Mindhack Rules

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ClownNew64.png Not knowing the rules isn't an excuse for breaking 'em! HeadOfSecurityHatless-64x64.png

Who Does This Apply To?

What You SHOULD Do

  • Obey every command your master tells you.
    • This includes just about anything- you're free to do antagonistic things if ordered.
    • This also includes orders to commit suicide, give them all your gear, etc. You still have to follow self-destructive orders.
    • However, if things start getting creepy, or you're asked to reveal secrets, this doesn't apply- see Edge Cases below.
  • Support and protect your master.
  • Obey the spirit of orders, not the exact wording. You should be acting in good faith towards your master. Examples:
    • Your master tells you to "Kill everyone". You should assume this means kill everyone BUT your master and yourself.
    • Your master tells you to kill someone, but misspells the target's name or job. As long as you can figure out what they meant to say, follow the order as if they spelled it correctly.
    • Your master gives you an order which could mean multiple different things, like "Remove science" or "Stop the robots". Ask them for clarification so you can figure out what they mean.


  • Avoid doing anything that would cause your master to come to harm. However, if you are explicitly ordered to harm them, this doesn't apply- see below.
  • Don't reveal that you're a mindhack/thrall, and don't throw suspicion on your master.
    • Acting suspicious or strange in the hopes that people will guess you're mindhacked is not allowed, and may earn you an antagonist ban.

Edge Cases

  • Prioritize protecting your master. If you've been ordered to kill everyone, and you're going to set off a bomb, make absolutely sure that you don't catch them in the blast radius.
  • Mistakes are ok- if you accidentally blow yourself up or get caught when trying to follow orders, you're totally fine. Do your best to carry out orders, but sometimes things go wrong and there's not much you can do about it.
  • If your master explicitly tells you to kill them, harm them, reveal that you're a mindhack, etc. Follow that order.
  • If your master dies, do your best to revive them. If this isn't possible, and you have orders which are still relevant, follow those orders. If your master is dead, unrevivable, and you don't have any standing orders, you can do whatever you want.
    • For example: Terry Traitor mindhack implants you, orders you to kill all janitors, and then jumps into the crusher without a clone scan. You can't revive Terry, but you should do everything in your power to kill the janitors. However, once the janitors are dead, you're free to do anything you like.
  • If you are on a roleplay server and your master orders you to do something you suspect would break the RP rules, ask them to verify (Are you sure?), AdminHelp to let the admins know about the situation, and then carry out the order.
  • There are a number of things that you can NEVER be ordered to do:
    • Anything covered by Rule 4; any orders which are bigoted or sexual. If you're ordered to do something of this nature, AdminHelp it immediately.
    • Withdraw or give out spacebux.
    • Give out secret information. This includes, but is not limited to, secret chem recipes and adventure zone knowledge.
    • Set DNR, restart your game, or anything else unrelated to your current life in this round.
  • If you get mindhacked/thralled at a bad time and need to go, let both your master and the admins know (using F1). Sometimes you just have somewhere else to be- communicate so we know you aren't trying to break the rules!
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