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Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Access Level: Bridge, Handling of Contraband Permit
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: None
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Tour the ship/station
Guides: None

Have you heard? A VIP (Very Important Person) is visiting Space Station 13! It's crazy enough that people actually have to work in this hunk-a-junk, but for someone to willingly visit it is notable enough on its own. Why could they possibly be visiting SS13? Who knows!

This role is essentially a really fancy Tourist. It has a random chance of appearing in each round, it's only available to those who latejoin (joining a round after it's started) when it does appear, it doesn't get a lot of gear or access, and it's mostly for roleplaying and/or doing shenanigans than anything particularly serious. In-game, this role goes by one of the following names: Senator, President, CEO, Board Member, Mayor, Vice-President, and Governor.

What to do

Pretty much anything you want and can imagine (Rules still apply, don't do genetics on RP servers). Maybe you could declare the space diner a new corporation? Or what about becoming the center of a class-action lawsuit for money laundering? Or force diplomatically convince captain to follow every single of your orders?

Your equipment

  • A stun cane, which has a small 100pu battery, and a fancy texture, but no other functional difference from the security's stun batons
  • A case with an code lock
  • Other fancy, but mostly useless stuff

Antagonist VIP

Antagonist VIPs are extremely rare, as VIP is a latejoin role that does not appear each round, but they can be quite powerful, as they start with the Handling of Contraband Permit, which means security scanners won't report your Contraband. The stun cane is a very powerful tool too, and with some handcuffs that you can grab on the bridge thanks to your access, you can kill pretty much anyone. Lastly, rare are HOPs that refuse to give the VIP some additional access, and if they do, you can always put on them some pressure by threatening a diplomatic conflict.

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