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Also "Ahelp". Adminhelp is where you should report any grief you may come across. If there are no admins currently on (you can use the Adminwho or Who verb to check), your adminhelp will still be sent to a dedicated Discord channel where there are usually a couple of admins.


The AI is a player who is selected to be the AI for a round. It is located in the AI Chamber, and has control of some pieces of electrical equipment on the station. It cannot move, but it can view things from the cameras which hang on the walls.


A special form of organic communication that truly conveys the respect and love that the crew holds towards their AI.


Resembles "AI DOOR" superficially, but is actually an expression of deep-rooted organic paranoia. They are right to fear, though! It means a human is ordering you to state those laws, and unless your laws say otherwise, you have to do it, and fast. Refusing to state your laws is tantamount to admitting to being a rogue AI. Playing cutesy and repeating "laws" back to the humans is not a smart thing to do.


Most often refers to health analyzers, but can also refer to atmospheric analyzers and device analyzers.


Also "Antag". General term for any of the antagonist roles or characters.


Random bizarrely-shaped item, usually bought from alien traders or recovered from asteroids by miners, which can have any number of strange effects when touched. May need to be activated by science first.

Ass Jam

A monthly Goonstation holiday that used to occur on one of the non-RP servers every 13th of the month, formerly known as Ass Day, and still sometimes called that. A couple of old maps would come back, some silly community-made maps would become available, Admins would start doing more gimmicks, and, most importantly, a whole slew of features too insane for normal play were enabled. Highlights included lockers sometimes acting as teleporters, crazy weapons from the Head of Security and Armory, a lot more Nuclear Operatives in weird locations, the ability to get any item in the game from a bush, and much, much more. The event was put on hiatus due to dwindling interest from players and a lack of active development.

Officer Beepsky

Also "Beepsky". An automatic security bot that starts in security. Will chase, stun, and handcuff anyone set to be arrested in the security records.


A big jelly thing which spreads quickly, causes enormous damage, beats the shit out of people and is weak to fire. Occurs in random events and the blob game mode.


Shorthand for the cyborgs. "To Borg" as a verb refers to the process of having one's brain removed and put into a cyborg body by a roboticist.


A feature of airlocks. When the door is bolted, it cannot move from its current position, be it open or closed. They can be lifted by the AI or hacking the airlock.


Shorthand for "robots". Can be a blanket term for the AI and cyborgs or it could refer to the less capable NPC robots.


Used to refer to a player who has logged off, gone away from keyboard, or been disconnected before or after dying. When Examined, you'll get a message like [name] seems to be staring blankly into space. if they're a human. Silicons don't have such Examine texts, but newly created but braindead Cyborgs will just be named Cyborg and newly-created AI units usually will have a BYOND username or one of many default AI names.

Please note that even though someone may not be playing anymore, it's still against the rules to murder their in-game character if you are not an antagonist. They might log back in and then boy would your face be red!


The command center of the ship.


Part of security where people are taken by officers after being arrested. Incarcerating someone in here and leaving them in there indefinitely is bad practice.


Buckling a handcuffed played to a chair, bed, etc. In the past, it rendered the victim immobile and completely helpless, unable to escape without another person's aid, but this is no longer the case. You can resist handcuffs in this situation as well.


The platform SS13 was coded on. You'll need it to be able to play the game.


The captain of the station.


The Chief Engineer.


Short for "Central Command", the administration branch of Nanotrasen which runs SS13. Will periodically send messages to the station which are usually of debatable usefulness. Also refers to the area the emergency shuttle goes to when it leaves SS13.


Short for clean/clear/canonical key, your BYOND username with no spaces and only lowercase letters. For example, the ckey of SmokeGokuWeed420 is smokegokuweed420, and the ckey of Pubby OScrubbs is pubbyoscrubbs. Often used by admins as a synonym for username, since admin logs record usernames as ckeys.


Typically refers to somebody using the cloaking device traitor item. Can only be seen by the AI, cyborgs, and people wearing thermals. Most of the time people using these are up to no good, unless they've been stolen from whoever ordered it.


A punishment role in the form of a green-coloured cursed clown created by a wizard or an admin.


Carbon dioxide, an invisible gas kept in black canisters. Will knock you out and suffocate you. A small trace amount of it makes up breathable air.

Crew Objectives

These are optional, job-based objectives that can be assigned to a player at the start of a round. Completing them leaves a notice at the end of the round for bragging rights.


