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Before You Become The Mighty Wizard!

Zoldorf is effectively an ascended observer. Your role as a Zoldorf is to use the vast amounts of information you have access to and weave fortunes for players in order to give them a clue as to what is happening and who is responsible (if you chose to do so).

Zoldorf is NOT an antagonist and doesn't have the heaviest impact on the round on it's own, but through skilled timing and communication, a Zoldorf player can overcome the imposed communication barriers and possibly change the course of the round.

Becoming Zoldorf

To become Zoldorf, you must unravel the Weird Burrito, sign it with a pen, and hand it to Zoldorf.

If there is already a player Zoldorf on the station, you'll have to usurp them for control as there can only be one Zoldorf at any given time. This is done by the same method, but the current Zoldorf may choose to take an additional three minutes to tie up loose ends.

As usurping takes place, the current Zoldorf is ejected as a Souldorf and a new player takes over the booth :D

Zoldorf's Abilities


  • Global Hearing
  • Cannot Speak
  • Can see ghosts and invisible players
  • Can click-drag items within one tile of the booth.
    Dragging a fortune to the booth will burn it.
Item Image Description
Tell Fortune
This ability is Zoldorf's main form of interacting with players.

Upon activation for the first time, you may select two adjectives that will act as your titles (i.e. great and powerful, abhorrent and awkward, etc.) Though titles can only be chosen once, so choose wisely!

After titles are selected all following activations of Tell Fortune will open the fortune crafting menu in which you can choose a format, then mad-lib words in from a few pools of pre-selected words.

Additionally, the amount of lines you may write in your fortune scales with the number of full souls you have claimed. (Min. 1, Max. 3) If at any point you wish to write fewer lines than your maximum amount, cancelling the fortune crafting will output your fortune up to your last complete line.

Woooooo pretty colors!

This ability changes the color of your crystal ball.

Medium is Zoldorf's way of tapping into the whisperings of the dead.

In order to activate Medium, you must first disable your omen to allow the ghost light to shine. Afterward, you will be able to hear dead chat for a short period of time.

Target a fortune to apply a brand to it.

After a player reads the branded fortune, the brand will transfer to the player, allowing you to observe them via Astral Projection. There is no limit to the number brands that may be active at one time.

Astral Projection
This ability allows you to observe a branded player.
Leave a note for yourself....or others....

Notes are saved from Zoldorf to Zoldorf, so the player who takes over from you will have access to any information you give them.

Soul Jar
This isn't really an ability, but you can click it :P

Your Soul Jar is a visual display of the amount of partial souls you have collected from selling items. Once the jar is filled, you'll gain a complete soul!

Item Image Cost Description
1 Soul This ability allows you to shove your soul into a Seance Ghost and float around the station for a little bit.

While in this state, players can see you and you have access to a few emotes :)

Manifesting will leave behind a pile of ectoplasm.

5 Souls Seance literally manifests every ghost on your screen. All of them. Including you.


Souldorfs are the free-floating souls of previous Zoldorfs that have the ability to change their color and coat themselves in ectoplasm to become visible! Also they're super cute and have a few interesting emotes.

Souldorfs are automatically branded, so they effectively act as sentries for the Zoldorf in control of the booth.

Zoldorf can run the "suicide" command to immediately eject themself from the booth as a Souldorf.

Souldorfs can also "suicide" to become a normal ghost.

Selling Your Soul

Soul selling is still kind of early on in merging, but it basically sets you to DNR and reduces your max health proportional to the amount of soul sold :)

Zoldorf's Shop

Note: These items will only be available after a player has taken control of Zoldorf.

Item Image Cost Description Notes
Selling Your Soul 101
1 Credit An informational sheet covering the effects of selling your soul!
Playing Card Tips and Tricks
1 Credit An informational sheet that explains the intent combinations for using playing cards. Zoldorf really likes cards i guess...
Deck of Tarot Cards
25 Credit A deck of tarot cards. I told you Zoldorf likes cards :D
Weird Burrito
100 Credits This is a totally normal burrito that is 100% normal. Yep. Totally.
Item Image Cost Description Notes
Demonic Healing
25% Soul Will fully heal a price...
Weighted Dice
10% Soul A D6 that deals damage on-hit equal to the number it rolls!
Summon Lesser Demon
30% Soul A spell scroll that summons a demonic entity from the depths of hell.
Magician's Hat Trick
20% Soul A spell scroll that causes a target item to disappear, then reappear after 30 seconds. It even comes with a hat :D
20% Soul A spell scroll that teleports you to a random nearby location.

Gameplay Tips

Communicating With Zoldorf

Zoldorf is super limited on forms of communication, though with the use of omen, yes or no questions are fantastic for the Zoldorf player :D

Supplementary Video

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