Zen Garden

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Zen Garden


Ice Cream Koan Store



The Zen Garden is a dark indoor mini-forest located in the southwest of the station, connected to the hallway below Cargo. While it's not a spaceu-karekansui like in those Space Japanese Space Buddhist space temples, it's still a great place to contemplate on the finer mysteries of space and time. Like that fact that, if you really think about it, this station is simultaneously both the sequel to Cogmap2 and not the sequel Cogmap2. Or that you need two Mechanics (or Engineers) to change a light bulb, one to change it, one to not change it. Or that you're goddamn wasting your time here not petting those space birds.

Maintenance Information

This room has no vent. No, this place doesn't simultaneously have a vent too, smartass.

The APC for this room is located on the east wall.

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