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Icon Name Cooldown Energy Cost Description
Arcfiend SapPower.png Sap Power N/A N/A Drain power from a target entity or machine. The speed of the sap is determined by the type of machine and it's draw. APC's are the always fastest, followed by high power machines. Some machines use so little power that you can't drain from them at all.
Arcfiend Discharge.png Discharge 15 seconds 25 Run a powerful current through a target in melee range damaging mobs and depowering doors
Arcfiend Flash.png Flash 10 seconds 25 Release a sudden burst of power around yourself disorienting nearby foes
Arcfiend ArcFlash.png Arc Flash 15 seconds 50 Unleash a ranged bolt of electricity that chains to nearby targets with reduced damage
Arcfiend Polarize.png Polarize 12 seconds 50 Unleash a wave of charged particles polarizing nearby mobs giving them magnetic auras. Either a Positive or Negative aura is chosen and then applied to all mobs in range. Casting this again before an aura ends will extend an auras duration but can not change its polarity, even if the polarity being applied to aura-less mobs was of the opposite polarity.
Arcfiend Ride The Lightning.png Ride The Lightning N/A 75 Expend energy to travel through electrical cables. Energy is slowly expended when residing within a cable, and is quickly consumed when moving.
Arcfiend JammingField.png Jamming Field 2 Minutes 150 You're radiating out electromagnetic waves and jamming nearby broadcasts
Arcfiend Jolt.png Jolt 2 minutes 500 Charge up and release a series of powerful jolts into your target, eventually stopping their heart. Any actions taken by or against you will end the ability early.

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