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This is a direct copy of the ingame RP Rules verb. Please adminhelp any questions you might have with these rules. Note that these rules only affect the RP servers.

This list is not exhaustive. Don't use it as an excuse to be shitty if its not on here. All Goonstation players must follow these rules as well.

Goonstation RP Server Guidelines and Rules

The roleplay server operates very differently rulewise to our other servers and players are held to a higher standard of effort during their play there. However, due to our ban system a ban from one is a ban from all, so make very sure that you follow these rules when on our roleplay server. If you are unsure if something is allowed or not, first consult the base rules of Goonstation; if you are still unsure after doing so, feel free to adminhelp for clarification. If you disagree with any of the below rules, please do not play on the roleplay server, and instead spend your time on one of our other, non-roleplay servers.

  1. Make an effort to roleplay. Play a coherent, believable character. Playing a violent or racist character is not allowed. Play your character as though they wish to keep their job at Nanotrasen. This includes listening to security and the chain of command and, if you are a member of command, taking your job as a leader seriously in-character. Only minor crime is permitted for non-antagonists. Avoid memes (e.g. sus, pog, amogus), txt spk (e.g. lol, wtf), and out of game terminology when you are playing your character. LOOC is available if you need to communicate out of character. In addition, if you notice a character who is Afk/disconnected, please do not attack or mess with them beyond taking them to cryo.
  2. Escalate through roleplay before attacking other players. The goal of the roleplay server is character interaction and interesting scenarios. Both crew and antagonists are expected to roleplay escalation before engaging in hostilities. As an antagonist, your goal is to increase, not decrease, roleplay opportunities. Give people a sense of dread, an obvious motive, or some means of roleplaying and reacting, before you harm them. As security, your priority is the crew’s safety and maintaining the peace. You should treat criminals fairly and determine appropriate consequences for their actions. Enemies to Nanotrasen such as confirmed non-human antagonists and open syndicate members may be treated harshly.
  3. After you’ve selected a job, be sure to stay in your lane. While you are capable of doing anything within the game mechanics, allow those who have selected the relevant job to attempt the task first. As an example, breaking into medical and treating yourself when there are medical staff present is not okay. Choosing captain just to go and work the genetics machine all round is not acceptable.
  4. As an antagonist you are free to kill and grief, provided you escalate per rule 2. You are not required to be evil, but you do have a broad toolset to push the round forward and make things exciting. Treat your role as an interesting challenge and not an excuse to destroy other people’s game experiences. Your objectives do not allow you to ignore any rule, RP or otherwise. As an antagonist, you are not protected against being murdered or griefed, but it is expected that the crew roleplays and does not kill you just for the sake of killing an antagonist.
  5. Do not use out of game information in game. Only use in-game information; the things your character can perceive or could know. While we have no hard rule on what a character can and cannot know, be reasonable about your character’s knowledge and capabilities. Do not call out antagonists based on information that is only obvious as a player. For example, the drowsiness effects on your screen are not a good in-character basis to call out a changeling. The debris and adventure zones are for enhancing roleplay. Rushing through them for the sake of items alone is prohibited. It is reasonable for the crew to assume people with syndicate gear such as red space suits are antagonists. Anything learned as a ghost is considered OOC knowledge.
  6. Be kind to other players. Be respectful and considerate of other players, as their experiences are just as important as your own. Do not use LOOC or other means of communication to put down other players or accuse them of rulebreaking. If your problem with another player extends to rulebreaking, press F1 to contact the admins. It is your responsibility to respect the boundaries of others when you RP. If you feel uncomfortable, or worry that people are uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to use LOOC to communicate. Furthermore, do not advantage your friends in game or exclude others from roleplaying opportunities without good cause.
  7. These rules are extra rules for the roleplay server. The core rules still apply to the roleplay server. Do not argue with the administration about the RP rules or core rules.

Server Rules
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