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Just like many other games, Goonstation has Medals. They function much like achievements/medals systems in other games in that they're basically Goonstation's way of rewarding you for exploring content and recognizing the progress you've made in SS13. Most of the time, it's just a nice little yellow notification to everyone on the server, but some medals will reward you (purely cosmetic) skins!

How to Check Which Medals You've Earned

To check out which medals you've earned and when you earned them, look up your username here to find your Goonhub player record. Your medals are shown on your right, with your most recent one at the top. You can also enter the Medals command in-game to quickly see which medals you have.

How to Redeem Medal Rewards

You can see what medal rewards you can get and redeem them by using the Claim Reward verb in the Commands tab or typing it out in the command bar. Note, you must be in-game for it to properly work; if a round hasn't started yet or you haven't joined the round, you'll just get a blank list!

Secret Content Policy on Medals

Are medals secret? The answer is more complicated than you think:

  • The existence/names of medals is not secret, in the same way the existence of secret chems is not secret. That means you can mention there's, say, the Fish medal without having to preface it as spoilers or refer to it as "that medal with the welcome mat icon".
  • The rewards for medals are not secret. It's fine to mention, for example, that Fish allows you to make a backpack into a satchel skin.
  • The method of earning for certain medals is secret. Whether it falls under this umbrella depends on the medal, but generally if the medal's related to secret content, e.g. the Adventure Zone, the way you earn it is secret as well. If you're not sure if it's alright to divulge how to acquire a certain medal, don't be afraid to ask an admin!

Don't forget the spirit of the secret content rules: respect those who don't want spoilers. Some people like the process of discovering how to earn medals; try not to take their joy away from them. You can reveal secret content if a) the person explicitly consents (and silence is not consent) and b) you do it over private channels, e.g. Discord PM.

