Data Center

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Data Center


For the things that go *beep* in the night.



Let's make things clear; you won't find any mainframes or server racks in this tiny compartment near Emergency Storage A because this is a Data Center for PDAs only. That's why there's a CartyParty PDA cartridge vending machine, a box of extra PDAs, a high-power flashlight module, and the crowbar and screwdriver you need to insert it into a PDA.

While the messy blueprint, random sushi roll, and Critter Compendium copy seem like they have nothing to do with PDAs, they actually have to everything to do with them. You can think of them as the equivalent of space magazines at your space dentist's office. While you're pondering why your PDA isn't working, instead of having to talk to some awkward beard monster attached to the head of a very unkempt human or some weirdo who smells like Space Pabst and incessantly talks on about Space Canadian comics, you can just read some Interesting (TM) facts about your station's critters or stare at a roll of sushi. It won't solve anything at all, but they're much better alternatives than other options.

Maintenance information

There is no vent or air injector. PDAs don't need air. They have internal heatsinks. Or something like that.

The APC for this room is on its north wall.

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