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Just like many other games, Goonstation has Medals. They function much like achievements/medals systems in other games in that they're basically Goonstation's way of rewarding you for exploring content and recognizing the progress you've made in SS13. Most of the time, it's just a nice little green notification to everyone on the server, but some medals will reward you (purely cosmetic) skins!

How to Check Which Medals You've Earned

To check out which medals you've earned and when you earned, login into this page here and scroll down. You can also enter the Medals command in-game to quickly see which medals you have.

How to Redeem Medal Rewards

You can see what medal rewards you can get and redeem them by using the Claim Reward verb in the Commands tab or typing it out in the command bar. Note, you must be in-game for it to properly work; if a round hasn't started yet or you haven't joined the round, you'll just get a blank list!

Secret Content Policy on Medals

Are medals secret? The answer is more complicated than you think:

  • The existence/names of medals is not secret, in the same way the existence of secret chems is not secret. That means you can mention there's, say, the Fish medal without having to preface it as spoilers or refer to it as "that medal with the welcome mat icon".
  • The rewards for medals are not secret. It's fine to mention, for example, that Fish allows you to make a backpack into a satchel skin.
  • The method of earning for certain medals is secret. Whether it falls under this umbrella depends on the medal, but generally if the medal's related to secret content, e.g. the Adventure Zone, the way you earn it is secret as well. If you're not sure if it's alright to divulge how to acquire a certain medal, don't be afraid to ask an admin!

Don't forget the spirit of the secret content rules: respect those who don't want spoilers. Some people like the process of discovering how to earn medals; try not to take their joy away from them. You can reveal secret content if a) the person explicitly consents (and silence is not consent) and b) you do it over private channels, e.g. Discord PM.

List of Medals

Non-Secret Medals

Medal Name Icon How It's Earned
Late join into an ongoing round for the first time. Reward is a satchel skin for the backpack. NOTE: is compatible with the medical backpack, NT backpack, and all captain's backpack variants.
This object menaces with spikes of...
Make a custom mining tool with a Mining Power of at least 600. Doesn't matter which type of tool or materials used, just get it high as you can!
Party Hard
Die next to a tube of (deployed) neon lining or with a glowstick (any kind) in your inventory while drunk. Any level of drunkenness is fine.
Block Stacker
Score 30,000 points on Robustris Pro. Reward is a robustris-themed AI skin.
Vehicular Manslaughter
Drive a Space Pod/minisub/car into someone and do enough damage that they enter critical condition, which is when they hit below 0 health and start dying. While "manslaughter" means the victim died (accidentally), the victim does not actually have to die for this to be earned.
Noah's Shuttle
Have 6 station pets on the shuttle when it arrives at Central Command. Station pets include pretty much every Critter (i.e. no monkeys) that has a name, e.g. Heisenbee, Sylvester, Jones the Cat, "jons the catte", the Pool space seals--basically, if the end of round stats mentions they escaped on the shuttle at the end, it counts towards this medal.
Fun Times
Participate in one of the monthly-ish contests on the forums. Reward is an ability to transform into a possessed participation ribbon when you're a ghost, allowing you to click on someone to stick yourself onto them to show them your appreciation.
Too Cool
Win one of the monthly contests that occur on the forums. Reward is an "emote" of a "shelterbee", which, when used, pulls up a picture of the shelterbee that appears above your head and disappears shortly after. This medal also lets you type :shelterbee: in OOC to show that same bee.

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