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Thanks to the efforts of some Admin, some weirdos in strange costumes are murdering other weirdos in strange costumes in a pitched BATTLE! Are they killing for sport? As a part of an experiment? As a cruel captor's game? Who knows! All we know is, these Battlers won't stop until one contestant is left standing.

Fort Battlegrounds: Culling at Blacksite Elysium Underhollow: Un Royale with Farts Edition

Everyone spawns with a random uniform, Captain-level ID, and two syndie donks and begins on a BATTLE SHUTTLE. When they fling themselves off of it, they arrive in one of multiple randomly chosen landing sites on the current map. Everyone must then kill/robust other until only one remains.

Unfortunate nerds who join after roundstart will spawn naked in the Arrivals area or equivalent, free to be killed by BATTLERS. Though they can fight back, they won't be considered part of the BATTLE.

The game will announce the number of BATTLERS currently alive at random intervals and whenever the number of living BATTLERS reaches 5 and under.


A BATTLE STORM is approaching the station! Impact in [number between 30 and 45] seconds. You will take large amounts of damage unless you are standing in [locations].

To spice things up, force BATTLERS to confront each other, flush out cowards trying to hide, and parody the general battle royale game genre, every seven minutes or so, a BATTLE STORM strikes the station, bathing anybody who isn't in one of the designated safe zones mentioned in the annoucement(which are handily marked in red in-game) in furious (but technically survivable) waves of radiation and fire.

The BATTLE STORM hits all Z-levels and bypasses Space Pods, cryosleep, lockers, ice, and similar. BATTLE STORMS last roughly 20-30 seconds, and at the end, the names of the recently deceased (whether or not they actually died from the BATTLE STORM) are announced. The number of safe zones decreases as the BATTLE goes on.



For extra meme points, occasionally, one to three loot crates land in a random location, announcing their arrival with highly-visible red arrows before landing with a more highly-visible fire trail that can be seen from walls and an authentic explosion that can gib those directly on the landing site. After a suitably annoying opening animation where you actually have to click on the crate to get the item, you'll get a random item depending on the crate.

Normal crates give you a random piece of syndicate gear. This can include night vision goggles, class crates, and surplus items. Glowing crates give you a random hat, exosuit, uniform, mask, or aforementioned syndicate item.

Items from glowing crates also have an random paint job, adjective in the item name, and combat-boosting enchantment, with a chance for another enchantment with a random material type and another adjective. If you're especially lucky, you might find a Rare item, signified by a purple name and gem in the tooltip, that grants yet another enchantment. Because enchantments are applied on what you received, not what's actually useful, and the general randomness of it all, you can often find gear of rather questionable quality. You might, for example, get a chameleon bomb that makes you run faster or a revolver box (not a revolver, just the box) that pierces through armor...or a combat medic crate that reduces stamina costs.

Paint jobs, adjectives, and material types are not associated with any particular enchantments or group of enchantments. You might find a "shiny" item inflicts extra bleeding and then find another "shiny" item that makes you more cold resistant. You might find a bohrum item that reduces stamina cost and a char item that does the same thing. One round, you might find a puke green item that causes burn damage, and another, you might find a puke green item that protects against explosions. Point is, they're pretty much purely aesthetic.

The Battle Pass

Turbonerds Valuable community members who waste donate the 1k Spacebux for a Battle Pass will spawn with a unique card that tells them where lootcrates will land within twenty seconds. It can also be used in-hand to create a 10-second shield that blocks all melee and projectile attacks, but not thrown items, for up to three times. It is a direct copy of the Wizard's Spell Shield (without robe requirements, of course), down to identical "attack blocked" and "shield ended" messages.

How to Win the Battle

  • The syndie donks provide enough healing that you can afford to prioritize looking for weapons rather than medical supplies.
  • This game mode places great emphasis on the fast-paced, think-on-your-feet tactics and resourcefulness often associated with rampages. Don't be too put off by this; it's a good game mode to learn and practice them, because you'll have to use them fairly often, and since rounds are usually so short, when you fail and die, it's not a huge loss.
  • As you might be wondering, you can resist the radiation from BATTLE STORMS with anti-rad gear, the Rad Resistance gene, loads of anti-rad medicine, etc. Combine it with an extinguisher for the fire, and you'll basically be immune to BATTLE STORMS.
  • As you can probably tell, BATTLE STORMS make the "hide and wait for them to kill each other" tactics seen in other battle royale game iterations difficult to pull off, since they completely nullify all the usual tactics.
  • On the other hand, it's great for people on the offensive, because you can almost always find someone to kill at or around the safe zones, especially later in the round when there's only one or two safe spots. Thus, they also make good ambush areas.
  • Though it's somewhat frowned upon by the playerbase, you can team up with other BATTLERS. Of course, as with Traitor, alliances are purely based on the honor system. Don't be surprised if the guy who've you earned twelve kills with suddenly turns around and shoots you for their thirteenth kill, even if you're not the last ones left.

Supplementary Video

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