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Ever wanted to channel your inner fisher on Oshan or Nadir? Now you can! This is a guide to fishing.

Space Fishin' 101

If you order by yelling kindly asking QM to order you a Angling Starter Kit, you get a Portable Fishing Supplies Vendor which is preloaded with five fishing credits, a Portable Aquatic Research Upload Terminal, and your very own Portable Aquatic Research Pool (NOT a tub of water) can be fished in an infinite amount of times yielding an infinite amount of fish (don't question it).

To fish, click on the tub of water provided, and your super fancy fishing rod will take care of the rest, automatically casting and reeling in fish for you to enjoy. If you switch to your offhand or put your rod away, you will cease fishing, forcing you to cast your rod again. Some rods are better than others. For instance the Master's Fishing Rod, the highest tier of rod you can get will catch better fish than an ordinary basic one. Better rods will also catch fish faster, because space fish are attracted to more superior rods.

You aren't limited to just the provided tub of water. Try turning on the shower and fishing in there, pour water on the floor and cast your rod, the possibilities are endless! Try fishing in places nobody thought of before and experiment! After all there are about sixty different places in the game where you can cast your rod in, so don't shy away from places you believe won't work. You may be pleasantly surprised. It's also worth mentioning that there are some pretty wild and exotic places you can fish in down in the adventure zones, so don't be afraid to explore and find out what you can fish in.

Once you've gotten your fill of fishing, you can redeem your fish for research tickets at a Aquatic Research Upload Terminal; the rarer the fish, the more tickets you get. Then, you can turn those tickets in for gear at the Fishing Supplies Vendor. Besides fun fishin' clothes, the vendor also sells better rods, for a superior fishing experience.

Fishing Supplies Vendor


Here, you can redeem your research tickets for fishing credits and use them to buy fishing rods and angler clothing. To redeem your tickets for credits, you can either click on the Fishing Supplies Vendor with the tickets in your hand or drag and drop the tickets' sprite onto the vendor's (this is an especially handy shortcut for cyborgs.) Then click on the Fishing Supplies Vendor to access its buylist. Here is a list of what you can purchase using fishing credits.

Item Image Price Description
Basic Fishing Rod Basicfishingrod.png 0 Fishing Credits Basic fishing rod for basic fishing.
Advanced Fishing Rod Upgradedfishingrod.png 25 Fishing Credits An upgraded fishing rod, able to fish in a variety of more difficult locations.
Master Fishing Rod Masterfishingrod.png 50 Fishing Credits The ultimate fishing rod, capable of fishing in the most extreme circumstances.
Angler's Overalls Anglersoveralls.png 5 fishing credits Smells fishy; It's wearer must have a keen appreciation for the piscine.
Fish Fear Me Cap Anglerfishhat.png 15 fishing credits The ultimate angling headwear. Comes with a new, personalised message every time.
Portable Aquarium PortableAquarium.png 10 fishing credits A temporary solution for bulk-fish transportation. Holds 6 fish in relative comfort.
Fish Wall Mount BiggestCatchFishWallMount.png 10 fishing credits A "'Biggest catch' Fish Wall Mount" for proudly displaying a fish of your choice. Click on it with a fish, then click on a wall to hang the mount (putting the empty mount up first, then the fish also works.) Reverse these steps to remove the mount. To change the fish mounted, click on the mount to remove the current fish, then click on the mount with your new fish.

Aquatic Research Upload Terminal


Here, you can trade fish for research tickets which covert to fishing credits. The terminal categorizes fish into five rankings based on rarity, ranging from common to legendary. Usually, fish found in more obscure places tend to be worth more than fish found in common places, as the fish there are probably rarer.

You can use click-drag to combine multiple sets of research tickets together into one stack, much like with cash. Handy for civilian borgs who fish, since they lack the hands to manipulate research tickets manually.

Type Image Value
Common Research Ticket Commonresearchticket.png One fishing credit
Uncommon Research Ticket Uncommonresearchticket.png Two fishing credits
Rare Research Ticket Rareresearchticket.png Three fishing credits
Epic Research Ticket Epicresearchticket.png Four fishing credits
Legendary Research Ticket Legendaryresearchticket.png Five fishing credits

Gotta catch them all!

You are able to catch fish that those earthlings may even recognize. Though, of course there are some truly beautiful fish you are able to catch, exclusive to their own special areas, though you will have to do your own exploring, these pretty ones are a well kept secret (not so secret) amongst experienced anglers. So far, here is a list of what you are able to catch.

Freshwater Fish

Name Image Rarity Description
Largemouth Bass Fish bass.png Common A fighty freshwater fish, a good catch for a beginner angler.
Salmon Fish salmon.png Common A commercial saltwater fish prized for its flavor for over five thousand years.
Carp Fish carp.png Common The queen of rivers. A very popular game fish, though not as revered in the USA.
Rainbow Trout Fish trout.png Uncommon A highly-regarded game fish with a vivid red stripe along it.
Goldfish Fish goldfish.png Common A commonly kept indoor aquarium fish. More clever than you might expect.
Chub Fish chub.png Common The sea chub, also known as the rudderfish or the pilot fish. Wait which one is this?
Eel Fish eel.png Uncommon When the jaws open wide and there's more jaws inside, that's a Moray!
Dace Fish dace.png Common A surface-dwelling fish related to the carp. Became established after escaping from being used as a bait fish.
Minnow Fish minnow.png Uncommon One of the most common bait fish, looks like this one got away! Until you caught it.
Pike Fish pike.png Rare Named after the long and pointy weapon of war, the Pike features in the Finnish Kalevala, where it's jawbown in turned in to a magical kantele.
Arapaima Fish arapaima.png Rare One of the largest freshwater fish as well as one of the oldest, with fossils for this species dating back 23 million years.
Rosefin Shiner Fish rosefinshiner.png Uncommon A native to Virginia and Carolina, this fish likes clear freshwater pools and creeks. Take me home, rosefin shiner!
Catfish Fish catfish.png Common Found the whole world over, the humble catfish typically presents with their trademark whiskers, called barbels.
Tiger Oscar Fish tigeroscar.png Uncommon Popular in both aquariums and kitchens, this fish was accidentally misclassified in 1831. Don't make that mistake again!