List of Medals

Non-Secret Medals

Medal Name Icon How It's Earned Reward
1.21 Jiggawatts
Complete the Chief Engineer objective of earning 1 Million credits from the PTL. Great Scott! None
Complete the Miner objective of fabricating 3 industrial armor suits by the end of the round. Reward is a salvager-themed AI skin, for all the asteroids you've sucked out of their reach.
A shocking demise
As an Arcfiend, stop six hearts in a single shift. None
Better to burn out, than fade away
Complete the Scientist objective and Research Director objective of escaping on the emergency shuttle while on fire with the chemical Silver Sulfadiazine in your system. None
Bill Masen
Complete the Botanist objective of having three mutated plants alive at the end of the round. None
Black and Blue
As in, your corpse is black and blue. Blue, because you're dead and aren't getting oxygen, and black, because you died with 400 seconds of Burning, at which point the tooltip for the status effects says you're "extremely on fire". Dying via the suicide command renders you ineligible for this medal. None
Block Stacker
Score 30,000 points on Robustris Pro. Reward is a robustris-themed AI skin.
Bury the Dead
Complete the Chaplain objective of having zero corpses on station at the end of the round. None
Call 1-800-CODER
runtime error: Cannot execute player.unlock_medal() (Cause Goonstation's code to return an error) None
Contribute to Goonstation by coding, creating sprites, making content, or adding to the wiki. This medal can only be specifically given to people by admins. <3 Reward is access to the contributor rewards which include the ability to set your skin tone to any color and a very goofy scream you can pick.
Cream of the Crop
As a Wrestler complete all of your objectives. None
Die via the suicide command; just enter suicide in the command bar/text parser at the bottom of your screen. The command offers a lot of different ways to die depending on what objects you're holding, what devices you're next to, and whether you're a human, cyborg, etc., and they all make you eligible for the medal, so just pick one you like. Just go through with it; if you use the command but cancel at the prompt, you won't get the medal, so merely entering the command isn't enough. None
Dangerous Game
As a hunter collect enough a high enough value of skulls to complete your objective. None
Dead or alive, you're coming with me
Complete the Security Officer objective or Head of Security objective of having an antagonist in handcuffs on the escape shuttle at the end of the round. Reward is an relic skin for security jumpsuits based on the security jumpsuits from the olden days.
Dracula Jr.
As a Vampire accumulate enough blood to complete the "Accumulate at least [number] units of blood in total" objective. Reward is a unique skin that lets you turn an absurdly stylish cape into a strange vampire outfit, which is totally not a reference to any anime vampires.
Driving under the influence while on a MULEBot, specifically. Run someone over with a MULEBot while riding on it and while you have some ethanol in your system. One unit, ten, hundred, doesn't matter how much. This can hurt quite a lot, so if you're not an antagonist, don't do this without a good reason. (If you are an antag, go right ahead.) None
Die as a Revolutionary, specifically a regular one, not a Head Revolutionary. If you died via the suicide verb, it doesn't count towards this medal, but otherwise, it doesn't matter how you go, comrade. None
Fell down the stairs
Die while handcuffed. Again, it doesn't matter how you die, so long as you didn't use the suicide command for it (which is somewhat of a shame since cuffs have a unique suicide.) Having shackles doesn't count for this, but zipties/plastic cuffs and silver handcuffs do, as do regular handcuffs, obviously. Since the code counts them as handcuffs, being duct-taped also works. None
Late join into an ongoing round for the first time. Reward is a satchel skin for backpacks. There is a unique satchel skin for pretty much every variant, e.g. medic backpack becomes medic's satchel, travel backpack becomes a travel satchel. If there isn't a variant, it becomes a grey satchel. Two backpacks cannot be made into satchels: the tactical assault rucksack and the salvager rucksack.
For Your Ohm Good
Get vaporized by walking into an extremely high-power power transmission laser. The laser needs somewhere in the range of at least 200 Megawatts to gib you. None
Fun Times
Participate in one of the contests on the forums. These used to be monthly, but now they're enacted on admin discretion. Contests usually last a few weeks, and the admins take care to announce them, so as long as you check back on the forums from time to time, you won't miss out. Reward is an ability to transform into a possessed participation ribbon when you're a ghost, allowing you to click on someone to stick yourself onto them to show them your appreciation.
Glass Ceiling
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of having a non-assistant ID assigned to you at the end of the round. This ranges from easy to impossible depending on the presence of the Head of Personnel. None
Good Feasting
As a werewolf, reach your objective number of victims fed on. None
Gore Fest
Get gibbed. If you're unfamiliar with that term, it means your body basically explodes into a mess of body parts and assorted remains, often due to an explosion. It doesn't necessary have to be human remains; getting gibbed as a cyborg, critter, etc. counts. Unlike many other death-related medals, this one doesn't care if you used the suicide command. None
Guardin' Gnome
