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FoodPancakes.png This page is about discontinued content.
The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
On October 22, 2022, Mechanic (and all of its content) was merged into Engineer. This page is a snapshot of what the job was like before its merger.
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Requirements: None
Access Level: Mechanics Workshop, Tech Storage, Maintenance
Additional Roleplay Access Level: None
Supervisors: Chief Engineer, Captain
Subordinates: None
Responsibilities: Backup the station's/ship's electronic devices, make copies of them if lost, damaged, or otherwise in need of extras, conduct electrical (especially computer-related) repairs
Guides: MechComp, Mechanic components and you, this page

Mechanics are tinkerers and electrical engineers in charge of analyzing, replicating, and, occasionally, replacing the station's electronic devices, computers, and machines. In their spare time, they may explore the TermOS network or build entirely new machines with MechComp in their lab, the Mechanics Workshop. They often collaborate with Engineers; for example, after bombings, the Engineers may seal hull breaches while the Mechanics fix broken computers and replace destroyed electronics.

Mechanic's Gear

Every mechanic spawns with with basic supplies (electrical toolbox, device analyzer, soldering iron and insulated gloves). Additional equipment including extra pairs of gloves are available in their lockers. Their office contains a vending machines that dispenses electrical components, one irreplaceable ruckingenur kit and a reverse-engineering fabricator.

The Device Analyzer


The device analyzer is the crucial piece of equipment for the mechanic. It can scan valid objects or machinery and store a temporary blueprint of that item, which can be added to your database by using the analyzer on the ruckingenur kit. The analyzer can hold multiple blueprints at a time.

  • MechanicPDAV2.pngAlternatively, hold on to your mechanics PDA. Scanning a machine with it will send the blueprint straight to the ruckingenur kits.

The device analyzer can scan a lot of things, including weapons, circuit boards, vending machines, certain machinery, even some things you wouldn't reasonably expect to be made of electronic components. Experiment!

Note: To put your analyzer onto a table, into a disposals unit, etc. you'll need to be on Harm intent - otherwise you'll just scan what you're trying to put it onto!


Once an item is scanned, going from scan to device is super simple process--even a Clown could do it!

RuckingenurKitV2-32x32.png Once an item is in the ruckingenur kit database, produce a blueprint of the item and put it into the Reverse-Engineering Fabricator. (Or any fabricator, really.)

ReverseFab.png Then, use the Reverse-Engineering Fabricator to make a deployable box-frame.

ItemFrameV3.gif Then, solder (SolderingIronV2.png) the box frame to deploy it. Some items cannot be moved once deployed, however they can be deconstructed back into a box-frame.

If you ever run out of materials for your Reverse-Engineering Fabricator, then you'll need to restock it. All you'll need is the portable reclaimer that's already in your workshop and then the actual materials themselves. While some more advanced Fabricators or fabs often require materials with special qualities, the fabricators you find on station are pretty simple and only require 3 types of materials, that being Metal/Dense Metal, Crystal and Conductive Material. These show up on the station in the form of Steel sheets, Glass sheets and Copper/Copper Wires respectively.

While you can try searching for some of these resources around the station or perhaps salvaging it from the station itself (if you like getting stern talking to from the Chief Engineer), it can take a while to find everything. Don't worry though, you'll get those mats before you know it. How you ask? Well through the power of space Amazon Prime of course! Just stroll on over to your local Cargo Bay or Quatermaster's Office and place an order for the 200 Glass Sheets, 200 Metal Sheets, and Electrical Supplies Crate (red) - 2 pack (though any color will do) crates for a total of only 6k credits.

Once you've collected everything you need, go over to your reclaimer and place it adjacent to your Reverse-Engineering fabricator. Click drag the reclaimer on to the fabricator, this will place all the reclaimed items directly where they need to be. Next, put all of the materials on to the floor next to the reclaimer. With the cable wires, you can pick up the boxes in your hand and click drag them on to the floor. This will dump all of the boxes contents out. With everything out in front of you, click drag everything into the reclaimer and then just start it. After a while of working, it'll sound a beep, indicating that it's finished it's process. You are now free to produce whatever you choose for as long as you can. Enjoy!


In addition to the device analyzer and associated gear, there is also a MechComp dispenser inside of the electronics lab. This contains an extensive array of tools and machines that you can hook together to create all sorts of contraptions, limited only by your diligence and room to work in. While the device analyzer lets you perform many feats on its own, MechComp is the core of a successful mechanic, as its powers are nigh-infinite in capable hands. For details on how MechComp works and how to create your own convoluted mechanisms, take a look at the MechComp guide.

