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Personal Inventory.

The rows at the bottom of the screen shows your equipment and Inventory. Click the Toggle Inventory (INV) button to toggle the extension showing equipped clothing.

If you click the INV button with an object in your active hand:

  • And there is an empty slot for it, you will equip the object.
  • And the slot is full, the equipped and active hand objects will swap places.


Containers are Backpacks, Belts, Toolboxes, regular box, briefcases, first-aid kits and pill bottles: any item that opens up a vertical inventory in the bottom left of the screen.

Containers and pockets are extra places to store objects. To stow away an object click an empty slot with your active hand. Drag and drop the object sprite to move it around the Container. To take the object from a Container click on it with an empty hand or drag and drop it onto your character.

To quickly dump out objects inside Containers hold it in your hand and then drag and drop it onto a table or floor tile.

Paper Doll

'The Librarian' has an empty Inventory.

When you right click on an adjacent organism click Show Inventory to open up their Inventory, a Paper Doll.

The Paper Doll shows if the organism is cuffed, what the organism is wearing or holding:

  • Head: Head
  • Mask: Masks
  • Eyes: Eyes
  • Ears: Ears
  • Left Hand: object in the left hand
  • Right Hand: object in the right hand
  • Gloves: Gloves
  • Shoes: Shoes
  • Belt: Belt
  • Uniform: Uniform
  • Outer Suit: (Exo)Suit
  • Back: Back
  • ID: ID
  • Left Pocket: object in the left pocket
  • Right Pocket: object in the right pocket

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