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A horrifying green Clown. A pitiful mockery of a human being. Cursed by wizards, unholy plagues, or vengeful Gods, these poor souls are trapped in their cursed clown suit, unable to speak in anything but tortured honks. Their minds are destroyed, reduced to the barest minimum level of intelligence required to comprehend the torment they must suffer. Few are kind to Cluwnes. Though they were once men, men despise them. Cluwnes are doomed to spend the rest of their lives twitching and honking, being beaten and shunned by their former comrades. Their only reprieve is the sweet release of death.

2014 Clarification: Cluwnes, regardless of their source, are fair game for anyone to maim/murder/destroy.

2017 Note: However, cluwnes who revert back into humanhood, naturally or by the Chaplain, and lose their cluwne gear fall under the protection of the Rules and are therefore not valid to maim/murder/destroy.

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