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of ensuring Gnome Chompski is on the emergency shuttle OR escape on the emergency shuttle as any role with Gnome Chompski in your inventory. Gnome Chompski can be found in hidden locations on several maps. Be careful not to lose sight of him! He teleports when he is out of sight. None
High Five!
While there is indeed a high-five emote, you don't earn it via that. Instead, you need to shock someone with stun gloves. None
Get electrocuted in some way; you don't necessarily have to die because of it. The game actually offers quite a few ways to earn this: getting shocked by a wire, an APC, or a door all work as you'd expect, but so does walking into an active singularity engine's containment field, getting zapped by a GuardBuddy with an Elektro-Arc tool module, and getting hit by any of the various Adventure Zone enemies that attack with electricity. None
honk HONK mother FU-
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of wearing at least one piece of Clown clothing at the end of the round. None
Die on the escape shuttle. Doesn't matter how, so long as it wasn't through the suicide command. Since the shuttle is so tightly packed, it's a frequent target for antagonists on a murder spree, so you might earn this medal without even trying to. Reward is a malfunctioning AI skin. NOTE: This does not actually make you malfunction, it is just for flavor.
I don't give a shit
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of having your butt by any means at the end of the round. A safe bet for having your butt removed is usually visiting Robotics though they may want it for reasons. None
I helped!
End a round as a Security Assistant. None
I'm In
Successfully gain superuser access on a TermOS terminal via the su command. The AI, Captain, Cyborgs, Head of Security, and Research Director all spawn with superuser access, and it's possible to spoof it via certain commands. Reward is a older, bulkier AI skin.
It's frickin' freezing in here, Mr. Bigglesworth
Complete the Medical Doctor objective and Medical Director objective of having the Medical Objects#Cryogenic Healing Pod on and under 225K at the end of the round. None
It's just a flesh wound!
Make it to Central Command (aka, CentCom) with a bullet (or more) embedded in you. The precise type doesn't matter, and you can have multiple bullets lodged in you. Shrapnel doesn't count. None
It's not 'Door to Heaven'
Complete the Engineer objective of having at least two functional command teleporters Reward is a unique pilot suit skin for jumpsuits.
Jimi Heselden
Ride a segway into outer space/the sea. A reference to Jimi Heselden, an executive (but not founder or inventor) of Segway, Inc. who famously ran off a cliff while on a Segway. He died as a result of that, but you don't actually need to die to earn this medal, just enter space/sea. None
Life, uh... finds a way
Complete the Geneticist objective and Medical Director objective of having at least 5 people scanned in the Clone Console. Cloning people does remove them from the list of people scanned, so it would be in good practice to scan anyone that is cloned. None
Manhattan Project
Successfully destroy the station with a nuclear detonation as a Nuclear Operative This indirectly boosts your chances of getting selected as Nuclear Operative commander. When the game is picking players for that role, it prioritizes people who have this medal.
Man with a Scan
Complete the Engineer objective of having 10 or more objects scanned in the ruckingeur kit. None
Many names, many faces
As a Changeling, complete the Changeling objective "Absorb the DNA of at least [absorb_count] more crew members in addition to the one you started with, and escape on the shuttle alive." None
Meth is a hell of a drug
Complete the Scientist objective and Research Director objective of ending the round with methamphetamine in your system. Reward is a special lab coat skin with purple stripes. If you have the alternative jumpsuit spacebux purchase active, the coat will be green instead.
Pry up a floor tile from some flooring using a crowbar; this is specifically for intact flooring, so you can't get this by removing burnt or broken tiles. The joke is that people fighting with crowbars often miss and target the floor instead of their opponent, accidentally prying floor tiles instead of the other person's face. None
As an Antagonist complete your objectives. None
Monkey Duty
Complete the "Keep Monsieur Stirstir brigged but also make sure that he comes to absolutely no harm" Security Officer, Security Assistant, and Head of Security objective. This is quite difficult to do as monkeys tend to use tables to filp into walls and other objects. It would be best to check on Stirstir regularly and make sure they aren't hurt and haven't been taken or murdered by a Traitor. Reward is a special "Colorful Beret" skin that turns a hat you're wearing into a beret of a random color. It doesn't have to be a beret, for it can any sort of hat in general, so long as it isn't a helmet.
Mostly Armless
When the round ends, you need to be at Central Command/CentCom with both your arms missing. You need to be playing a human to earn this one; while you can wind up a cyborg without any arms at round-end, it won't get you this medal. None
Neither fashionable noir stylish
Complete the Detective objective of wearing your coat, hat, and uniform at the end of the round. Reward is the "Inspector's Clothes" skin set for the detective hat (including the DetGadget Hat and its scuttlebot), detective jumpsuit, detective coat, black gloves, shoulder holster, and detective boots. The set is essentially a blue-black alternate skin and has nothing to do with the Inspector.

