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Cluwnes are curse made man. These horrifying facimiles of the beloved Clown are born from a variety of sources, be it the grandiose wizard, a devastating disease, or a curse from up above, these beasts are bound to their green clown suit for all of eternity, screaming out honks through their broken vocal cords as their mind shatters into nothing but pure, unadulterated, madness.

Despised by the crew, they are hunted down like the monsters they are, forever doomed to be cattle to the bloodthirst that dominates the space station. Not to be given mercy by Security nor Gods. For those who become a Cluwne, one should abandon all hope that they ever had.

However, there is a point of respite that a Cluwne may see. For the Chaplain, should they see fit to give mercy to one of these wretched beasts, can bestow upon them the gift of humanity once again--bringing them back into sanity and thusly ending the crews blood lust towards them. They once again join the ranks, and often end up killing their former Cluwne comrades.

The Cluwne is a mysterious beast, and a beast that one should hope not to ever cross--nor become.

NOTE: These were official rule clarifications on Cluwnes made by admins. These have been left here to prevent misunderstandings and confusion.

2014 Clarification: Cluwnes, regardless of their source, are fair game for anyone to maim/murder/destroy.

2017 Note: However, cluwnes who revert back into humanhood, naturally or by the Chaplain, and lose their cluwne gear fall under the protection of the Rules and are therefore not valid to maim/murder/destroy.

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