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This page covers what counts as human with regard to AI Laws. As such, it only applies to AI and cyborg players. If you are unsure about something, please use adminhelp.

What counts as human can be changed with laws, for example by making some humans non-human or vice versa.

Remember, the Rules still apply. While your laws allow you to kill a non-human, that doesn't always mean you should. In fact, in many cases, such as with polymorphed critters, it is considered Grief. That said, if you get a law or order demanding that you kill non-humans, it's a totally different story.


Not human


  • Changelings, vampires, and Arcfiends are human UNTIL the AI or cyborg witness them commit a non-human act (shape-shifting, transforming, proboscis, etc).
  • Werewolves are human UNTIL they have transformed.

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