You do not need to be a Detective to redeem it, but given the items involved, it certainly would help.
Noah's Shuttle
Have 7 station pets on the shuttle when it arrives at Central Command. Station pets include pretty much every Critter (i.e. no monkeys) that has a name, e.g. Heisenbee, Sylvester, Jones the Cat, "jons the catte", the Pool space seals--basically, if the end of round stats mentions they escaped on the shuttle at the end, it counts towards this medal. Pets from Pet Person do not count for this. Reward converts a pet carrier you're holding into a shiny golden version. (I.e. it does not give you a carrier.) The carrier still functions as normal, but now it looks hella fabulous.
Some places just can't take the pain. Get groin-punched by Senator Death Badman as a result of ingesting mimicillium. None
Party Hard
Die next to a tube of (deployed) neon lining or with a glowstick (any kind) in your inventory while drunk. Any level of drunkenness is fine. None
Complete the Medical Doctor objective and Medical Director objective of having used ten or more medical patches on injured people in a single round. A person is only counted as injured if their health is below 90%. Patches applied to yourself don't count. Reward is a unique skin for a lab coat that has red medical doctor markings. If you have the alternative jumpsuit spacebux purchase active, the coat will be blue instead.
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of escaping on the escape shuttle as a monkey. This can easily be achieved by going to Genetics and requesting they turn you into a one. None
Primum non nocere
Complete the Medical Doctor objective and Medical Director objective of not preforming a single violent act the entire round. This means that you cannot punch, use a weapon, or shoot anyone even if it is in self defense. You can still disarm and grab people without breaking your oath. Reward is a unique floral skin for medical scrubs. You must be wearing scrubs in order to claim this medal.
Complete the Roboticist Doctor objective and Medical Director objective of having at least three living Cyborgs at the end of the round. None
Puerile humour
Complete the Roboticist objective and Medical Director objective of having at least five buttbots on station at the end of the round. Getting you hands on butts should be easy considering that some Staff Assistants will sometimes come to you for this. None
Red Hood
There are two ways to earn this. None
Reefer Madness
Complete the Botanist objective of having no Cannabis plants, seeds, or products inside botany at the end of the round. This does in fact have the obvious loop hole that you can simply grow and store your cannabis elsewhere on station or just move it all at the end of the round. None
Reserved Parking
Have the emergency shuttle land on you. You can't be in a pod, locker, or anything else that might protect you, meaning that you'll get gibbed by being squished. None
Shit Fest
Blow yourself up with Empowered High-Pressure Intestines. None
Shit for brains
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of having your own butt on your head when you escape on the shuttle. A safe bet for having your butt removed is usually visiting Robotics though they may want it for reasons. None
Silent Running
Complete the Roboticist objective and Medical Director objective of having at least five Medibots on station at the end of the round. This does include the Medibot named "Head Surgeon" that sometimes can be seen in Medbay. None
Slow Burn
Complete the Chief Engineer and Engineer objective of having all furnaces on station running. Furnaces can be found in Engineering and sometimes the Sauna depending on the map. The reward is a hotrod welding helmet skin for any welding helmets.
Smooth Operator
Complete the Medical Doctor objective and Medical Director objective of being completely unharmed when the escape shuttle leaves for Central Command. None
Complete the one of the Janitor objectives of keeping the Bar, Brig, or Medbay completely clean with no blood, gibs, oil, or other messes staining the floor at the end of the round. Reward is a special red skin for the bucket. You must be holding a bucket in you hand to claim this medal.
Suitable? How about the Oubliette?!
Complete the Head of Security Objective of having an Antagonist of any type in the brig and handcuffed at the end of the round. Dead or alive. This is generally poor practice against most antagonists but is encouraged on Head Revolutionaries as this counts them as "dead" even if they are alive. None
Tax Haven
Complete the Quartermaster objective of accumulating a budget of 50K credits. This ranges from easy to difficult depending of how savvy you and your fellow QMs are with purchases and exports, how often you need to make purchases, and randomly stumbling upon high value items such as starstone or stamped gold bullion None
