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The Part-Time Vice Officer (capitalized in-game as "Part-time Vice Officer) is a member of security responsible for keeping the station's entertainment and excesses in check, with particular emphasis on drugs such as weed and booze. Aside from that, the Part-Time Vice Officer really doesn't do much.

Instead of Medbay and Research Sector access like regular Security Officers, they get access to the Bar, Kitchen, and Hydroponics. They can use some Security machines, such as the SecTechs, but they don't get Security Equipment access and thus can't open the Security equipment lockers or give authorizations for the armory computer. They get an "assistant" requisition token, so the only thing they can buy from the Security Weapons Vendor is the Assistant loadout. They don't get the Security Training trait, but they do still get doubled HP recovery from eating all types of donuts.

Part-Time Vice Officers are available only to those who join after a round has started, and slots for them appear only on Saturdays as that day's Job of the Day. They cannot latejoin as antags, and they cannot be converted over to the revolution or join a Gang. They are still vulnerable to the mindslave implant.

A Brief History of Dope-Pushers

For most of the job's history, Part-Time Vice Officers were just called "Vice Officers". They go quite a while back, having existed during the Devstation and Donut Station 2 eras. Just as it is today, although they're part of security, they were treated more as really chill Staff Assistants with benefits. On January 21st, 2011, all the Vice Officers got "shipped to Space Miami" (i.e. discontinued, courtesy of Procitizen, an old dev) due to excessive weed smoking, drug abuse and general uselessness. They were later as brought back as a Job of the Day that appears on Saturdays.

Then, on September 5, 2020, Vice Officer was renamed to "Part-time Vice Officer". Before that change, there were (and still are) actually two versions of Vice Officer, one that spawned with a (regular) requisition token and was part of a "special" series of job slots that started off closed but could be opened by admins, one that didn't but was included in the Job of the Day line up, which made the game confused and caused some people to not start with one. To fix this, a dev, pali6, gave the job that was Job of the Day version a requisition token too and renamed it Part-time Vice Officer. Later on, Part-Time Vice Officer's token was downgraded into an assistant requisition token.

Vice Officer

There is actually a second version of the Part-Time Vice Officer, simply called "Vice Officer" (presumably these ones are full-timers). They spawn with the exact same equipment, access, and attributes as the Part-Time Vice Officer, but instead of an assistant requisition token, they get a regular one, with loadout and utility credit. It is only available if an admin opens up slots for it.

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