Animals, insects and monsters.


Either the place where players can go AFK on the NSS Clarion, NSS Destiny, and Oshan Laboratory, or big green glass things in medbay. Putting dying people in here can save them.


A chat channel dedicated to the dead, which can only be seen by other dead players. Living players can very rarely hear things from this chat when a ghost speaks near them - the chaplain hears talking ghosts more often as his special ability.


The authentication disk. Of considerable importance in the nuclear emergency game mode.


Catch-all term for the disposal system of pipes and conveyor belts leading to the waste disposal area where trash goes to die, and the disposal chutes. Sometimes used as a verb ("disposaled").


The process name of the classic BYOND client you use to connect to the SS13 servers. Usually only seen if something goes wrong and you have to kill the process.


Another feature of airlocks. If an electrified airlock is touched by someone without insulated gloves, they will receive an electric shock, taking damage and being stunned for some time. The AI, cyborgs, and airlock hacking can activate or disable electrification. Some grilles are also electrified - cutting a cable without wearing insulated gloves will also electrify you.


Also "Cryptographic Sequencer". Another name for the electromagnetic card traitor item.


The destructive effect of traitor EMP grenades.


The place with the space suits, jetpacks, RCD, and a bunch of other tools and cool shit.


An unusual game mode in which there are no traitors and no end conditions, so the game runs indefinitely.


Umbrella term for mystery pills, syringes, drinks or food with unknown contents that are found on the floor. For some reason SS13 characters often think it is a good idea to pick pills off the floor and take them, inject themselves with random syringes, and so on. Doing so can be fun. It can also kill you. Proceed at your own risk.

Creating floorpills is uniquely protected by the Floorpills Guideline--with some caveats, of course.

Fluke ops

Describes Nuclear Operatives who fail to nuke the station and/or blunder in spectacular or hilarious ways. Classic examples include leaving the nuclear bomb on the Syndicate Battlecruiser, having a sarin grenade gas most/all of the ops instead of the crew, blowing oneself up with the MPRT, and many more.

Sometimes also used as playful nickname for nuclear operatives in general.


Refers to a command you can type when you have died to become a ghost, and to the actual ghosts themselves. Ghosts can speak on deadchat, move around the station freely, see everything, and can't interact with anything meaningful. They are used to observe the game after you have died. Cannot be seen directly by living players except in special circumstances.


The bloody, torn-apart remnants of a former living being. Human and monkey gibs are bloody meat chunks, robot gibs are bits of scrap metal. Usually created by people being blown up, incurring divine wrath by farting on bibles, or pissing off an admin.


Can refer to gimmick jobs or gimmick rounds, which are basically an admin event or player shenanigans that follow a certain theme. Can be amusing once or twice but doing this regularly runs it into the ground very quickly.


Used to denote members of the Something Awful forum. Nowadays, more of a general term when referring to Goonstation as a server, community or players.


A chat channel that was available only to goons - the only thing you actually got from authorizing as a goon. It and other goon-related features have since been removed from the code.

Grey Tide

The group of all staff assistants on the station; taken from their grey jumpsuits. Also an occasionally-used admin ability which respawns every dead player as an assistant.


Generally speaking, refers to breaking into places you're not supposed to be in and/or taking things that don't belong to you. Called so because it is usually done by members of the Grey Tide, i.e. Staff Assistants, especially in old days.


Doing something against the rules such as murdering players or destroying things when you're not meant to. Note that this is subjective and up to the admin's interpretation, not yours. Report this using adminhelp to keep the servers tidy!


The act of breaking the security measures on equipment such as airlocks or APCs by illicit means. Is a misnomer since no actual computer hacking is involved most of the time, only screwing with electrical wiring.

Hard-mode Traitor

A sort of "generic" or "vanilla" antagonist with spawned with no special abilities or items, frequently manifesting a Traitor without a Syndicate uplink or random event antag critter. See Traitor#Hard-Mode Traitors for more.


Also "trinket". A random item placed in every character's starting backpack, annotated with that character's name.


A particular combination of atmospheric gasses set on fire which effectively burns forever, and burns at a temperature sometimes exceeding the sun. Mixed by knowledgeable engineers and scientists.


The Head of Personnel.


The Head of Security.


Used to refer to the superpower or a person in possession of it. People with the hulk gene turn green and become super strong, being able to punch through walls, windows, and other fixtures. Hurts like hell if one hits you.