That tasted funny
Eat a dish with manmeat that came from a Clown. Get it, honk honk? Alternatively, as a Werewolf, consume a Clown via the Maul victim ability. None
The mail always goes through
Complete the Staff Assistant and Technical Assistant objective of "Escape on the shuttle alive wearing at least one piece of mail courier clothing." This can be gotten by asking Cargo Bay if they have any mail/postmaster clothes, bugging a Mail Courier for their clothes, or finding it elsewhere. None
The Syndicate Connection
Complete the Traitor objective of rescuing Monsieur StirStir, the monkey wearing an orange beret and orange prisoner jumpsuit, from the brig and making sure they escape alive on the shuttle. This objective is complicated by the fact other traitors could have a conflicting objective. None
This object menaces with spikes of...
Make a custom mining tool with a Mining Power of at least 600. Doesn't matter which type of tool or materials used, just get it high as you can! Reward is a industrial AI skin plated with alloys as shiny as they are mechanically useless.
This station is ours!
As a head revolutionary, live to see your revolution come to a success! None
Through the fire and flames
We carry on! While the name references the hit DragonForce song, getting this medal is much more mundane than its name or image might suggest. While on fire, you need to stop, drop, and roll by pressing the RESIST button on your HUD (Hotkey: Z for Goon WASD, C for /tg/style WASD). Clicking on the Burning status effect icon will attempt to make you do this automatically. None
Complete the Detective objective of having ethanol in your system at the end of the round. None
To the stars
As a Flockmind or Flocktrace who has been in the Flock some time, successfully transmit the Signal. None
Too Cool
Win one of the contests that occur on the forums. There used to be a contest every month, but now they're held basically whenever the admins feel like it. They usually announce these contests, and the window to submit entries usually lasts at least a week or more, so you don't have to worry about missing out if you check on the forums every so often. Reward is an "emote" of a "shelterbee", which, when used, pulls up a picture of the shelterbee that appears above your head and disappears shortly after. This medal also lets you type :shelterbee: in OOC to show that same bee.
Too Fast Too Furious
Activate rocket shoes while on a wheelchair, like in that gif. This kills you. None
Unlike the director, I went to college
Have your Clown Application approved on the forums or have a clown that has claimed the reward willingly give you a diploma. Reward is a graduation cap and diploma that is only claimable if you are a clown. Honk!
Complete the Head of Personnel objective of being alive but not being on the station or escape level at the end of the round. This means you must be in either the Debris field, Mining level, Trench, or any adventure zone. Z-level None
Untapped Potential
Complete the Traitor objective of killing all other antagonists None
Vacuum Sealed
Complete the Staff Assistant objective of having a space suit in your inventory or be wearing it. NOTE:Diving suits also count as space suits for this medal. None
Vehicular Manslaughter
Drive a Space Pod/minisub/car into someone and do enough damage that they enter critical condition, which is when they hit below 0 health and start dying. While "manslaughter" means the victim died (accidentally), the victim does not actually have to die for this to be earned. None
We didn't start the fire
Complete the Scientist objective and Research Director objective of ensuring that there are no burnt floors in Chemistry. Any tiles that happened to be burned by foolishness can easily be fixed with Crowbar and some floor tiles if you are feeling fancy. A special round bottomed beaker skin.
What's this box doing here?
Complete the Staff Assistant objective and Medical Director objective of ensuring Head Surgeon, the Medibot/cardboard box/Medibot in a cardboard box, escapes on the shuttle. The bot is normally found in Medbay. None
Where's the smoking gun?
Complete the Detective objective of smoking a cigarette at the end of the round. None
Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see
Complete the Scientist objective and Research Director objective "Create a portal to the void". None
That is, yield to death. While dying, use the succumb command; you enter this via the text parser/command bar on the bottom. If you were dying because you used the suicide command earlier, it doesn't count. None
You're a mean one...
As a Grinch complete your objectives. None
You're no Elminster!
As a Wizard complete your objectives. None

