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Your dimly lit hellhole of a closet, just a few paces from an an absolute dump. At least you have ample space for your bed.
...and your backup hellhole between owl hell and highwater.
Your closet, a dimly lit hellhole above the dump.
Your other closet, an even more dimly-lit hellhole below the Morgue.
Your dimly lit hellhole of a closet. At least you live next to a farm.
Your dimly lit hellhole of a closet. You sleep near a bottle of cleaning fluid, wake up to the sound of horns and honking from your next-door neighbor, and leave for work only to that the medical bay is somehow already flooded with blood and urine.
Your dimly lit hellhole of a closet, above an arcade deep under the sea.
Your equally dimly-lit outpost west of Arrivals, the Janitor Supply Closet.

Knowing the Janitor

The Janitor is a modest man, wholeheartedly devoted to their simple yet Sisyphean goal of keeping the station clean and tidy. Like the Captain, they get their own dimly lit office, called the Custodial Closet, stocked with a variety of unique toys to play and clean with. With its easy-to-learn, hard-to-screw-up tasks and its general insignificance in the grand scheme of things, Janitor makes a great beginner job!

The Janitor's Arsenal

All of these items spawn in the custodial closet.

Item Image Description
The basic floor-cleaning device. Before washing can occur, the mop must first be wet. Using it on a floor will create a puddle of whatever fluid it's absorbed and liquefy average messes like dirt, blood, vomit, and oil. Using it on a puddle of fluids will soak the liquid into the mop. You can also use it in self defense like a spear via clicking a distant tile.
Mop bucket
Can hold about 200 units of liquid to dip your mop in, but must be dragged around behind you. Expect it to get pushed around constantly.
Used to wet a mop or transfer liquids from a water tank to the mop bucket, though it's usually faster to click-drag the tank onto the mop bucket to fill it up to the brim in one go. Makes a helmet if wirecutters are used on it, but it also becomes useless for holding liquids.
It functions much like a segway, as you must drag yourself onto it, and you may be pushed off. Unlike a segway however, you will coat the floors with any chemicals you put in its reservoir tank when you turn the buffer on, and it will dry off floors with puddles of fluid when it's off. Comes filled with a mixture of water and space cleaner.
Wet floor signs
Put these down after you mop a busy intersection and simply point to them and sigh after people slip on wet floors. Mopping without putting down wet floor signs is generally considered grounds for Light Mockery and Amusing Tickets & Fines.
The janitor's (mostly) unique footwear. Prevents slipping on wet floors when worn, though you are still vulnerable to space lube, ice and certain other chemical spills. Generally, only one pair of galoshes can be found on the station, securely locked behind a custodial supplies closet in the Custodial Closet. There may be another pair lurking somewhere in deep space.
MousetrapBox.png Mousetrap.png
Besides killing the chef's only friend, these can be used to just annoy folks or for more nefarious purposes with the right equipment. Anyone who steps on an armed mousetrap while barefoot will be stunned and take damage.
Cleaner grenade
A powerful anti-filth explosive. Click on it while it is in your active hand to pull the pin, then throw it. Explodes in a big cloud of foam that will remove most filth, but make the floors wet.
Spray bottles
Some of your bottles contain space cleaner, others are empty and be filled with whatever reagent you desire. If you're more interested in doing your job as opposed to slipping people up, stick to space cleaner as it actually cleans up dirt and blood and what-not, unlike bottles filled with pure water.
A versatile scrubbing tool found near showers and tubs. Wet it using a sink and apply it directly to stubborn messes like dried vomit, or click a floor or wall tile to 'wipe it down' and clean dense piles of gibs and fungus with ease. A full sponge can be wrung out by clicking it in-hand, dumping its contents into a pool at your feet. On the Oshan map you can get them by hitting a sponge coral with wirecutters.
Trash Cart
A big green cart for stuffing litter (or corpses) into. Expect it to be pushed around and the items spilled. A lot.
Trash bags
BoxOfTrashBags.png TrashBag.png
BoxOfBiohazardBags.png BiohazardBag.png
Comes in two varieties, both otherwise functionally identical: Standard (black) and bio-hazardous (red). Can fit a number of normal sized items into them, including other trash bags for extra recursion, and can be disposed of easily in either a trash cart or in disposal chutes. Wear it on your uniform slot and channel your inner Frank. Just ask genetics before you start eating the traysh.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. As a janitor, you can expect to see the following:

End the round medbay/brig/the bar spotless
There are a few different objectives like this, but they're all the same, they just want there to be no messes that you can clean up with your mop in the targeted area. With the exception of the bar and medbay, this typically happens without you doing a thing. But if you want to be more proactive, bug the roboticist for a cyborg arm and make a cleanbot. Deliver the cleanbot to the place the objective requests. Then walk away, you're basically done.

Syndicate Janitors

The Syndicate janitor is well-equipped for a messy, horrifying rampage. His cleaner grenades appear to be regular at first, but in fact lay down a mess of acid and space lube in their path. Anyone who holds still will be horribly burned; anyone who runs away or moves into help will smash their face as they slip on the space lube. Your regular cleaning grenades also serve as an excellent getaway tool, slipping up the security forces out for your blood while you run off unharmed. If you can gain access to chemistry, you can load your empty spray bottles with devastating concoctions or turn them into makeshift flamethrowers. Finally, the trash compactor, disguised as a regular trash container, will quickly turn any slipped victim you capture into a cube of meat that explodes into messy (and uncloneable) gibs.

You COULD use your maintenance and disposals access to skulk around silently dispatching and disposing your targets... but that would be lame. Traitor janitors are all about live fast, die young!

Supplementary Videos

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