Mining Pocket Guide No. 1

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FoodPancakes.png This page is about discontinued content.
The following information is not current. It is kept for historical purposes.
This book and Mining Pocket Guide No. 2 have since been merged into one book, Mining Pocket Guide. See there for the updated version of this book.
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Mining Pocket Guide No.1
Jeffery Jefferson, NT13

You are tasked with getting the station valuable minerals they need by digging them up, either in space or with the mineral magnet. You will be given standard:

  • A power pick - Basic tool for digging, holds 50 charges and needs to be recharged after those are spent.
  • An engineering space suit and jetpack - Basic EVA gear, does not protect from radiation.
  • 3 low yield concussive charges - Low power mining explosives, slap them onto an asteroid and run to mine large areas at once.
  • An ore scoop and 2 ore satchels - Connect a satchel to the scoop, and it will automatically pick up all useful minerals you walk over! Each satchel can hold 50 pieces of ore before being full up.
  • A geological scanner - Scans an asteroid for ore types and dangers.

Other gear may include:

  • Power hammer - More powerful mining tool, but holds less charges.
  • Concussive charges - Works the same as before, but with a larger radius.
  • Industrial space armour - Space suit that protects from radiation and explosions, both common hazards in this line of work.
  • Mechanized boots - Shoes that allow for much faster movement.
  • Laser drill - Mining tool that doesn't need charges.

Now, a basic rundown on what you will be mining:

  • Mauxite - Standard metal, easily mined with even a unpowered pickaxe.
  • Pharosium - Standard Conductor, easily mined with even a unpowered pickaxe.
  • Molitz - Standard Crystal, easily mined.
  • Borhum - Sturdy metal, useful and easy to mine.
  • Claretine - High power conductor, required to make improved gear!
  • Cerenkite - Power source!, take caution when mining, as it is also incredibly radioactive.

This is not an exhaustive list of all ores you can find, you may come accross more while mining, but these are some of the most useful!

Next up, there's the machinery you'll need to understand.

  • Mining fabricator - Makes most mining gear (And some other stuff) when supplied with ore.
  • Mineral magnet - Pulls in asteroids from space for you to mine. Operated from the mineral magnet computer located near the rest of the machinery. *Quantum telescope - High tech telescope that allows you to find better and rare ore, through a triangulation system.
  • Arc smelter - Makes alloys out of two refined mineral chunks, combining there properties.
  • Nanofabricators - Makes special gear out of refined minerals, like metal sheets and lightbulbs.

We at Nanotrasen hope you find this information helpful, good luck!

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