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There are two versions of Emergency Storage on Cogmap2: Emergency Storage A and Emergency Storage B.

Emergency Storage


EVA's wimpier young brother.



This little shed between the bar and hydroponics is Emergency Storage A, often just called Emergency Storage because it's the only one called so on the map. It is designated as a place to find supplies for three main purposes:

There's also some more useful tools like, wrenches and crowbars, in addition to objects of more situational utility, like meteor shield generators and a space HVAC unit. But the one thing everyone usually comes here for are the burn (silver sulfadizine) and healing (styptic powder) mini-patches, all neatly packed in a nice little row. It's a bad idea to right-click them--there's almost 20 of each one!

Maintenance Information

There is no vent. It'd blow the neat rows of patches into an ugly mess. Explosively.

The APC for this area is in the middle top.

On Linemap, Emergency Storage is split into two different rooms that are right next to each other: Emergency Storage A and Emergency Storage B

Emergency Storage


EVA's estranged cousin.


Engineers, People with Maintenance access

This little shed near the Warehouse is Emergency Storage A, the place where the crew keeps things for an emergency that may never come. Hence, the extinguisher rack, the air siphons for restoring air to hull breaches, air scrubbers for toxic gas leaks, and all the meteor shields you will ever need.

Maintenance information

The APC for this room is located in the western wall of the room.

On the donut that is Donut Station 2, there are two storage rooms for emergency supplies: a tiny little square room that sort of looks like a doughnut hole and a more rectangular room that resembles an eclair.

Emergency Storage on the Chiron Outpost comes in the form of two nearly identical rooms, Emergency Storage A and Emergency Storage B

At Samedi, you can have your Emergency Storage in three slightly different sizes: Emergency Closet, Emergency Storage A and Emergency Storage B

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