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This considerably older article does not align with the core values of which our server in more modern times. However, it is part of the history of SS13 and therefore removal/censorship would not be appropriate.

Android Data (also known as Phoenix Man) is (as of January 31, 2010) a 20-year-old Aspie who has spent the last five years trying to gain the respect of anyone who will listen to him. This page is a collection of dumb Data quotes over the years.

By year


  • Yay! Everyone has to permanantly say positive things about me in this topic! Now all I need is Exadv1 who says "Everyone must say something positive about Phoenix Man (thus in this topic) once per day. Anyone who doesn't is instant banned and Phoenix Man doesn't have to because he doesn't have to say anything positive about himself. Also, it doesn't apply to me because I'm God." and then I'll laugh as everyday people will have to say positive things about me. ^_^


  • I'd like to state that anyone who deems the Furcadia community to suck for playing Furcadia sucks him/herself. If you can't play Furcadia for more than five minutes without having to say "omg i cant kill anyone!!1" then you don't deserve to play SS13 either.
  • I'm trained in annoying, and I can do far worse to you if I really wanted to. Don't believe me? Ask BYOND Staff.
  • MSN... gone.
    AIM... gone.
    YAHOO... gone.
    BYOND... (already) gone.
    SS13... hereby gone.

  • This is the second time, SS13. Do _not_ mess with me, or you'll be in big trouble indeed. Banned from BYOND or not, I still wield great power. The power of Exadv1, who is smart enough not to take your side.
    (By the way, also informed him. Dunno if he'll take action though.)
  • I was playing a normal adventure game, where I was Igor, an idiot who needed to get laid, but needed to beat the douchebag who happened to look more handsome.
  • Yes, one of my "bye SS13" posts. However what makes it different is that I actually have a grudge against Exadv1 & AZA, the primary developers!
    So, assuming this doesn't get deleted on sight by either two, I'll post my rant.

    First AZA assigns me to create a website for the Stargate Command (SGC) game I was on the "development team" of. Spent nearly three hours non-stop on that damned website, and AZA decides that my work sucks. He deletes all of it, removes my FTP access, says I'm off of the SGC development team, and blocks me. Or rather, he blocked me after I asked him repeatedly for an explaination. "I don't need to explain myself to you", so he says.

    What gives? Is it the banishment from the BYOND Hub, which AZA told me he didn't give a damn about? Is it the bug on the forums which he may think I have caused (the forums were a new version and had a MySQL error which I managed to fix, after him repeatedly suggesting to reinstall it and for him to yell that I break everything I touch)?
    I dunno. What I do know is that this is my second rant already about AZA. Everyone understood the first rant for some reason, so is he really going that bad?
    As Exadv1 was on the development team, and co-owns SGC, I'm holding him responsible as well. That is, unless he can tell me and show proof that he wasn't involved.

    AZA's reasoning? If he told me directly, I would've gotten mad and deleted the SGC forums (old ones, before I switched them)? Why would I do that? Sure, I'd ask for an explaination, BUT WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DELETE THE FORUMS OF A GAME WHICH I'M GOING TO LIKE? Instead, he chooses to let me spend THREE FUCKING HOURS on a website which he ultimately DELETES.
    AZA, know that I will NEVER EVER do any favors for you, and possibly Exadv1, whatever these may be. Sure, there are none now, but in the future, you may need to rely upon me. Well, not anymore, assholes.

    Unless Exadv1 can proof that he wasn't involved, AND will act accordingly on AZA's primary ExTeam whateverthefuck status here, I'll consider to stay.
    I don't care if I've been hubbanned a thousant times (which I have o.o). I'm trying to behave, and all you fucking morons are doing is using me whenever you can. Well, no more.

    I quit.
  • As stated here, appearantly people want me to leave the forums forever, never to return.
    This thread may be in conflict with rules, so a pre-sorry if I broke any.

    The matter is wether or not you want me to leave. If you do, I'll stop posting on the forums until someone pleas for me to get back (however, I will still be reading so I know what you're talking about ingame and be notified of updates, my original intention). If you don't, I'll stay along for the ride.
    This is not a joke post. So don't vote "No" because you feel "lolol" in your head. This is serious.
    The poll will remain open for three days, and you will have the ability to change votes during those three days.


  • Got bored waiting for people to show up, so I thought I'd inform you guys about yet-another-SS13-like-game. Basically it's the version of YUSLG which will hopefully succeed (although it doesn't use YUSLG's base).

    Keep in mind that encouraging me to work on this and helping me with design & icons is better than to just shun me, as the latter may cause me to quit the game. I know I'm not good at finishing games (ahum), but it really doesn't help when the lot of you start insulting me about that disability of mine. And no, I'm not going to quit the game if a minority starts doing it, but if I'm solely getting insults it may happen.
    Just respect me, instead of assuming I'm a complete idiot.

    ("I'll help code!"
    No, you can't help code.
    "Why not?"
    Because I want to use my own style and my own style only!
    "But you code inefficiently!"
    That's what you think; it's been quite some time and I HAVE improved y'know.
    "No, you haven't."
    Explain to me why you don't have this game then.
    That's right. You weren't able to pull it off. At least not on your own. But I did, and that's what sets me apart from you.
    "You suck!"
    Anything else? Or are you just going to insult me?
    "Yeah, I really wanna help!"
    You could send me code snippets, which I will 'convert' to my style if deemed necessary, or make more efficient or learn from. Contact me if you wish to do just that.
    "Hah! And what if I don't?"
    Then I'll just do it myself, like I've always done.)
  • There's a difference between respect and prestige. You should respect everyone, including Adolph Hitler, including me. And you do this based on what I do, not based on my behaviour.


  • The honest bit in that is that I did not request to be given life, as such, I cannot be held responsible for my actions since I don't know what they're going to be.
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