of certain devices directly through the Head of Personnel's Access-Pro.

Name Area(s) Accessible Lockers/Machinery Accessible Additional Notes
Morgue Morgue None Both the one in Medbay and the one in the Chapel.
Maintenance Maintenance
Tool Storage (usually)
None Usually allows you to go through the airlocks into the station as well.
Chaplain's Office Chaplain's Office Religious Supplies lockers. Religious Supplies in this case means snazzy outifts (and spare bibles and holy water vials).
Technical Storage Tech Storage None
Bar Behind the Bar None The general bar area is open to everyone; it's the area behind the counter that needs this access level. Not the same as Kitchen access!
Janitorial Equipment Custodial Closet Custodial Supplies lockers
Crematorium None None Not the room containing it, but rather the switch that turns it on.
Kitchen Kitchen FoodTech vendors
Catering supplies lockers
Hydroponics Hydroponics Botanical Supplies lockers But not the Seed Fabricators or GardenVends--those are open-access!
External Airlock None None Supposed to allow you through most of the airlocks into the station. Rarely used these days, since those airlocks tend to use Maintenance access nowadays.
Construction Site None None Absolutely useless (for now).
Engineering Electrical Substation Engineer's Equipment lockers These are the rooms with the SMES Units for the Solar Arrays
Engineering Storage Engineering Storage None
Electrical Equipment None None Lets you unlock APCs and configure their settings.
Engine Room Engine Room, duh None Lets you into the room(s) that contain the engine itself, which is usually, depending on the map, either the room with the Thermo-Electrical Generator unit itself or the little containment area with gravitational generator.
Mechanical Lab Mechanics Workshop Mechanic's Equipment lockers
Engineering Gas Storage/Atmospherics Engineering Gas Storage
Mining Department Mining Department Miner's Equipment lockers
Mining Outpost Mining Outpost None
Mining Outpost Shuttle None None Basically unused. The Mining Shuttle itself and the computers that control it are public access.
Engine Control Room Engine Control Room,duh Emitters and Field Generators
Shield Generator (Clarion/Destiny)
Lets you into whatever the map has designated the engine's control room, which is usually where there is an Engineering Output Monitor Computer.
Hangar None None Unused. It was originally intended for the pod bay hangar doors, but the idea was canned.
Cargo Bay Cargo Bay Quartermaster's Console
Quartermaster's Equipment lockers
Also lets you unlock MULEBots (actually controlling them uses a PDA app though), and, more importantly, make announcements on the Quartermaster Announcement computer!
Medical Most of Medbay
NanoMed dispenser
Medical Records computer
Basically any part of Medbay that isn't Genetics or Robotics, but not most of the lockers and vendors within. Those need Medical Equipment access.
Toxins Research Plasma Research None Pipes and connecters and burn chambers and most of the canisters and such, but not the place where the plasma canisters are actually stored.
Toxins Storage Plasma Research Science uniform lockers
Chemical Storage lockers
For the restricted area where the canisters of plasma in Plasma Research are actually stored.
Med-Sci/Genetics Genetics None
Medical Equipment None Medkit storage lockers
Blood supply fridge
Pathology fridge
Medicine Storage lockers
Anesthetic lockers
Animal Control lockers
Medical uniform lockers
Basically any locker/vendor in Medbay that's not the restricted medicine locker (requires Medical Director Office access) or the NanoVend/Port-a-NanoMed (requires just Medical access).
Research Sector Research Wing corridors. None Lets you into the Research Wing but not the labs within, each of which have their own individual access levels.
Robotics Robotics None
Chemical Lab Chemistry None Every machine inside can by used by eveyone though, Chem Lab access or no.
Security Security
SecTech Vendors
SecMate computer
Confiscated Items crate/locker
Forensics Detective's Office Forensics equipment locker
Security Records
Security Equipment None Security equipment lockers
Taser recharger rack
Now, this is what you need to open Security equipment lockers and the room that contains them. The weapons themselves, however, are not access-restricted. At all.
Firearms Carry Permit None None Securitrons, scanners, and GuardBuddies will not freak out if you're holding a gun or have one on your belt. This does not cover weapons that aren't guns, e.g. a stun baton.
Handling of Contraband Permit None None This allows you to carry certain non-gun Contraband (e.g. an EMAG you're confiscating, but not a SPES-12) in your hand or belt without alerting the Securitrons, scanners, GuardBuddies, and the like.
Research Director's Office Research Director's Office Research Director's locker But not control of GuardBuddies or do anything requiring su/superuser access.
Emergency Storage None None Doesn't actually open Emergency Storage.
ID Computer None ID Computer Lets you modify access levels of ID cards using the ID Computer.
AI Upload AI Chamber
AI Upload
AI Module Storage
Computer Core
Turret deactivation control Any chump can upload a law, however, if they've a AI Law board.
Teleporter Teleporter Room None Not the one in Research, it's the other one that only teleports to beacons.
Head's Quarters/Bridge Bridge Communications console!
Airbridge Computer
Bank Records
Research Mainframe.
If the GuardBuddies are on purge, they will leave you alone.
Captain's Quarters Captain's Quarters Captain's equipment locker
Chief Engineer's Office Chief Engineer's Office Chief Engineer's locker
Medical Director's Office Medical Director's Office Medical Director's locker
Restricted medicine locker
Head of Personnel's Office Head of Personnel's Office Head of Personnel's locker.

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