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Radio Host
Radio Host
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Access Level: Maintenance, Tech Storage
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Captain, Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Playing music
Guides: This is the guide.

For years everyone looked toward the demise of radio when television came along. Before that, they thought talking movies might eliminate radio as well. But radio just keeps getting stronger.

— Casey Kasem

The Radio Show Host is a gimmick job available to latejoiners. On space maps, the radio ship is located in the debris field, a good bit east and a good bit north of the Space Diner, and it contains all the machinery you need to run a radio broadcast. On Oshan Laboratory, you have a cozy radio lab right by arrivals.

Your Gear

You don't spawn with a lot of special items, but the ones you do get are very useful for your job.

One of them is a record sleeve with several records in it, so that you have even more great music to play to the crew. It basically works like a box, so you click-drag its sprite onto your character's to access it. Fun fact: the sprites for the record sleeve (as well as the ones that appear in the Radio Lab) are all created by the community.

The other is a special headset rather blandly called the radio show host's headphones. In addition to having a cool and unique sprite, your headphones also have access to all the departmental radio channels except the ones used security and command, so you snoop in all sneaky like find exciting news to report. On top of this, they have 20% Ear Insulation, so if Security raids your station and starts throwing flashbangs around, the flashbangs won't hurt your ears as much (though how you got yourself into such a mess is a different story).

Putting On A Show

Starting Up

Before you can subject the crew to your noise pollution, there's a couple of things you'll want to do. First, make your voice heard by clicking on the Broadcast Radio BroadcastRadio.png and enabling the microphone. You'll know it's working if your speech shows up in the log in a fun pink color and with a lil Broadcast Radio icon next to it.

Songs, Ads, & Other Audio

Now you've got your voice on the airwaves, but what if you want to play an advertisement or play a song? Go through the beautifully designed record sleeves (you interact with them like boxes), and you'll find vinyl records Record.png for you to play with the Record Player RecordPlayer.png. There should also be some tapes CompactTapeRadio.png around you can use with the Tape Deck TapeDeck.png.

Just click on the players with record/tape in your hand to play them. For records in particular, once they're in the player, you'll get a prompt to make up a name for the track, which everyone will see when they receive the PDA message telling them a song is being played. If you don't put anything there, it'll just say "cool sounds". Note that there's a roughly five-minute cooldown between every record play; there's a separate one of similar duration for tapes. Try playing the tapes between records to minimize dead air!

Need more records? You can spend Spacebux to start with one, and there're record sleeves with, naturally, more records in the Debris Field and Trench in a few medium-danger-level areas.

Making New Voices

Trying to put on a radio play but don't have any other cast-members? Click on the Mixing Desk MixingDesk.png in-front of you to gain access to some voice-changing tools that'll allow you to play other characters. Once you click on it, you'll see this menu.

Voice Syntheziser.png

When you click the plus button it'll prompt you to enter the name of the person you want to impersonate. This doesn't have to be a crewmember, you can set it to anyone, from your favorite artist, to a movie character, to HonkyMcFartface the Fourth.

HonkyMcFartface the Fourth.png

Once you do that, you'll be prompted to enter an accent.

Voice Synthesizer Accents.png

Most of the time, you'll choose none, but it can be useful. After you've added the name, it'll look like this.

Note that you can add multiple names, accents, and similar. If you have a crewmember you want to impersonate, and they're only drunk half the time, you might want two versions of them, one that is drunk, one that isn't.

You can click the megaphone button to say a message as the given person!

Using The Voice Synth With An Arrow.png

You can either use the radio broadcaster if, say, you want to pretend someone is appearing on your show, OR, you can get a headset and turn on the speaker. Then it'll just show up as if someone is talking with that headset. A fun trick is to try and collect as many headsets as you can to help trick people. If you pretend to be the Captain with your normal headset, people will likely notice, but if you have the captain's spare headset, it's not nearly as obvious.

Show Ideas

Basically, if you've heard it on the radio or a podcast before, or, to some extent, seen it on TV/the Internet, and it's within the Rules, you can make a radio host gimmick out of it in SS13. Here's some ideas:

  • A music show. Play records and such, and during record player downtime, talk about what you liked about the track, what you didn't like, what you think about the artist, the things that inspired them to make the song, etc. Yes, there's no actual/official lore about the records--that means you are bound to no authority and are free to carve out your own story.
  • A talk show in the vein of The Oprah Winfrey Show or Larry King Live, where you invite interesting people and have them talk about their interesting lives. Invite a husk who became a Cyborg and ask them to talk about what it's like to have all their fluids sucked out. Invite the Changeling who drank them on too and see if you can get them to reconcile...or not.
  • A quiz show where you offer fabulous prizes towards anyone who can answer questions about game mechanics, lore, and other subjects. If you can get the Head of Personnel, Captain, or similar aboard to provide cash rewards or access upgrades, the better!
  • A supernatural-themed show where you investigate Ghosts, Wraiths, and other spooky stuff that haunts the station and elsewhere. Is that ghost really a ghost or just a Staff Assistant running around with a bedsheet over their head? Is there a logical explanation for all the living objects and skeletons being created by the Wraith? Find out!
  • An occult-themed show where you do Tarot readings, Ouija consultations, and similar for people who call in. If you genuinely know Tarot and such, all the better. If you don't, don't be afraid to interpret things your own way or play it comedically--say, doing a divination with Spacemen: the Griffening Cards.
  • A history-themed show in which you discuss the lore surrounding the Solarium. Talk about recent developments and discoveries in the field and offer or analyze some general theories about what it all means. You don't have to explain in exact detail how to get a certain ending or anything; if you can get people interested in this alternate reality game, you've done a fine job.
  • A heart-warming children's show with huge adult appeal, a la Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Do happy songs about mercy and controlling one's anger and remind everyone that they're special and don't need to do anything spectacular to be loved.