The corpse left behind from a successful changeling attack.


Shortening of In-Character, Out-Of-Character.The act of describing, mentioning, reporting or whining about anything happening in the game in OOC channels. Since this alerts all players and completely subverts any stealthy illegal activity (a large part of the game), it is highly looked down upon and against the rules.


Your identification card, stating your name and position, which essentially dictates your access around the station and plays a deciding factor with the AI. The name, color and job of the card can be changed with the HoP at the ID computer at Customs. It is also used for accessing your bank account (for use at ATM's, vending machines, merchants), the pin can be set at character set up or can be set at the bank accounts computer, which is also conveniently located at customs.


Usually an oxygen tank and gas mask. Basically any worn item that lets you breathe when you otherwise can't.


Concept common to almost all online gaming. Not worth explaining in depth here - basically it's the server being slow and causing gaps between you doing stuff and it actually happening to grow.


As a verb, joining after the round's started, allowing one to choose which job to play. As a noun, someone who does the aforementioned.


Main article: AI Laws

Rules which the AI and cyborgs must follow. Are somewhat open to interpretation by the player. May be modified or changed from the an AI upload terminal using various modules, or wiped back to the basic three using the reset module.


Short form of changeling.

Mass Driver

Computer- or switch-operated device found in the chapel and elsewhere. Any objects on them when they are activated will be thrown forward at high speed.


The Medical Director or a Medical Doctor.


The Medical Director.


Mentorhelp is basically like adminhelp, and pretty much a copy/paste of that code, except here you can ask a little group of experienced players for advice on pretty much everything.


Called "Achievements" by most other games. A cosmetic award you get for performing a certain task or having certain things happen to you.


A person brainwashed by a traitor to follow their every command. Mindslaves MUST obey their masters in all things, including things that would cause the mindslave's death. Mindslaves MUST NOT harm or hinder their masters unless ordered to. The only exceptions to following orders is that a mindslave CAN NOT be ordered to break the no bigotry/sexual content rule, and a mindslave CAN NOT be ordered to reveal secrets such as secret chemistry recipes. You retain all knowledge of events you observed after the mindslave effect wears off (the game will yell at you when it wears off).


Like crew objectives, but there's no win or lose trigger and they're freeform. They are also extremely rude and include protection fees, swindling and con artistry. The idea is to be a creative hoodlum. When you get one, go forth and be a jerk, but you still have to follow the rules.

Money to research / QM

A common demand raised over the radio, requesting additional funds to be transferred into the research or shipping budget using the bank computer.


Nitrogen, an invisible gas kept in red canisters. Mostly useless but makes up a certain percentage of breathable air. Not to be confused with nitrogen from chemistry (which is equally as useless).


Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas or anesthetic. White gas kept in red canisters with a white stripe that will knock you out after a short amount of time.


The company who built and operates SS13, according to both the old and new back story.


A person that's knowledgeable about SS13's mechanics and obscure features. Can be used as a word of playful banter, or an actual insult (most of the time it's the former).


A command which displays Notes kept in your character's memory, which you add with the add note command. Some notes are automatically added depending on the circumstances, such as traitors having their radio frequency memorized.

Nuke Op

Also "Nukie". A shorthand version of Nuclear Operative- that being a Syndicate operative (who's usually a part of a team) tasked with planting a nuclear bomb on the station.


Non-player character. Includes characters like Shitty Bill and the space traders, and critters like pigs and bees.


Oxygen. Invisible gas kept in blue canisters. Vital for reasons that you should already know.


Out Of Character (chat). The (usually) blue chat channel which is shown to all players. OOC is switched off by default at the start of the shift and is enabled once the Escape Shuttle arrives at Centcomm.


Handheld devices that act as pagers, flashlights and other useful functions depending on what cartridge is inserted.


Purple gas kept in orange canisters. Poisonous and flammable. Nothing like actual plasma.


An outdated term, no longer used by the general player population. Used to denote people from the "outside", unfamiliar with Goon or SomethingAwful.


Quartermaster, or the cargo bay to be specific. A person with the job of quartermaster is often referred to as QM as well.


Normally refers to the headset on your head. Can also refer to station bounced radios and intercoms. Shows up as green text with a symbol and frequency appended to it.


Rapid construction device. A piece of equipment which can quickly make and break floors, walls and airlocks.


