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Pen goes on paper, makes words, right?

Right. You can also print papers from the printers using various means. This guide is about formatting your text, though.

Using the paper in your active hand will let you edit the paper's title. This is what shows as the mouseover text. Lazy people and people who just can't find a pen can use this to make small notes.

Using a pen on a paper will open up an editing window. This will add to any existing text, and accepts certain tags.

[b]This text will be bold.[/b]

[i]This text will be in italics.[/i]

[u]This text will be underlined.[/u]

[sup]This text will be in superscript.[/sup]

[h1]/[h2]/[h3]/[h4]This text will be an enlarged heading, the size dependent on which you use. (h1 is the largest, h4 is the smallest.)[/h1]/[/h2][/h3]/[/h4]

[li]This text will be an item in a bulleted list.[/li]

[hr]This will insert a horizontal rule.

[sign] (This will change to your in-game name, written in cursive.)

Writing ___ in your text allows it to be filled in later when reading it with a pen in hand! Very useful for forms and standardized tests in space!

The font you get is determined by the type of pen you used.