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What is and isn't crappy behavior is a long, nuanced discussion, so please don't take this document as a 100% inclusive list of everything that is considered Crappy Behavior, and by extension anything not mentioned here must, by definition, be perfectly acceptable. Ruleslawyers get out.

Basic Concepts

Griefing is basically anything that removes or significantly hampers the ability of others to enjoy the game without a good reason to do so. Murdering or permanently imprisoning other players, forcing them to ingest toxic or game-changing substances, or destroying parts of the station - that sort of thing. If you're not sure if something is considered griefing or not, think of it this way: If someone else did it to you, how would you react?

Obvious Grife

  • Murdering another player or engineering circumstances such that their death is extremely likely.
    • Dismemberment too
    • Also converting a human player into a borg or a monkey against their will
    • For that matter, giving someone genetic disorders against their will
  • Imprisoning another player for a significant amount of time
    • Security officers etc. are obviously exempt from this, provided the sentence is reasonable
  • Destroying (or exposing to vacuum) parts of the station either intentionally or through massive negligence
  • Assisting an antagonist beyond the scope of your role on the station (a doctor is allowed and strongly encouraged to heal an antag that is brought to them, but isn't permitted to help the antagonist find new victims)
  • Chat / radio spam
  • Walling off or otherwise preventing access to significant parts of the station without a good reason
  • Uploading antag-only laws (anything that alters who is considered human, anything that permits silicons to kill, maim, or otherwise wreak havoc) to the AI
  • As a silicon, you're expected to operate under some basic assumptions: The shape and condition of the station is supposed to be roughly what it starts out as, but the humans might decide to change it. This means 'no, you can't wall off Genetics simply because your laws don't say you can't' and 'no, you can't disassemble other people's construction projects because they differ from the original blueprints'. It also means you shouldn't imprison someone or otherwise hamper their play without a good reason - 'they are being a dick' is not really a good reason, 'they are actively harming humans and i am imprisoning them briefly until other humans can come deal with this situation' is MOST LIKELY okay depending on how you go about it. Don't kill other silicons, they're part of the station. The upside is that door access restrictions are ALSO part of your basic assumptions, so you don't have to let people into places their ID can't get them into if you don't want to. (In fact, you probably shouldn't unless it's something really benign.)

Edge Cases

  • Stealing someone's ID (generally only going to get you Yelled At if there isn't a trivially easy way for the victim to replace it)
  • Theft - if the item either isn't really important or can be easily replaced, we let the station handle it (security, heads). If it's not, you might get Yelled At.
  • Brutal assault - it's really hard to tell beyond the first whack or two if you're about to kill or cripple someone.
  • Clipping the AI's cameras - clipping a camera so the AI can't watch you steal the shoes from the HoP's locker is PROBABLY okay as long as everybody isn't doing it. (It might be nice to reconnect it afterwards though.) Indiscriminately running around clipping cameras just to be an anus will get you Yelled At.

Exceptions / When It Is Okay

  • Pretty much anything an antag does short of breaking the rules against bigotry, sexual references, crashing the server, metagaming or otherwise abusing the game engine (using multiple BYOND accounts), or ignoring admin PMs is OK.
    • Mindslaves count as antags as long as they're still under the mindslave effect, and aren't ignoring their orders. (Note that taking a break to blow up Genetics when your orders are to steal the barman's shoes counts as ignoring orders. Get back to work, you boob!)
    • An antag can NOT order you to reveal secret chemistry recipes, not even if you're a mindslave.
  • There are certain situations where normally antag-only laws can be used by non-antags. For instance, if a player somehow becomes a monkey, a law that changes the definition of humans to include monkeys would be fine. If the captain turns out to be an antag, but isn't killed, and the station decides to appoint a new captain, welp here comes the MakeCaptain law to make it official. Stuff like that, use your judgment.
  • Silicons (The AI, borgs) take great pleasure in finding ways to be the biggest assholes possible under their current laws. Note that silicons will follow the LETTER of the law, not the SPIRIT of the law, so don't come crying to the admins if you misspell your name on a onehuman law and have a borg cheerfully lobbing you out an airlock.
  • You are allowed and strongly encouraged to fight back if someone is attacking you. If you're not at least pretty darn sure they're an antag vs. just being an asshole, do what you can not to kill them (like if they run away, let them, and howl on the radio about what Jimmy Poo just tried to forcefeed you, that sort of thing)
  • The Floorpills Guideline: Making food, drinks, and pills that contain all sorts of horrible shit and leaving them places is a longstanding SS13 tradition and a protected form of religious expression. If you ingest something you find, and suddenly turn into a lime green gibbering monkey with tourette's syndrome and a crippling addiction to bath salts, that's on you, buddy. Maybe you'll be smarter about eating floor pills next time!

What To Do About It

  • Use a little judgment - if this is something other players can resolve, try that first. Report minor theft and assault to Security, if there's only a tile or two that's damaged, get Engineering on it, that sort of thing. If something is either beyond the playerbase's ability to handle, or would require a significant and coordinated effort from several players, jump straight to adminhelp.
  • Anything that breaks the 'no bigotry or sexual references' rule goes straight to adminhelp, no exceptions.

Server Rules
Basic Rules - Roleplaying Rules - Metagaming - Grief - Who is and isn't human (AI laws)