Secret Medals

Medal Name Icon Description Reward
100M dash
Time for beer. None
None Reward is a Thinktronic Data Systems AI skin.
Entrusted with the secret. None
A Holly Jolly Spacemas
Spent your Spacemas being beaten to death with toolboxes. None
Adjutant Online
Good morning, Captain. None
Heinous villainy. None
Bear Hug
None None
Bombini is Missing!
None Reward is a bee-themed AI skin, and the ability to vomit out a friendly Space Bee after a delay.
Brown Pants
Show no fear in the face of battle. Reward is an entire recoloring of all captain's attire that you are wearing to a new fancy Red color. Can be claimed multiple times in the same round so you can make all your gear into the fancy red version.
Button Pusher
Seriously? None
Captain's Log
None None
Chevalier du Sorbet
Deliver the Magma King his Just Desserts Reward is learning the Slime language.
Deep Freeze
it is absolutely famished... Reward is the "Aerostatic Pilot Jacket" skin for the Detectives coat.
Format Complete
AI, what are your current laws? None
Go away! 'Batin!
Frito Pendejo, public defender. None
Goo Gone
It's Good for the Gander Reward is a cute set of pajamas consisting of a hat and sleepwear that you can claim.
Guerrier Du Gelato
Complete Chapter II Reward is the Chapter II checkpoint.
Just havin' a good time, chillin' out. Reward is a gold AI skin, and golden gun skins for the Detective's Revolver, the Riot Shotgun, the Sawn-Off Shotgun, the AK-744, the Old Hunting Rifle, the Tranquilizer rifle, the Clock 188, and Clock 180.
He's dead, Jim
Bones. None
Flew too close! This medal has not one but two rewards! One lets you recolor any captain's attire that you are wearing to a new fancy blue color. Can be claimed multiple times in the same round so you can make all your gear into the fancy blue version. The other one lets you change your appearance to look like the mysterious Automaton when playing a Cyborg.
Identity Theft
Good thing these are not laminated. None
I just cleaned that!
Slip 'n slide. None
I Spy
I spy with my little eye. Reward is a CRT television AI skin.
Old-school chemist's club. Reward is an alternate skin for the labcoat that is not a reference to an anime.
Is it really that time again?
Gordon would approve. None
It'sa me, Mario
None None
BANG, bang! None
It's not easy being green
Your muscles hurt. None
Law 1: Don't be an asshat
Asimov's laws were always a little behind. None
Leave no man behind!
The ultimate sacrifice. Reward is a gas mask reskin that looks like the SWAT mask, but instead of being red and evil all over, it's blue and true.
Lock Block
Made friends with a welder. None
Master of Unlocking
Performed the steps required to unlock the Good Ending from the solarium riddle. None
My Bologna Has A First Name
And it's O-NO HELP GET IT OFF GET IT OFF AAA Reward is a Soviet-themed AI skin.
Watching the world burn. None
Newton's Crew
Stare into the sun. Reward is a unique pod paint job kit. It can be applied to the pod by simply clicking on the pod.
Oh, Doctor!
Just the spot. None
Ol' buddy ol' pal
I really admire how you stack the odds against yourself! Yeah, make things challenging! Reward is a Golden PR-4 Guardbuddy skin. You can only claim this reward while holding the frame in your hands.
Old Enemy
Tensions between Nanotrasen and the Syndicate are reaching a boiling point. Reward is a respirator gas mask skin.
One Armed Bandit
None None
Original Sin
Take a bite Reward is a cleansing of all sin.
Quit Cloning Around
Diminishing reruns. None
Remember to Wash Behind the Antennae
None None
Rookie Thief
Bzzt. None
None None
Shut Up and Jam
The year is 2041. None
Spaceship of Theseus
Despite all that, you're still in the same boat. None
Space Ham
Porky. None
Hi None
Time for counseling? None
Suspicious Character
Just who was that man, with the plan? None
Thank You, Bus Driver!
It never hurts to be polite! Reward is the Chapter I checkpoint.
That's no moon, that's a GOURMAND!
None None
The Force is strong with this one
*fwissshhhhhh* None
None None
Trail of Blood
You have successfully solved the rather intriguing case of your family inheritance, enjoy your reward. None
Try jiggling the handle
None None

Virtual Ascension
None Reward is the "Shock" AI sprite, as well as the cyalume saber/toy sword resprite "fist of the robuster"
Weird Science
That's gross! That's sick! I am not digging up dead girls! None
Owl always love you None
Wrath of the Father
None None

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