News Shows

Want to put on a news show where you discuss what's happening on the station/ship? Don't forget: you start with a portable camera viewer, and the radio station usually has Security Cameras so you can watch events right as they're happen. The game and its players make the news, you have the tools to find them and the chance to report them, in many different ways:

  • A stoic reporter who reports everything with a straight face. Yes, even the Captain even getting their butt stolen, deep-fried, and possessed by a spooky ghost.
  • A forensic psychologist or detective-type who analyzes the crimes that occur on the station/ship, like in a police procedural. Let's say a Traitor murders someone. What weapon did they use? How did they use them? Where'd the murder take place? What does it say about the perpetrator--and their relationship to the victim? What could their motives be?
  • A pro-NT propagandist who always tries to put a positive spin on things. Did Security fail to catch a criminal after a heated chase? Try to frame it as a deliberate act of mercy. Did someone blow up Medbay? Praise the new "renovations", claiming you see a lot of potential in what the bombed out remains could become after repairs. Is there a Traitor on a shotgun rampage? Remind the crew that the bullet dodging training NT provided will come in handy!
    • In a similar vein, an outrageously out-of-touch manager who's hilariously prone to comically missing the point. Wizard making black powder golems? Congratulate the crew on encountering a powerful living explosive. Changeling making loads of buttspiders? Commend them on meeting NanoTrasen's butt quotas. Just say "no comment" when someone asks why there's butt quotas in the first place.
  • A bizarre crackpot with "theories" about fiendish plots that are so absurd they're hard to take seriously. Cargo Bay suddenly full of birds? Claim they're actually spy drones sent by the Space ATF to confiscate contraband. Captain is vaping a lot? Accuse them of putting mind-controlling drugs in the smoke to make people subservient to people who are in green and look like pickles. (Why pickles? That's the point.) The more ridiculous the claims, the better.
    • Put some effort into this! Copying actual conspiracy theorists and lazily changing stuff (e.g. naming yourself Alex Iones and claiming the latest "space shooting" is fake) is verboten, because at that point, you're basically importing real life controversies into the game and doing it in a way that's in poor taste.
  • An earnest narrator who genuinely likes to look at the positives and help people out. Someone got shot up at the Bar? Call the medics in! Security get flooded? Remind the Sec personnel to get flippers and swimsuits. Chemistry somehow intact? Praise the Scientists for not blowing it up. Chaplain holding a wedding? Remind the crew when it'll occur; don't forget you have an announcement computer for these sorts of things too.

Devious DJ: Antagonist Radio Host

So, you're a Antagonist. If you ever thought of a radio gimmick and said to yourself, "If only I had antag privileges!", then here's your chance to make those dreams come true. You may not be particularly deadly, but with the way show biz is these days, it's less about the body count and more about the ratings--and it's anything for the ratings...

So put on a good show! Don't be afraid to do anything--and, really, anything (within the Rules obviously)--to climb your way to the top and keep the fans entertained. Abduct some crew, force them into Russian roulette games or Saw-esque traps for freedom. Plant bombs around the station, and threaten to detonate them unless they answer pop culture trivia questions. Take hostages and threaten further violence unless the crew listens to your manifesto and fulfills your absurd demands ("Something with reclining leather seats, that goes really fast, and gets really shitty gas mileage!") Break a leg!

Syndicate Sally: Traitor Radio Host

Traitor hosts may not have access to any special job-exclusive items, but that doesn't mean the entire buylist is useless. For example, did you know you can, in a way, buy access to the Security and Command radio channels? It's true! The wiretap radio upgrade gives you access to all the departmental channels, including the ones for Security and Command, and comes with a Syndicate-only channel too; very good news since your headphones lack said channels. Now, you can truly leak key information to fellow criminals report on crimes! You can buy "actors" too; get some mindhack implants and order the people you mindhack to be accomplices/cohosts in your twisted shows.

Being a Traitor is also a good reason to play as pro-Syndicate propagandist who exaggerates every minor setback, NT or Syndicate, as some sort of victory for the Syndicate. Has Security captured a fellow Traitor? Claim they were only a pawn in a much larger plot another major NT holding--don't bother to mention what they're doing, because it's supposed to be secret, not because it doesn't actually exist. Bomb you made fail to go off? Claim it was all part of the plan, because it was a distraction for a second bomb! (That you're going to spend the next 20 minutes making and hiding.) Someone bought out all coffee from a machine? Boast that the station/ship is more vulnerable to Syndicate attacks now that they have less coffee to keep their guard up. Any news item can serve the Syndicate, if you can find the spin.

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