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Grinches have only one goal: ruin Spacemas for everyone. They are enabled for a couple of weeks only during the annual holiday season, making them one of the rarer antagonist roles.


None of these abilities can be used while stunned or unconscious.

Name Cooldown While
Activate cloak 6 min Grants the chameleon cloak mutation for the next 2 min. Stand still to become invisible.
Vandalize 3 min Destroy Christmas decoration and write rude graffiti, disrupting the festive atmosphere on the station.
Poison food 3 min Spike foods or drinks with a deadly cocktail of coniine, cyanide and curare.
Murder 8 min Induces cardiac arrest instantly, killing the victim in short order.

Your primary objective will most likely be to keep Christmas cheer below a certain threshold, usually 20%. Most of your powers lower cheer directly or indirectly, and there are other factors that can impact cheer negatively:

Minor: grinch graffiti, a garland or similar decoration is torn down, somebody eats (or is force-fed) poisoned food
Medium: a crew member dies, somebody interacts with a booby-trapped stocking
Major: Santa Claus dies, a space seal pup dies, the Spacemas tree burns down


  • You have no inherent way to incapacitate somebody, so upgrade your arsenal as if you were a hard-mode traitor. Grab a flash or any other stun weapon that would give you an upper hand in combat.
  • That also makes your chameleon cloak all the more important. Pick the right opportunity to set up an ambush and you could feasibly overpower even a well-equipped target like the captain.
  • You have an essentially infinite supply of some very mean poisons. Tainting the chef's dishes and hoping somebody will eat them is only the bare minimum you can do with that ability. What if you were to spike a drinking glass instead and work from there with chemistry magic and for example beaker assemblies? Resourcefulness is the key.
  • Keep an eye on your graffiti or spray it onto walls which are a bit off the beaten track. Graffiti removal increases Christmas cheer a little bit, and that's obviously not in your best interest!
  • Curiously, you can Vandalize a stocking to booby trap it, poisoning anyone who tries to take a gift out of it and directly reducing Christmas Cheer.
  • You also definitely don't want Santa Claus around, as his mere presence and heart-warming Ho-Ho-Hos contribute to the jolly atmosphere. As if that wasn't bad enough, Christmas cheer goes up every time somebody unwraps a gift (and he has a lot of them). In short, Santa is your nemesis and you should take every step necessary to put an end to his activities as soon as possible.
  • In case there are multiple grinches (identifiable by the little "G" icon), combine your efforts to ruin Christmas. You are on the same team, so don't attack each other! Adminhelp if the other grinch violates this.


All of this sound a little lackluster and underwhelming to you? Indeed, the abilities pale in comparison to pretty much every other enemy of the station. Think of the grinch as a gimmicky troublemaker rather than a fully-fledged and -developed role. There's enough potential to inflict a considerable amount of damage and grief, sure, but grinches will typical find themselves having to rely on other antagonists to create the chaos they thrive on, much like wraiths.

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