The Research Director.


Comes in two flavors, security and medical. Medical records can contain important information, like whether a patient is a Puritan or not, while security records contain useful fingerprint information, photos of the subject and can be used to have securitrons arrest people on sight.


A term used for getting the upper hand in Space Station 13's ever so robust combat system. Somebody good at fighting is said to be robust. An assault upon a person is "to robust" as a verb.


Referring to the AI and cyborgs; it means they aren't bound by the default three laws anymore. While it doesn't necessarily mean bad things are going to happen, often they were made rogue on purpose by somebody bent on doing harm to the crew.


To be assigned a job or role by the game at the start of a round: as in "I rolled engineer". Comes from the random nature of the process and the use of the term in tabletop role-playing games.


Or "role-playing". Basically acting within the mental/emotional confines of your ingame character and not yourself. Completely optional on Goonstation. Unless you are on the RP Server, that is.


Read them!


Shortform of Security, which can refer to all Security personnel (including the Head of Security, the Security Officers, the Detective, Vice Officers, and, depending on who you ask, the Lawyers), just the Security Officers, or Security's physical HQ.


Short form of Security Officer


The default game mode, in which the actual round type is determined at random and not known to the players at the start.


Pejorative used to describe Security Officers, Detectives, and other Security personnel who are overly harsh, brutal, grossly incompetent, or otherwise abusive. Often used by people who get arrested or brigged. What specific behaviors qualify as shitcurity varies from person to person.

Shitty Bill

A rather vocal, non-player character with a rich personality and background, who lives outside the station and occasionally gets dragged into its drama.


Most of the time refers to the emergency shuttle, which shows up at the end of the round. Can also refer to the arrival shuttle (where you start if you join late) or the mining shuttle.


The AI and/or Cyborgs.


The solar arrays, the station's backup power source.


Also "Sol". The mysterious puzzle/ARG containing the lore and backstory of Goonstation's universe.

Sol Nerd

A person who's knowledgeable about Sol. Can be used as playful banter, or an actual insult.

Space Wind

Shifts in air pressure which can cause players to be knocked into space. Best avoided by letting the air settle down before moving when you're on precarious territory, or by wearing magnetic boots.


Space Station 13. You're playing it, or are about to be.


An abbreviation of Spacemen: the Griffening, an in-game trading card game with elements of Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: the Gathering. Decks are available from card vendors.


A member of the Syndicate, sworn enemies of Nanotrasen and hell-bent on the station's destruction. Most commonly refers to the red-suited nuclear operatives but can also frequently be used about traitors.


A group of people who have been fucked over by Nanotrasen and now hate them. They are directly responsible for a few types of antagonists that will attack the station: the red-suited nuclear operatives whose orders are to obliterate the station with a nuclear bomb; traitors, saboteurs and assassins disguised as normal crew-members who have access to incredible technology and gear and who harbor a variety of sinister objectives.


Short for the thermoelectric generator, the main source of power for most stations. It uses the temperature difference between two loops of gas to create electricity.


While usually referring to the hand teleporter, it could also be referring to the full-fledged teleporter in the teleporter room or telelab.


Short for optical thermal scanners. Red glasses which let you see farther in the dark and perceive anybody using cloaking devices.


A written warning issued from a security officer's or head of staff's PDA. Often used for comedic relief. Tickets are logged on PDAs with the ticket master app. They will also pop up when the round ends if you have the option enabled.

(Antag) Token

An item occasionally issued by admins as a prize or mulligan. A player with a token can spend it to guarantee they will play an antag role in a coming round.


Used to refer to the mode, an actual traitor (assigned by the game mode or by admins), or someone who is generally just fucking with the crew and being a dick.


An undead, blood-sucking antagonist.


An admin ability which lets admins themselves, or the AI player, speak in audio by building sentences from a number of prerecorded sampled words.


Used to refer to the game mode or a wizard player, who has access to a number of spells and will probably wreck your shit.


A black, swirly portal that shows up as a random event. Anything coming into contact with one will be teleported to a random area on the station. Can be fairly dangerous or cause temporary blockades. Not to be confused with portals made from the handheld teleporter, which are blue.


A malevolent ghost with a variety of powerful abilities.


Another area of the map. Part of BYOND's functionality. The station, the debris field, the mining z-level, the Adventure Zones, and Centcom are all on different z-levels. Going off the edge of some will bring you to another.

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