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The Aviary is located at the very bow of the Destiny, featuring the NSS Destiny's prized collection of flora and fauna. There are a variety of lifeforms here, including seven trees, grass, several birds, and a monkey, so the crew can focus on their little piece of Earth rather than go insane from realizing they are trapped in the middle of nowhere in a big empty where no one has ever been. In the center there is a wooden table, surrounded in chairs, with a candle, a matchbox, a pen, and an owl suit on it. The walls are mostly plasma reinforced glass surrounding metal grilles, for the room with the widest border to space.

After countless wars and oceans of bloodshed, the space owl and space birds of Samedi have finally reunited as the nation-state of Habitat Dome.

Even though it's underwater, Oshan Lab has an Aviary too, though they call it the Zen Garden.

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