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Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Access Level: None
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Captain, Head of Personnel
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Making music
Guides: Instruments

Do you hear music in the air? It might mean there is a Musician somewhere, on-board to share their music to everyone, everywhere. Musicans spawn wearing a flat cap, brown shoes, and a distinct pinstripe suit, and they receive four instruments: a saxophone, a fiddle, bagpipes, and, unique to the role, a guitar. In addition, when they sing (begin message with %, similar to radio prefixes), they get unique text about how they sing "beautifully", "tunefully", or "sweetly".

This is another low-profile role that exists primarily for roleplaying and interacting with people. Expectations and responsibilities aren't very strict; most people are fine with a Musician that's not good at music for example. The job has no access, restricting it to public areas with no access requirements like the Bar or Chapel, which is actually fine since that's where they belong anyways.

This job is only available to people who join after a round has started. Three Musician slots always appear on Saturdays. Since they're latejoin-only, that also locks them to antags possible for latejoiners, though they can still be converted over to a revolution, get thralled, etc.

Who Would Want to Be King?: The Rules and You

Being humble entertainers, Musicians don't have much authority to command people or whatever. They are arguably part of the civilian department, for similar reasons Clown and Mime are, but this usually doesn't come into play often; the HoP usually has other things to worry about besides some spoony bard, and it's not like a Chef can order a Musician to stop playing and cook for them.

In the end, what matters most is that they still have to follow the Rules. If for example a Musician kills a heckler for not liking their songs, and Security arrests them, the Musician is in the wrong, and they shouldn't be doing that in the first place per Grief rules.

I Just Want to Bang on the Drum All Day

Just like the Clown, another entertainer, you have the option of changing your name upon spawn. This essentially gives you the option of going by a stage name, so people can know you as something expressive like "Baby Got Bach" or "Hercules John" or "Ally", instead of your boring normal name.

For each of the instruments you start with (save the bagpipes), clicking on the instrument will bring up a piano-keyboard-like interface. Click on one of the buttons to play a note. You can toggle (computer) keyboard controls by clicking on the tiny blue keyboard icon in the center near the other settings. This allows you to play music by physically pressing keys on your computer keyboard instead of clicking on a simulation of a piano/synthesizer keyboard.

In the meantime, why not hand off some of your instruments to another person and make a band? It's a good way involved, and who knows, you might make something beautiful. Or something horrific. Maybe horrifically beautiful, maybe beautifully horrific.

There are also many other instruments out there. The Jazz Lounge often has a harmonica, plus a jukebox and spare saxophone, and the Chapel typically has a reed organ and/or grand piano. If you're up for the task, or at least have some handily-preformatted songs, the player piano, also usually in the Chapel, is a powerful tool for making music. It is even possible to craft instruments.

Singing is a thing too. To do so, just put % before what you say, e.g. % Will ye go, Lassie go?. This works with both the T to talk in general and Y to speak over radio specifically hotkeys. For something interesting, trying singing to a parrot.

I Can't Decide If You Should Live or Die: Antagonist Musician

Again, since you're a latejoin-only role, some antag roles are completely inaccessible to you (barring Admin shenanigans), such as Grinch and Werewolf. You also can't join as a Gang Leader or Head Revolutionary, but you can still join a Gang as a regular member and be converted into a revolutionary, on top of the myriad of other ways antags can turn someone over to their cause. And of course, there are still plenty of roles still available to latejoiners, e.g. Traitor, Vampire, Changeling, though due to the way latejoin antag selection works, you might not get it as often as you'd like.

Like many gimmick jobs, since you don't get access to much in the way of tools, weapons or implements of mass destruction, theft and murder aren't quite your strong suit. You're more a lover (of music), not a fighter. You might instead want to try a roleplaying gimmick. Perhaps you're an infamous music star who loves to trash the set and gets a little too rowdy when you get your fill of drugs and rock'n'roll for example. There's a couple of ways you can take things.

If nothing else, consider that you can finally beat up people who don't like your music. Take that, critics.

Red, the Color of Angry Men!: Traitoring

Traitor Musician doesn't get any job-specific goodies to order, so you're stuck with the generic list of Syndicate Items. Luckily, it's a pretty good list. You can order mindhack implants to forcefully rope people into your band or get a cloaking field generator and use it to hide a player piano set to one of those really annoying meme songs. A syndicate omnitool and EMAG can also help out in your more nefarious deeds, since it can be tough to get tools with your lack of access.

Supplementary Video

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