Standard Operating Procedure

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Alert Levels:
Blue- Emergency

    1. Caused by fire
    2. Caused by manual interaction
      Close all fire doors. These can only be opened by reseting the alarm

Red- Ejection/Self Destruct

    1. Caused by module operating computer.
      After the specified time the module will eject completely.

Engine Maintenance Instructions:

    Shut off ignition systems:
    Activate internal power
    Activate orbital balance matrix
    Remove volatile liquids from area
    Wear a fire suit

      Visit medical examiner

Toxin Laboratory Procedure:

    Wear a gas mask regardless
    Get an oxygen tank.
    Activate internal atmosphere

      Visit medical examiner

Disaster Procedure:

      Activate sector fire alarm.
      Move to a safe area.
      Get a fire suit
        Assess Damage
        Repair damages
        If needed, Evacuate

    Meteor Shower:

      Activate fire alarm
      Move to the back of ship
        Repair damage
        If needed, Evacuate

    Accidental Reentry:

      Activate fire alrms in front of ship.
      Move volatile matter to a fire proof area!
      Get a fire suit.
      Stay secure until an emergency ship arrives.

      If ship does not arrive-
      Evacuate to a nearby safe area!

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