Ocean Saltwater Fish

Name Image Rarity Description
Herring Fish herring.png Common The silver darling. A small ocean fish that swims in schools.
Peculiarly Coloured Clupea Pallasi Fish redherring.png Legendary What is this? Why is this here? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS?
Bluefin Tuna Fish tuna.png Uncommon Formerly known as the tunny. Delicious but sadly overfished.
Atlantic Cod Fish cod.png Common The keystone of fish & chips. Enjoyed since 800 AD.
Flounder Fish flounder.png Common A flatfish found at the bottom of oceans around the world. It's got it's eyes on you!
Coelacanth Fish coelacanth.png Rare Lazarus had nothing on you. We thought you went to the celestial zoo. The lungfish calls you brother and I guess that we should too.
Mahi-Mahi Fish mahimahi.png Uncommon Also known as a dolphinfish, this tropical fish is prized for its quality and size. When first taken out of the water, they change colors.
Shrimp Fish shrimp.png Uncommon Shrimple as that.
Sardine Fish sardine.png Common At home in a can. Good grilled, pickled or smoked. The sardine isn't a fan of this however.
Barracuda Fish barracuda.png Rare You gonna burn, burn, burn, burn, burn to the wick. Ooh, barracuda, oh, yeah.
Sailfish Fish sailfish.png Epic A fearsome looking predator with a ferocious temper. Looks like you were up for the challenge!

Aquarium Fish

Name Image Rarity Description
Clownfish Fish clownfish.png Common A pop-culturarly significant orange fish that lives in a symbiotic relationship with an enemone.
Damselfish Fish damselfish.png Common A small pretty fish native to tropical coral reefs and your local aquarium.
Green Chromis Fish greenchromis.png Common Beautiful iridescent apple-green. Wait a second, isn't this a damselfish?
Cardinalfish Fish cardinalfish.png Uncommon A nocturnal ray-finned fish enjoyed for being small, peaceful and colourful.
Royal Gramma Fish royalgamma.png Uncommon A pretty pink and yellow common to aquariums. Peaceful and friendly.
Bicolor Angelfish Fish bcangel.png Uncommon It's like two fish in one! Apparently they don't get along with other fish though, at least they have each other.
Blue Tang Fish bluetang.png Common One of the most common and popular marine aquarium fish in the world, for reasons now lost to time.
Firefish Fish firefish.png Uncommon Someone set this one on fire! Just kidding, we have fun here.
Yellow Tang Fish yellowtang.png Common Born around the full moon, but bright as the sun. A popular, pretty aquarium fish.
Mandarin Fish Fish mandarinfish.png Rare Slow moving reef-dwellers, these extremely colorful fish find it hard to adapt to aquarium life.
Lionfish Fish lionfish.png Rare With strong red and white stripes and armed with a full complement of venomous spines, you better be careful handling this one.
Betta Fish betta.png Common This could be one of 73 species domesticated over 1000 years ago. Sadly used in fish-fights by less savory sorts.

Alien Fish

Disclaimer: No, these are not secret content. Feel free to freely discuss to discuss how you can catch these fish such as what liquid they are in. However, the methods to reach these places such as the solution to a puzzle to an azone that is blocking the path to that particular place is secret content. Basically, you can tell someone that a found in water. But you cannot tell someone how to reach that water if it's in a secret area. See rule 9 for more details on the secret content rule.

Name Image Rarity Description
Meat Mutant Fish meat.png Rare A fish? Whatver it is, it's grown accustomed to swimming in a pool of digestive acids.
Eye Mutant Fish eyefish.png Rare Was this a fish once? It's got too many eyes on you.
Splashing Horror Fish lingfish.png Epic A writhing, flailing mass of tissue pantomiming a sick caricature of a fish. You should probably just put this one back.
Void Fish Fish voidfish.png Rare This fish has swum through the timestream to witness the death of the universe. Probably doesn't fry too well.
Code Worm Fish codeworm.png Epic This unstable creature has been swimming around in this code for a long time, giving developers and its victims a massive headache.
Literal Sun Fish Fish sunfish.png Legendary Nobody will ever believe you.
Lava Fish Fish lavafish.png Epic A blazing hot catch straight from the planet's core!
Igneous Fish Fish moltenfish.png Rare A fish formed of cooled volcanic magma, neat! Still hot to handle though!
Blobfish Fish blobfish.png Rare Looking good, blobfish.
Prosperity Pilchard Fish goldenfish.png Legendary A symbol of good fortune, this fish's shining scales are said to be extremely valuable!.
Arboreal Bass Fish treefish.png Rare This leafy fish's rough scales resemble coarse tree bark.

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