The Fun Part

The best part of this job is the aspect of creativity. Using all the available scannable equipment and their technical know-how, you can create anything your tiny spaceman brain can conjure up, like a disposals that lights scum on fire. You can even re-route disposals and travel through the station on the disposal network! Your imagination is your limit, so sit back and think carefully. A creative mechanic is something to be feared.

Stuff to Do

A good Mechanic can "help" the station by backing up vital parts that will help the crew out during an emergency. One of the most common mechanic's constructions is a second cloner, useful due to medbay's propensity to being bombed. Mechanics can also make a copy of the Teleporter, assuming a head clears them access to use it. Of course, MechComp provides teleport hubs for the purposes of instantaneous transportation as well, so consider this option too. Mechanics start with most everything needed for hacking so they can break in and grab scans of whatever they want anyway, but this isn't encouraged. In addition to the aforementioned teleport hubs, MechComp can fuel all sorts of nifty gizmos of varying usefulness. When the device analyzer and some MechComp savvy and other technical knowledge are combined, a properly skilled mechanic can recreate almost everything on the station and make up their own inventions to boot.

During an emergency, a mechanic may be pressed to start manufacturing weapons and other protective gear en masse. On slow rounds, the mechanic has a great deal of freedom to choose what they want to build, or how they want to deck out their lab. Some mechanics set up a public shop to hawk their wares, trading for cash or blueprints. Others will wall up their lab and either ravenously attack anyone who attempts to nose into their business or activate their gun components to mow you down. Still others may use their Tech storage access to take the time to experiment with the finer points of ThinkDOS. But the hallmark of a truly skilled mechanic is the combining of MechComp components and other machines to create a gigantic contraption that spans multiple station departments in its scope.

Crew Objectives

As a loyal crew member, you can sometimes be assigned some strictly optional objectives to keep yourself busy while you wait for something to happen. If you complete your objectives by the end of the round, you'll get some bonus Spacebux and might even earn some Medals too. As a mechanic, you can expect to see the following:

Have at least ten items scanned and researched in the ruckingenur at the end of the round.
Chances are you will do this anyway, but if not, just scan some random items and put them in the ruckingeur.

Completing this objective for the first time gives you the Man with a Scan medal. It doesn't unlock anything, but hey, take it as the game giving you a pat on the back.

Ensure that there are at least two functioning command teleporter consoles, complete with portal generators and portal rings, on the station level at the end of the round.
Make another teleporter, with the accompanying portal hardware. You might want to make a couple more in case some jerks comes along to ruin your fun. Getting the required access to the teleporter is easy to hard depending on the HoP, but usually it's easy to get access when you say you need to scan something. Alternatively, head to Tech Storage and rummage through the various circuits boards for the teleporter circuit board. There's also a full Teleporter getup out in space somewhere, in some shady establishment.

When you complete this objective for the first time, you get the It's not 'Door to Heaven' medal. Unlike the above, this does unlock something, namely the ability to reskin a jumpsuit you're wearing into a unique orange, red, and black "pilot suit" through the Claim Rewards command.

Antagonist Mechanic

A antagonist Mechanic often doesn't need to act too differently from normal to succeed. Even in the best of times, mechanics are megalomaniacs that enjoy nothing more than getting a scan on a security taser or the Captain's e-gun and gleefully using their new toy. Being an antag just means that they're perfectly justified in blocking off hallways with slot machines and distributing bombs that they know nobody will use responsibly. Access to as many tools as they could ever want also makes them prime candidates to corrupt the AI, or to make terrible, inappropriate use of stun gloves.

Also, things like gun components, Graviton Accelerators, and other such toys make MechComp a very versatile and dangerous tool for antagss when put into the right hands. If you play your cards right and have the ability to work undisturbed, you'll have the ability to manufacture death traps that would make any dastardly supervillain proud.

Syndicate Mechanic

In addition to the above perks, Traitor Mechanics can also buy some unique Syndicate items. The most notable is the syndicate device analyzer, a scanner that can copy a couple things a regular analyzer can't, like traitor items or the crusher. Copying things that people often consider fun, like the Fake Mustache, is a pretty effective way to make the entire station devolve into a bunch of fuck-offs who couldn't care less that you're a traitor.

Besides that, you can also order flyzapper implants, which, basically, briefly make you a Tesla coil upon death. When you die, you and the machines nearby shoot out electric shocks at anybody in the vicinity. They aren't affected by amount of electricity in the power grid, but the effects do scale with multiple flyzapper implants, and fortunately, you can buy a lot of them since they're pretty cheap.

Supplementary Video

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